The Woman in the Window

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Chapter 19

During those days, I wished more than anything. I wished. And I wished. Played out in daydreams before a faceless timeless being.

What is your wish, Sarah?”

I wish the woman in the window would leave me alone forever.

But Sarah, she has to haunt someone.”

Then I want her to haunt someone else.

Who do you want her to haunt?”

Anyone but me.

But what if she haunts a small child?”

Please, don’t say that.

Or someone you love?”


Maybe your mother, or your father, or Emma?”

But the being wasn’t supposed to ask those questions. They were supposed to grant me my wish and leave me alone.

Wishes upon wishes.

I wish she would leave me alone

One night without her.

Just a little sleep.

Just a little sleep.

Please, just leave me alone.


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