Dark Soul

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At first the pain in her head was matched only by the brightness of the light above her and she winced as her eyes opened slowly. Blinking rapidly her eyes gradually adjusted to the single bulb above her that tried feebly to illuminate what appears to be a large room she was now in. As her senses slowly began to return to her she felt the throbbing in her head and winced every time her head touched whatever it is was laying upon as she could clearly feel the effects of a large bump on the outside of her skull; her lip feels swollen and it throbs slightly as she touches it tentatively with her tongue. Alice tries to stand but quickly realizes that all of her hands, arms and legs are bound to whatever she appears to be lying upon. Glancing left and right she can see her arms outstretched above her at angles and her legs stretched out in front of her. Unaware of how much time has passed she tries to concentrate and make sense of random images that seem to flitting in and out of her mind. She recalled leaving the club with her friend Rachel and even the heel on her shoe breaking but her mind stubbornly refused to recall any more details. She swallowed hard as she became aware that her mouth was dry and she gagged slightly as she tasted her own blood. Another wave of panic hit her as she tilted her head up to see if she was still clothed and she was almost slightly relieved to see that she was indeed still wearing the clothes she had been when she left her home earlier that evening. Her head still throbbed and now she could feel the bindings on her wrists begin to dig into her as she kept struggling to be free. With the growing realization that she would be unable to free herself, not with brute force strength at least, Alice looked around her surroundings once more trying to glean any information that might help her. The light above swayed slowly making the shadows around her seem to dance and her mind conjured up visions in the corner of her eyes causing her to spin her head from fear but every time she looked the ghostly shadows vanished. She thought about screaming but then a feeling deep inside her knew that this would attract the attention of whoever had tied her to this table and she pushed the thought and idea back deep inside her as it conjured up other terrifying thoughts that her mind reeled from. As she regained her composure and stopped struggling against the bonds that held her in place she realized she could smell a distinct odor; one that reminded her of something familiar. Her mind raced as she tried to bring an image of the smell to match it in her mind’s eye and then suddenly there it was; walking the family dog and being caught in the rain. It was the faint smell of wet dog but she couldn’t be sure where it was coming from and then she caught the more over powering smell and feeling of dampness like she was underground somewhere. As the thought entered her mind a shudder went down her spine and she held her breath as she heard a noise come from above her. She could hear the muffled sound of a creaking door followed by the loud footfalls of booted footsteps above her. Straining her head she tried to make out the words as she listened to what she thought were two men in conversation with one another.

“What of the others?” the first voice said in a stern accusing tone.

“I’m sorry father but” the voice was cut off by the sound of a hand striking flesh.

“If they are discovered all my work, all my work I have done for you and your brothers could be undone. Don’t you understand? You have always been my favorite but you must learn do you understand?” the tone changed to one of a more fatherly concerned pitch as Alice listened intently to the two men.

“Yes Father I understand. I’m sorry but I think you will be pleased with what I have brought you; she is already in the basement.” Alice could hear the sounds of the footsteps moving once more and a heavy latch being lifted echoed above her then the footsteps came closer but this time they could be heard treading on wooden steps. She twisted her neck as she heard the men’s feet stop a short distance behind her then another click as if a key was being turned in a lock and slowly she heard a loud creaking sound as a rusty door began sliding open. The two unknown males stood just out of sight behind her; cloaked in the shadows that dwelt just beyond the light from the single bulb.

“Please” was all Alice managed to say in a stuttering voice as she squirmed to try and look at the men whilst also trying to move away from them.

“Shush now little one” came the reply from the older male who moved closer to Alice his hand moving slowly down to stroke her hair from her face. The light above the man shone down directly into her eyes and Alice was unable to see him clearly as she squinted against the glaring light.

“Listen father they are awake” Alice heard the other man say as she frantically scanned the room to see what he was talking about. Then as she peered down her body and into the gloomy darkness that filled the rest of the chamber they were in she could just about make out shapes moving. She heard a low growling noise and the sound of soft padded feet falling on the stony floor of the basement they were in. It echoed around the chamber and the sounds sent chills down her spine; some part of her left over from primordial times knew that she should flee but she was still bound securely to the table and all she could do was resume her furtive struggling.

