Dark Soul

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Watching from deep within the hedge row the figure stood motionless as he watched the scene unfold before them. The girl had died almost too quickly and he regretted letting his blood lust over take him which had caused him to lose control and end the girls suffering too soon but what he had not expected was to be disturbed and this meant he had been forced to leave the girl’s body behind. His father would not be happy if he did not return this night without something for his siblings. The night air was cool on his skin and he could feel the wet blood on his hands beginning to congeal. His mouth was still filled with the lingering after taste of the young girl’s blood and as he licked his lips to clean them he tasted her once more. Swallowing hard he felt a shiver of pleasure coursed down his spine and he smiled a little smile to himself. He did not smile for long though as memories of what his father would do to him came flooding back into his mind if he failed upon his task tonight. He knew the discovery of the girl’s body would displease his father already and he dared not fail him a second time. Slowly he moved back into the underbrush and slipped unnoticed into the cold dark night. Retracing his steps he found the spot where he had discarded his overcoat and slipped it on before stepping out into the cold London streets always being careful to avert his face and keep as much to the shadows as he could so that no one would pay him any attention. It didn’t take long for him to find another suitable victim as the night was getting late and with the exception of a few late night revelers the streets were becoming empty. Slipping into the sheltered doorway of an old banking establishment he watched from across the road two young women leaving a late night venue and began walking down the street. He could smell the alcohol and hear the loud music as the doors opened briefly before closing again coming from the place the girls had just left. He knew they would most likely be intoxicated and at this time of night would have trouble finding any service capable of taking them to wherever it may be they were wanting to go and so his mind was set; they would be ideal companions for his siblings or at least one of them would he thought as his tongue almost involuntarily licked his lips again. Sliding his hand through his long greasy hair he hurried across the road and began to follow the two women from a discreet distance at first; all the while thinking in his mind the possible route they might be taking and of the quiet secluded side alleys that littered the London Streets. The girls had no reason to believe they were being followed and even if they had not been laughing and joking about the evenings events they most likely would not have heard their stalker approaching them as his feet were bare and he stalked them with almost silent footfalls. The business addresses and shops faded along the street as it gave out to residential housing; one of the young women reached up to her friends face and pressed her finger up against her lip and unintentionally loudly hissed the word “Shush” through her lips as they began to walk past the row of houses. One of them stumbled and a small snapping sound was followed by a muffled shriek and less muffled swear words.

“Oh crap!” one of the girls, Alice, said as she held her now broken shoe up to her friend Rachel. Trying to look concerned for her friend Rachel stifled the bought of giggles that tried to escape her as she looked down at her friend half collapsed half sitting on the pathway.

“Here let me help you up.” She said as she offered Alice a hand.

“My shoe!” Alice said as she stood stooping slightly to pick up the broken heel that had detached itself. Both the girls looked at one another and laughed before walking on again. Neither of them had noticed the figure that had slipped unawares past them on the opposite side of the street during their misadventure with Alice’s shoe. His pace quickened now almost breaking into a run as he moved past the two girls and slipped back across the road once more; he knew the area very well of course having been raised here as a child. He knew not far ahead there was a very long alley way that serviced the rear of several business sites at the opposite side of the residential area. He knew the businesses would be empty and that the alley way contained the large industrial waste bins that would be perfect to lay in wait behind. Knowing all this he knew that he would still have to act quickly and subdue them both as any screams might be heard until he could get them far enough away from the residential area. His body tensed almost like a coiled spring waiting to be released as he waited in the darkness that enveloped him by the large industrial waste bins; he could smell the rotting garbage and hear the dripping of water from a waste outlet above but he forgot all this as his ears picked up the sounds of the two girls approaching.

“Are we nearly home yet?” Alice asked as she leaned on Rachel; it was clear that Alice was in worse condition than Rachel.

