A Twisted Satyr

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I was either losing my mind or something was haunting me. From the fact that I hadn't seen Alex in daylight for nearly three days to the fact that there was something wrong with my wine. It had all began with those tracks in the snow. Tracks I couldn't account for anymore than the fact that my hair was turning red.

Horror / Thriller
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“Alex!” I cried.

He didn’t answer me.

“How long have you been home?”

“I’ve been here awhile.”

I snickered. Accidentally snorting. “So, you heard most of that then?”

He didn’t miss a beat. Walking straight toward the bedroom. I could only catch his handsome profile in the dark.

“I missed you, you know?” I whispered conspiratorially.

“I missed you too.”

“You putting me to bed?”

He tilted his head grudgingly. “Of a sort.”

“Weird thing to say.” I frowned.

“Well, I have dark plans before you sleep.”

“Oh…” I said sagely. Before sing-songing. “You wanna do me.”

“All day. Every day.”

“Horny bastard.”

“You’ve no idea.” I saw his teeth in the dark and knew he was laughing at me. I batted his chest. “Don’t laugh at me dick.”

“Alright…” He chuckled. “I’ll try not to.”

“Hey,” I tried to sound serious. “You spiking my wine?”


“Ha ha.” I laughed. He was so rarely playful I was rather enjoying it. “And for what purpose?”

“To bang you, Baby.”

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