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In an alternative reality, the year 2020 began the beginning of the end. Myrah endured the fate of the world among few. She has done what she had to do to survive. The end days have turned her bitter as she fights to continue living in a dying world.

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Earth has never been a utopian planet for anything or anyone to dwell on. Humanity has never been perfect; we never really got it right. Mistakes and misleading agendas always have crippled societies throughout time. Politics and greed endlessly led the world down a darkened path of no return. Humanity doomed itself with artificial monster hurricanes, tornados that wiped out entire cities, pandemics, wildfires, wars, and famine. One could almost call the modern era Biblical. Maybe God gave upon us. Maybe God realized He had created an unworthy species of chaos and suffering which was undeserving of salvation and mercy. At least, that’s how it felt. That’s how I felt.

In the beginning, everyone thought that now was the time for a “Great Redo” to fix inequality, fix racial injustice, and help those less fortunate. I don’t think anyone wanted to believe what was right in front of us. We collectively made profound errors in handling our power as a civilization. We messed up. No one decided to step forward and lead our people into a better life. We all just sat back and let the world crumble around us as if we had no control at all. We had been brainwashed to be subservient through generations of mind-numbing technologies. We had been raised to listen to our government. We were never expected to rise and stand up for what was right. In the end, that’s what was needed, and we failed.

Riots and protests littered the streets at first, however after no prevail, those that tried lost hope and gave up. The Military was used against its own. Families were torn apart by plague and ruthless laws and wars. Some believed that a man would show up and save them from ultimate doom, but they were wrong. We were our only hope, but we were too late. The revolution that was desperately needed never happened. A small yet powerful organization called EAT dominated the globe by that point. EAT proclaimed its stance on Equality, Alliances, and Transformation. However, those that knew better called it what it indeed was—the Elite Agenda Takeover. Not long after, a counterparty organization grew that called itself FFE. Freedom From EAT. They wanted freedom from the power of the few. They eventually got shut down in inhumane ways. Hopelessness settled.

Millions of people died during those early times. Whether it was because of the viruses unleashed on us or from EAT removing citizens with rogue Military and placing them in “survivor camps” to try and stop a revolt. Either way, most ordinary people died by the hand of something that could have been prevented. The wealthy, celebrities, the worthy, and those with certain bloodlines were taken to an unknown location to live out their days in peace and prosperity. At least that’s what everyone was told. Those who could afford safety bought it. There were rumors that they were taken to Mars or one of Saturn’s moons. Some believed that the viruses hit EAT and the wealthy the hardest, kind of like some wrath of God. They believed they were killed off early on, but honestly, no one will ever know for sure.

Survival became more challenging and more complex as the months turned to years. Abandoned by our leaders with no food, oil, transportation, or electricity, we felt like orphaned children lost and wandering the cities searching for hope. What was the point of trying to survive? Some never found that point and took themselves out of this unforgiving world. I watched as people I loved suffered. I watched as the cities I loved burned. I witnessed the death of one world and the rebirth of a new one. I’m Myrah for what it’s worth, and this is my story.

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