“Nearly” Rachel smiled as she hugged her friend. The two of them reached the alley way that intersected the residential area and seeing the slight drop from the pavement to the road Rachel stepped in front of her friend and offered her outstretched hands to Alice whilst saying

“Here let me help you; it’s a big step for a little girl” Alice was indeed only just over five foot tall but Rachel knew not to tease her friend too much as she had a reputation for being feisty. On this occasion though Alice gratefully took her hands as she tried to focus on what seemed like a long drop from curb to pavement. Suddenly Alice found herself falling forward; at first her mind didn’t quite comprehend what was happening. One moment her friend Rachel was there holding her hands and the next she wasn’t. In her mind she seemed to recall hearing a muffled yell but now she was on her knees again trying to focus up at the building in front of her

“Rach? Are you there?” was all she could manage as her fuzzy mind tried to put the pieces of what was happening together. It was a shock to Rachel as she felt herself being suddenly jerked away from her friend; one moment she was standing smiling with her hands outstretched helping to steady her friend and the next she could feel strong powerful hands wrapped around her waist and mouth. She felt herself being pulled forcefully into what seemed a black hole; the light around her vanished and she could see Alice now sitting on the floor getting smaller and smaller. It was hard to breath and she tried to scream but all she could manage was a muffled yell that had little chance of escaping the vice like grip that was sealed around her mouth. As the reality of what was happening to her hit her like a sledgehammer she began to fight her attacker. Rachel was tall for a woman standing almost 5’9” and spent a lot of her free time at the track running hurdles so she was fit and strong compared to a lot of her peers. At first she tried to maneuver her mouth so she could bite down on one of the fingers that held her but they were too strong and she could not move her head enough. Pushing up from the ground she tried to catch her assailant in the shins with the back of her heels and she connected several times but this seemed to have no effect and did not slow her attacker. Finally she managed to twist slightly in his grasp and reaching round she clawed at this face trying in an attempt hit one of his eyes; she felt skin and dug her nails in deep. This worked and she heard her attacker groan in pain releasing his grip on her; spinning around she began to run back out of the alley way and filled her lungs with breath determined to scream as loud as she could. A powerful hand once more gripped her but this time it grabbed her long brown hair that flowed freely behind her and she yelped as she was pulled from her feet backwards. Knocking the air from her lungs Rachel lay there on her back stunned for a moment as her mind registered the pain that coursed up and down her body from being slammed backwards onto the hard pavement beneath her. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and was about to get to her feet when something heavy and hard slammed into her face knocking her head hard against the sold tarmac once more causing her to pass out.

Alice looked up at the figure before her but it was still fuzzy as she tried to focus; at first she thought it might have been her friend Rachel come to help her up once more but as large powerful hands hoisted her into the air and over the figures shoulder she was fairly certain it wasn’t Rachel. Alice’s head bobbed up and down as she was carried off into the alley way her one thought as she began to fall asleep was of her shoes and not of the danger she might now be in. The man carried both girls in turn deeper into the alley way and far away from anyone who might have heard them and out of sight from anyone who may have had cause to peer down the dark side street. Almost gently he laid Alice down upon the floor; he had decided she would be for his siblings but the other one had hurt him and she must feel his pain he thought to himself. As his mind thought about the taller dark haired girl his hand went to his face and he winced; his fingers tentatively touched the three long rake marks that now sported congealed blood all down his face. Rachel was propped in an undignified fashion up against one of the large industrial dumpsters. He wanted her to suffer for what she had done to him but more than that he wanted her to fear him and he wanted to see the fear in her and for her to know that he would be the last thing she ever saw. There was no sexual need or desire in the girl’s attacker and his only thought now was one of anger almost suppressed rage. Kneeling down next to Rachel the man brushed the hair from across her face almost tenderly before gripping her face in his hand and pushing her head upright once more. He squatted there for a little while just starting at the girl before him and once again his tongue slipped slowly across lips as his eyes moved over Rachel absorbing every inch of her. Releasing her head he stood slowly and slipped the raincoat from his shoulders letting it fall to the ground; this being the only item of clothing he wore. Standing there naked he could once more feel the cool night breeze blowing against him and he casually wiped his hand across the congealed blood that was spattered across his torso from the young woman he had slain earlier that evening. As he stood there he could feel his pulse begin to race and his mouth fill with saliva in anticipation of what he was about to do; he felt stronger and more powerful now as he transformed his body and soul into that of the killer he knew he was. In his mind he felt his arms grow stronger and his teeth sharper; all his senses began to tingle and he could almost hear his victim’s heart beat in front of him. In his thoughts he was convinced that he was the superior being and everything else was his prey and should be treated as such. Rachel woke with a sudden jerk as her body filled with a rush of adrenaline; the body’s natural response to feeling intense pain. She gasped and tried to reach out with her hands to claw at the powerful fingers that were wrapped around her throat but she couldn’t move her arms; her eyes began to focus on her attacker as her senses returned. He was not hungry anymore he had satiated that desire earlier with the other girl but he was still feeling outraged that this girl had dared to lay her hands upon him and for that she would die he thought but not quickly; not like the other one.