“Look what you have done now; I told you to blind fold her. What did I tell you about when we hunt deer? If you don’t make the kill quick the adrenaline gets into the blood and spoils the meat.” The older man chastised the younger with his words once more.

“Yes father; I’m sorry” came the reply as the younger male moved quickly towards Alice and she screamed as he held up a long sharp knife. She screamed again as she saw the younger man stop and stand next to her with the knife in his hand; Alice began thrashing around on the table trying in desperation to break her bonds at the terrifying sight before her with her mind certain he was going to kill her. Then she stopped suddenly as the younger man’s face became illuminated by the light and her fuzzy memory began to piece things together.

“You were there earlier tonight; I saw you and Rachel.” Alice began to sob uncontrollably as the vision of him with her friend Rachel took shape in her mind.

“You killed her!” she screamed accusingly. The younger man simply turned his head towards her and smiled that sickly smile that he had earlier when he had pinned Rachel against the dumpster. Moving his hand swiftly he took hold of the hemline of Alice’s dress and slipped his knife along it cutting up along her leg before stopping at her thigh. Alice watched in fear as he slipped the knife under her dress and heard the ripping noise as it cut along the fabric before finally coming to rest on her thigh. She could feel the cold edge of the knife as the man pressed it lightly against her skin; suddenly she heard her dress ripping as he tore a large strip from it. Alice lay there now with her left leg bare and her right slightly covered by her now tattered dress. The younger man’s eyes lingered on her legs and he slowly began to run his hand up the tender flesh of her left leg passing along her calf slowly and then turning his hand to slip between her legs parting her thighs slightly as he did so. Alice froze in terror at his touch her eyes following his every move and her mind flooding with thoughts of being raped. His hands stopped as he reached the knife that was resting on her thigh; slowly he slid the knife further up her thigh until he slipped the tip under the colorful printed underwear she wore.

“Hand me the rag and stop playing with your food; this really is the last time I am going to tell you” The young man’s father scolded him once more as he issued his command. Alice watched on as the younger man retracted the knife and stepped back away from her then turned to hand the older man the section of dress he had just cut from her. So overwhelmed by what she thought was going to happen and with her heart pounding loudly in her ears she barely comprehended what she had heard at first. As the older man placed the blindfold on the terrified young woman she began to whimper and sob as darkness enveloped her and the smell of wet dog came ever closer and the soft sounds of padded footfalls stopped as they drew close to the table she was strapped to. The older man bent forward and gently kissed her on the forehead and whispered

“Now. Now. Child. It will all be over soon. Your sacrifice here is much appreciated. I simply must teach my children table manners after all.” Alice was too stuck by fear to reply as she felt her mind recoiling from the horror that was all around her. She could feel somethings breath upon her naked flesh as something warm yet damp brushed against her outer thigh. Once more she felt what she assumed was the younger man’s hand touch on her again but this time she felt his fingers wrap around her thigh; his hands were strangely hot to the touch and she felt her skin tingle.

“Now remember children I want you to learn from your brother. Change for dinner and try not to make so much mess this time. Really children you must learn self-control if you are to play outside.” Alice heard the older man’s voice from across the room then heard the rusty door creaking shut followed by his footsteps climbing the stairs up and away from the basement. She could now sense that she was surrounded on all sides by people or animals she wasn’t sure which but she could still feel the burning touch of the young man’s hand on her leg. Then she heard the sound of cracking like bones being snapped and a strange sound almost like liquid being poured and through it all the dank smell and damp dog odor pervaded her senses still. She flinched away from what sounded like two dogs snarling at one another and their teeth clashing together and she found herself strangely trying to edge closer to the human touch that she felt firmly on her thigh.

“What is it! What do you want with me?” Alice finally managed to blurt out as the feeling of fear turned to numbness. She heard the young man’s voice once more “Want? We want everything from you my dear. We want to devour your body and soul” She felt what she was sure was his hand now move slowly across her thigh and once more stop just shy of her underwear. Desperately her mind tried to reason with its self to try and rationalize that while being raped was horrible she would still be alive and if she could talk to him maybe there was a chance to live.

“Do you….” Her words stopped as she struggled to force herself to say them.

