A boy in his own fantasy land

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Jace has an average life. Nothing special about it. He is an 19 year old who goes to collage. It is rather easy as he has always been smart and got a lot of it done in highschool. He meets a boy in class. His life goes down hill from there.

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1

I sat in bed wondering what to have for dinner. I let out a sigh caving to my craving for Italian food. I grab my phone to call up my favorite Italian restaurant that delivers. I ordered the usual chicken Alfredo with garlic bread sticks. The phone ends and I set my phone aside. I really need to get working on my homework. I have an essay to write after all. Getting up and going over to my book bag, I grab out my laptop. I sit back on my bed with my laptop on my lap. Staring at the screen contemplating how to start.
My professor will be pissed. It's due tomorrow and I haven't even started. My essay is supposed to be on birds. I know nothing about birds. My brother does though. I wish he were here to help me. But no he's too busy having adventures in the woods and researching the rarest species of birds. With another glance and my screen I let out a frustrated groan. A knock at my door fills me with excitement. I get up stumbling towards the door. I open the door to be greeted by not my Italian food but a small box with a note on top. I pick it up feeling rather disappointed it's not my food.
I close my door with a huff. Taking the box over to my bed I sit down. I pick up the note reading it first," I figured I drop off this sweet gift I hope you like it," there are initials on the bottom but I am unable to read them. I open the box to see a Hershey's kiss, and a bracelet. I stare in shock for a while. The bracelet has a rose quartz centerpiece, with obsidian around it. I pick it up and put it on. I pop the kiss into my mouth without a second thought. That really was a sweet gift. I blink a few times, my eyelids feeling heavy. I hope my food arrives soon or else I may be asleep by the time it does get here.
Another knock at the door sounds. I eagerly get up. I open the door and it's my food. The delivery boy looks at me and smiles. I smile in return.
"Here is your food, Sir" He says, holding out the bag to me.
"Thank you," I grab it from him.
" Nice bracelet," he compliments.
"Oh thank you," I smile awkwardly.
"Sorry, that was weird, well I'll get going," he says before turning around and walking off.
I smile after him, closing the door shortly after. I grab my food heading over to my bed and pull out my Alfredo, unwrapping the fork they gave me with it. I open the box and start eating. This food is always so good. I let out a content sigh. I yawn gently. I should finish this then go to bed. I eat a few more bites and close the lid, licking my fork. I stand up and put my food in the fridge and the fork in the trash. I sit back on my bed. Contemplating whether or not I should work on my essay. I sigh before giving in to my sleepiness. I put my laptop away then curl up under my blanket. My eyelids slowly close.
I woke up with a splitting headache. Damn, I feel like I got hit by a train. Why does everything hurt? I groan. Getting out of bed and grabbing a glass of water. I take a few sips blinking a few times. My vision is blurry. I can't tell if it's blurry from pain or if I just can't see. I groan. I feel horribly hungover even though I haven’t even had anything like that. That is ridiculous. Letting a heavy sigh escape my lips I grab my phone checking the time. Glancing at the time a sense of panic floods my system. I overslept. I grab my book bag, slip on my shoes, shove my phone in my pocket, grab my keys and I am out the door. I walk all the way to the school building.
I look around for a while trying to find my classroom. I should know where it is by now. I have only been going here for like 3 months. I finally found the room I am looking for. Walking inside I find a place near the back of the room to sit. I take a seat, pull out my laptop. I start to work on my essay. I should have had this done by now. I really don’t like you past me. How dare you not work the essay when we needed to. I hear a bunch of footsteps and suddenly there are several people filling the room. A quick glance around and I am back to work. I tune out the world and all the talking in the room becomes static. I stare at my screen slowly getting more frustrated once I reach a point where I couldn’t go on any more. I really wish I had done this before the last minute. I see waving out of the corner of my eye. That’s when I finally noticed a boy standing there. He has an awkward smile on his face. He’s rather cute.
“Hey, umm, can I sit here?” He motions to the seat next to me.
“Sure why not,” I say back.
I sure as hell am not gouging to turn down the chance to have a cute boy sit next to me. He sits down and then I go back to my computer. The boy taps my desk. I look over at him and he hides his face in his hands. That’s a bit odd. I shrug it off and continue to stare at my computer. Finally I shut it and shove it into my bag. I stare out the window.
“Hey,” The boy's voice startles me out of our thoughts.
“Yeah,” I replied.
“I just wanted to say I really like your bracelet,” He says.
“Thank you,” I say.
The class finally ends. I grab my stuff and I am walking out the door. I walk towards the nearest park. What do I even do with myself. THat is my one and only class right now. I did a lot of it in high school so now I don’t need that many classes. I almost failed out of high school but I got through it. My phone buzzes. I pull it out of my pocket. I notice it’s an incoming call. I answer it.
“Hello” I say.
“Hi, are you Jace?” The voice on the other line says.
“Yes, that's me,” I respond.
“Sorry to call you at such a weird time sir, but it’s about your dad,”
“What about him?”
“He’s not in good shape,”
“I see and how does that concern me,”
“He may not make it through the week,”
“So? Good riddance,”
I hung up the phone. Me and my dad never had a great relationship. I could care less what happens to him. He never earned my respect or tred to maintain a relationship with me. Come to think of it, neither did my mom. I let out a groan. I shove my phone back in my pocket. I make my way home. I am a recluse. I really don’t have friends. I haven’t tried to make any since high school. I used to spend so much energy on them and would get overly upset when the friendships enevidably failed. It wasn’t worth it to be honest. I am sure that isn’t all friendships. It was probably just my poor luck. I open the door and close it behind me. Walking over to my bed I threw down my stuff. I lay in bed.