He would make every last moment of her life sure to be lived in a constant moment of terror. Rachel struggled to breathe through her nose and she knew she was dangling above the ground as her legs were hanging free from the floor. Her mind raced and her head still throbbed in pain but slowly her eyes focused and then she screamed or she would have screamed if the hand around her face had not prevented her but she screamed inwardly none the less at the sight before her. A twisted smile appeared on the face of her attacker as he looked into her eyes and saw the fear within them; slowly he reached down and began cutting through her clothing. Rachel’s eyes began to well up with tears from the pain she felt as something sharp began to slice slowly into her side. She could feel it cutting through her top and into her flesh; in her mind she pictured her attacker drawing a long knife slowly down her ribcage starting from just under her arm and finishing at her waist. She tried to move her arms again but as her eyes glanced up she could see them bound tightly to the drain pipe that ran up the wall. Just as she began tugging hard with her arms against the bonds that bound her to the wall she screamed again inwardly as an intense feeling of pain surged through her. Her attacker slipped his hand inside the now open wound on her right side and slowly closed his hand around her lower rib then yanked it hard snapping it in two. Rachel flinched and tried to recoil from her assailant but she was bound and pinned so tightly that she could do nothing against her attacker; as the second rib cracked she passed out.

Sadly for Rachel her attacker was well versed in the perverse arts of torture and seeing that she had become unresponsive slipped his hand up so it covered her nose and mouth completely. Although her mind wanted to recoil from the pain and shut down an overriding instinct of survival took over and she regained consciousness once more as she fought against the overwhelming feeling of suffocation that threatened to end her life. Seeing that she was once more with him the man removed his hand from her mouth allowing Rachel to breathe deeply gasping all the air she could at first but then she tried to scream and although he was certain that they were too far away to be heard this still angered him. Striking out with the back of his hand he struck Rachel across her face but this did not stop her screaming so he doubled up his hand and slammed it into her stomach which caused her to wretch and gasp for air once more. Pushing her head back with his hand he once more wrapped his hand tightly around her mouth and looked into her tear stained eyes again just before lunging at her throat and biting deep into her neck. He could feel the warmth of her blood wash over his face and the warm blood slowly trickle down his throat, he had watched his father kill a doe once and it squealed as he cut its throat its legs thrashing around as he held it still, he felt the girl thrash widely as she felt the life drain from her body in a final attempt to save her life and break free. There was no escape though as he held her tightly and drank deeply of her blood before pulling back slightly from her face and gazing into her eyes as they slowly clouded over and shut for the final time. Rachel hung limply against the large trash bin she had been pinned against her life blood pooling on the floor beneath her.

Something warm and wet touched Alice’s cheek as she lay on the cold tarmac and this caused her to rouse from her drunken sleep. She sat up slightly and reached for her cheek where she could feel something warm and wet. Her eyes came into focus on her hand that she now held out in front of her and she became slightly alarmed at the sight of what appeared to be blood on her fingers; touching her cheek once more she felt the same sticky warm substance covering her face. Fear began to rise within her as the adrenaline began to dispel the effects of alcohol from her system and her realization of her surroundings took hold. She looked up and could see her friend Rachel suspended from the wall near to her and almost immediately began to scream but her scream was cut short by a powerful hand striking her across the face knocking her unconscious once more. Still bathed in the blood of his most recent victim the man slipped his overcoat on once again and cutting the dark haired girls bonds he released her from the wall catching her on his shoulder as he did so. Lifting up the lid on the large industrial trash bin that Rachel had been pinned against her attacker unceremoniously dumped her body within it and closing the lid as he did so. Feeling a surge of triumph the man looked down once more upon the young girl before him who he had just struck and murmured quietly to himself

“Now to get you home for my brothers.” Slowly he lifted Alice upon his shoulder and slipped out from the alley way and into the darkness beyond the street lights.

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