“Do you like the way I feel?” This was not what they had expected to hear and Alice could sense she had caused those around her to pause. The hand on her thigh tensed as the young man spoke in a wavering voice

“What do you mean?” Alice closed her eyes despite being blindfolded and gritted her teeth before speaking again

“You can keep going you know.” The hand almost immediately withdrew from her as she finished her sentence which momentarily shocked Alice but she could sense the room was waiting to see what she said next.

“I don’t mind if your friends are here too; they can watch if that’s what you like.” Alice felt her stomach lurch as her mind wrestled with what she was doing in her attempt to sway her captors to her side. Then once again she felt the coldness from the knife upon her leg and she held her breath expecting the worst and anticipating its sharp edge to begin to cut into her flesh but that did not happen. Slowly the young man placed his hand on her leg once more and once again slipped the tip of the knife under her knickers and pausing briefly as if knowing what he was doing was in a twisted sense wrong but still his conflicted feelings compelled him to carry on.

Alice felt the fabric slacken as he cut through the elastic holding her underwear in place and felt a rough hand pulling them from her. She heard the knife as it carried on cutting upwards through her dress until she felt it glide past her face cutting the strap. She once more felt the same burning heat from the hands of the young man as they smoothed her dress across her now naked body; pushing the fabric from her skin before resting upon her once more. Alice could feel his burning touch as his hands rested on her stomach but she could not feel the cold touch of the knife and whoever or whatever else was in the room had grown silent and she could not sense that they were near. In her mind she began to kindle a small belief that somehow she might live and that she would get through this ordeal that she was manipulating him into doing what she wanted and that he was no longer the one using her. She tried to hold onto this thought as she felt his hands wander across her naked body; slowly at first they moved as if it was his first time in touching a woman. Alice tried to stifle the shudder that ran through her as his hands stopped to cup her breasts. Her mind raced to try and think of what to say next but she had never really tried talking during sex let alone trying to formulate words in the situation she found herself in now. “Do…do you like what you feel?” Was all she managed to say quickly while her face burned at the same time with equal amounts of anger and shame.

“I” was all the reply she got from the young man before his voice trailed off. She could feel his rough hands cupping her breasts and squeezing them hard before his hands began to move down her body once more. Alice felt her body convulse again as she tried to block from her mind what she knew he was going to do but still she was unable to stop trembling at his touch as he worked his hands slowly down across her stomach. His hand slid past her most intimate area almost as if he was scared to stray too close before it finally rested upon her thigh once more.

“Why don’t you free my hands and I can show you where to touch me.” Alice said slowly as she lifted her hands from the table once more in a motion that she hoped would indicate to him what she wanted him to do. Once again she felt the young man’s burning touch on her thigh although this time his hand rested higher up much closer to where her underwear had been moments earlier. Alice grimaced again at the thought of what she had to encourage him to do but before she could speak she felt another hand on either side of her arms; someone was standing above her now with their hands pressing down upon her arms. Then she felt another hand on her other thigh and yet more hands came to rest upon her stomach; all of them had that intense burning feel to their touch. At first Alice felt the sensation of panic filling her once more but she tried to stay calm and think of how she could still use this to her advantage. Alice opened her mouth but it wasn’t to try and convince her would be captor to do anything to her it was a response to the slight pain she now felt growing in her leg

“Ow…Ow…OW!” was what she begin to murmur slowly and softly at first but growing louder as the pain increased. It felt like to Alice that someone was slowly digging their nails into her but they felt like sharp nails that she didn’t feel there a moment ago and still the heat from the hands persisted even as the pain grew. She heard that sound of bone cracking again and that even stranger sound of liquid being poured all around her. It wasn’t just the pain in her thigh now she could feel the same sensation everywhere the hands touched her.

Like tiny knives she felt her skin being pierced and at first the heat from the hands dulled the pain but as the nails dug deeper the pain intensified. Alice screamed a long drawn out scream as she felt her attackers begin to dig their hands deeper into her and when one them ripped the first piece of flesh from her bone the scream caught in her throat as she convulsed in unimaginable pain. She could feel the blood pumping from the wound in her leg and the hands that clawed at her stomach began to slowly pull her innards from within her. All around her she could hear her flesh being ripped from her body and devoured by those who surrounded her. Her head was pounding now and the pain was unbearable but the blood loss was making her so lightheaded now she didn’t feel the teeth that bit deep into her throat and she slowly closed her eyes as her attackers feasted on her flesh.

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