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Ghost's Possession

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The Amityville House in New York is famous due to the murders of the DeFeo Family, caused by Ronald DeFeo Jr. Ronald claimed that malevolent voices told him to kill his family, many people believe that he was insane. Crystal, 28, has always been interested in the paranormal and decides to investigate if the supernatural caused Ronald DeFeo to murder his family. However, Crystal is not alone in the mission. Her friend, Adan, is also with her. Once they go into the house, both don't realize what they are facing. An entity within the home takes an interest in Crystal and is willing to use Adan to get to her. Inspired by the game Witch's House and the true story of the Amityville horror house and DeFeo Family

Horror / Romance
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March 12, 2021

It was all over the news, announcing the death of Ronald DeFeo Jr. Many people either didn’t know about the man or didn’t care. However, on November 12, 1974, Ronald shot and killed each of his family members. It created an uproar, and the public was shocked at how the murders were done.

Ronald killed not only his parents but also his siblings.

When he was asked why he did it, Ronald stated that voices told him to do it. On the other hand, he had a history of being a heroin and LSD user and having an antisocial personality disorder. Also, there are speculations that Ronald and his father didn’t have a good relationship since his father was abusive.

Ronald said that he heard voices to kill his family, and while doing the murders, he knew what he was doing but couldn’t control himself.

It was as if he was possessed.

Either way, Ronald has put away in prison and stayed there until his death in March 2021. The murder of the DeFeo family has always been in topics of the paranormal and other conspiracy theories. Many people would visit the Amityville house to investigate; many claimed they have or have not experienced something.

However, two individuals decided to investigate the house and see if they could solve the mystery once and for all.

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