I get out my phone and start scrolling through instagram. I saw my ex-boyfriend’s post. I groan. God he looks so happy with his new boyfriend. I mean we are ex’s for a reason. We all know we would have never lasted. He was not a good match for me. I just wish he was still here, I still love him whether i want to admit it or not. A knock sounds at the door. I crawl out of bed, staggering to the door. I open the door and I don't see anyone. I see a package. It’s another box with another note on it. I picked it up and took it inside. I close the door, walking back to my bed. I sit down and pick up the note and read it,” You look so pretty in the bracelet I figure I’d give you another surprise,” Again with the same initials that I am unable to read.
That’s a little weird. Who could have dropped it off? Whoever it is has to know my address. These are hand delivered. I finally open the box and see a rose quartz necklace. I pull off the bracelet and put the necklace and bracelet on the counter. I will not be wearing those. That is really weird. How do they know my address. I don’t know that many people. I want to shrug it off but something about it just unnerves me. I go back on my phone and turn on youtube. Watching art story times. After a few youtube videos I turned it off. I get up to grab myself some food. Searching through the cabinets I grab myself some ramen. I pull out a bowl through the noodles and add water. I put it in the microwave. Now let it cook for two and a half minutes. While I wait I play a stupid game my phone. After the two minutes are up I stir the noodles so they are completely submerged in water, then add the seasoning. Boom ramen noodles. I sit on my bed slurping up my noodles. I finish my noodles, putting the bowl in the sink and checking the time. It is around 6:40pm. That gives me plenty of time to turn in my essay. So I get to work Writing about birds. Birds are interesting. They can fly with little to no effort yet we had to build plains. I think that’s sorta pathetic. Why can’t we fly? Why must we rely on others to get us off the ground. We really require a two ton hunk of metal and irds can just do it. I laugh to myself.
I get lost in my writing and after a bit I choose to check the time. It’s 10:30. I should get ready for bed. I let out a sigh. I sit and play on my phone before closing my computer and putting it back in my bag. I lay back down, cuddling into the blankets. I feel lonely. I wish I had a boyfriend. Would it be worth it though? would I be able to handle it? I know I would enjoy it. I know it would be worth it. The real question is can I mentally handle it. I am fairly certain I wouldn’t be able to. I smile bitterly. I just screw up every relationship I have been in. I finally relaxed enough to fall asleep. My eyelids grow heavy and suddenly my world fades out.
I woke up a few hours later. I sit up stretching and rubbing my eyes. It is far too early to be awake. I pick up my phone and check the time is 4 am. I let out a groan. I get out of bed going to the bathroom. I brush my fluffy hair out. I can’t remember the last time I showered. That is rather bad. I really should shower more often. I groan, grabbing my tooth brush. I brush my teeth. I rinse off my tooth brush, setting it on the counter. I just want to have a good day. I hope this day is more eventful than the past week. I splash water on my face. I don’t have class today. Today is like the only day I have off of class. I can take this as a chance to detox. I leave the bathroom sitting on the bed. Loud music sounds through my walls and suddenly I remember why I hate this apartment complex. It has so many parties on my days off. So I never get a chance to relax. I always have to worry about this. I really just don’t want to have to listen to their rave music. It’s not even good music.
I sigh. Maybe I could go to the library and get something done though I really don’t want to go out. The thought of the old gifts crosses my mind. A chill runs down my spine. That is still really weird. They weren’t shipped, they were hand delivered. THat means. The person who did it knows my address. I push the thought out of my mind. I shrug it off. It was probably just a weird one time thing. I finally convinced myself to get out of bed. I got this. I grab my phone, and keys and I am out the door. I just want coffee and then I can go home and work on some other homework.
Beginning on my walk to the nearest coffee shop. They have the best coffee. It is better than starbucks. It is also really cheap too. So that makes it even better. After a little bit I made it to a park. I stare at the scenery. It is rather beautiful this time of year. The spring brings flowers and other cute things like baby animals. Walking onward I see a boy from my class. The boy who complimented my bracelet. I wave at him. He gets that shy awkward smile on his face again. That really is cute. It’s rather innocent too. I continue on my walk. After a bit I finally arrived at the coffee shop. I stood in line for a bit. After a bit the woman at the counter smiles and greets me. I ordered an iced mocha. After a bit I hear my name and grab my coffee. I take a few sips.
Alright time to start walking home. I walk out the doors. When I reach the park I am a little disappointed not to see the cute boy from earlier. Next time I am in class I should ask him his name. I take a few more sips off of my coffee. I am far too tired for this. Maybe I should have just stayed in bed. I don’t know, it seems like a rather boring day. Laying in bed watching YouTube is usually how I spend my day. Even when I have class. I just usually check what we did online. I really love only having a few classes I have to go to. It makes my job easier. I finally made it home. I can be safe here. When I get to my door there is a box and note. I pick it up and open the door. After entering I make sure to lock my door. I will be safe then. I sat on my bed reading the note,” I’m really sad you stopped wearing my gifts, maybe this one will be better,”. I feel my blood run cold. This is just getting more unsettling. Finally I open the box. It's a handmade moonstone necklace. It has a heart pendent on it. It’s pretty. Just something about it is unsettling. I set it on my nightstand. Looking around I decide to just lay down. It is time for bed. I can't deal with this today. I am going to stay home unless I have class.
I let out a small sigh. I look at my phone. I am hungry. I think I am going to call for a pizza. Then the thought crossed my mind. What if the person doing this knows my address because of ordering in food. On second thought, ordering stuff no longer feels like a good idea. I put my phone on my nightstand. I think it is time for bed. I curl up in my blanket. It’s so warm. I relax.

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