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Never Been to a Cat Farm?

By Elijah Brown All Rights Reserved ©


A Thing of Nightmares

 Elijah Brown writing Here

Last night I had the most realistic dream. The picture came through my minds eye so vivid that the image of the scene will definitely haunt me for days to come.
It starts off as I'm speeding down a highway that was unfamiliar to me. The weather outside was frozen and gray and the clouds were thick blocks of white. I continue down the road and glance out the left window to see farmland that was barren and unloving. It seems as though I've wandered into some rural section of Kansas. Old paint chipped barns and open plains lined the highway with not much else to look at. After driving for what seemed to be hours, I notice that the gas gauge had just tipped down below the empty line. Suddenly there was a shocking pop followed by a whiff of smoke.  The car slows down as I turn the wheel to the right trying my best to avoid being stuck in the middle of the road. "Just great" I mumble with much discontent. As I exit the car, the engine under the hood burst into flames. Thick black smoke emerge killing any hopes that I would be able to fix this problem on my own.
For some reason in this dream I don't have a cell phone, so the only thing to do is look around to see if anyone else was near who could help.  Appearing in the distance is a small house about 2 miles away.  A godsend in this wilderness, so I set foot in that direction. Now perhaps in the dreamworld, distance is relative, but I am instantly upon the house. Walking onto an old wooden porch with old rusty lawn furniture stacked on it, I proceed to knock on the door using the cat shaped doorknocker.  By now it was getting pretty dark outside and you could feel the light droplets of a storm that you could also smell. For some reason though the weather had gotten very warm, almost spring like.  By this time I notice I am wearing a white T-shirt with some blue dirty jeans with a Jean jacket. 20 seconds and still nobody answers so I reached my hand to once again knock on the door, this time much louder. Bang bang bang.

 I hear someone on the inside making their way towards the door. It's a mature female voice that shrieked out "I'm coming I'm coming!"  The door cracks open to reveal an older woman with piercing blue eyes, gray hair that flows in every direction and skin that seems to scream poor diet, and bad hygiene. Her eyes smiled with hunger as her mouth opened up to reveal brownish pearly teeth that said "Yes, who's knocking on my door, I thought I heard something but we never get people out here. You must be lost. Cute and lost." A strong smell of some kind of animal arose from the house. So strong that the aroma made my eyes water.   Hiding a raging sense of awkward meets inappropriate, I smile and explain what happened to me on the road. Then ask if she had a telephone or if there was any mechanics in the area.
"There's nothing around here except for a gas station about 1 mile out". She replies.
Just then A rumbling roar of thunder crashes and it begins to pour rain droplets the size of pennies.
"There's the rain, she says, I don't think you should travel in this you should come in and wait out the storm".
Against my better judgment I reluctantly agree and step into her house.  They are antique bottles everywhere. Gold reddish curtains lined the living room which seem to oddly  match the brown furniture that was covered in Old pillows and a yellow and white knitted blanket. As I look down I am able to identify the animal responsible for the pungent odor pickling my nose hairs. On the dirty wooden floor there were lots of cats.  In fact I'd say at least 40 cats, all over the house.
"You're not a dog person are you? She grinned.
As I looked around and saw all these cats of different colors, creeds, and claw sizes, a cold shiver ran down my spine. They all seem to have the same matching red collar and large sad human-like eyes.  I did my best to maintain manners. Just then another woman that has the same exact description as the first lady, except for the fact that her hair was black and she was wearing a lot of make up, appears out from the back of the house. "Who is this sis? He looks like he's never been to a cat farm before."
"Wait a cat Farm? I've never heard of a cat Farm" I gasp.
"You must be from the city, what are you doing out here?"
 The first lady tells her my car is busted and that she has offered me to stay until the storm passes. Then she repeats how cute I am to her sister and they both agree. Not too long after introducing themselves to me and explaining that it's not actually a cat farm, they just love cats and they adopt any that come their way, they ask me if I am hungry and offer to cook for me.  I turn it down even though both sisters expressed that they have made enough stew for four people. I could not bear to eat anything in this cesspool of cat fur and drab home Décor.  I noticed that the cats all seem to be meowing loudly and have all made their way towards the front of the small house. One of the sisters pulls out a big gallon of milk and pours it into a long metal trough. All the cats attack it and begin lapping up the milk like they have not been fed in days.

As the night continues the rain gets heavier and heavier. They show me to a room down a long candle lit corridor with old pictures of their relatives hanging on the wall. Each picture seem to have eyes that follow me as I move. This room was really the only place you could lock cats out of in the whole house and offered me to spend the night. I reluctantly accepted and step into the room which is the only sane place in this weird feline urine soaked hellhole. Without much thought I collapse down on the bed laying my body the short way across it as to take as little of the mattress as possible. The next thing I know it is morning time and as I awaken I see a picture hanging up above the bed that is quite haunting. It is a picture of what looks like a younger version of the sisters holding a cat by each paw.  The cats face is distorted, but the women look so happy, too happy, almost as if they were drunk with lust. I open the door to leave the room and I hear the cats fighting downstairs. The sound of meowing his pretty eerie as it sounds almost supernatural. As I make my way back down the corridor, all the pictures have scratch marks on them as if cats were climbing the walls. Approaching the staircase the meowing gets louder, and much deeper.  Rauuuurrrwwnnnnnrr.... Rauuuwwrrrrr. I tell myself  this place is too creepy, and these cats are probably suffering here. I almost feel like I should open the door and let them all run out. I head down the stairs and I can hear the two women rustling in the kitchen. The smell is worse than the night before.  "Hello, I think I'm going to leave now" I slightly scream out, hoping to be heard over the viscous sound of cat voices blaring from the kitchen. Just before I reach the front, my eyes locked on to a cat that is staring directly into my soul. His eyes are big, almost like humans eyes but still vertical and green with huge black pupils.  His eyebrows scowl as his mouth lay hanging open as humans do when they are looking at something they can not believe. In that moment the cat communicate with me in a way that transcends species. At this point the meowing seemed louder then my own mental voice, but the cats message was clear...get the fuck out!!!
I turned into the kitchen and what my eyes digest makes my jaw drop and my scrotum contract.
In the kitchen the two women that had greeted me yesterday, that had been so nice to me despite their rude appearance, we're dressed in the same clothes but their humanly form had changed. Their skin was now greenish with scales, and their hair was now long and dark black.  They were wrestling with a large black and white cat that had been half skinned alive while holding it over a huge pot on the stove. During the tussle, the cat struggles to turn its head in my direction. Just as its eyes meet mine, Its little mouth opens and lets out a small "Rawr...".  One of the sisters cracked it's neck. The other held it down and cracked it's arm, then they dropped it in the pot. For a brief second I could hear the meowing of the cats and I realized they were not just meowing "Raaawwwwrrnnnrr ". They were trying to warn me "Ruunnnn"!!
Just then one of the creatures turn towards me breathing heavily as she releases the leg of the cat. She hisses "don't you want some BREAKFAST!!!  She turn towards me and I could see that her eyes are glowing green,  a sharp stabbing pain hits my stomach and I fall to the ground. Everything is a loud spinning cacophony of laughing and meowing. I drop to the floor and struggle to crawl away towards the door. I looked back to see one of the sisters take flight into the air. In sharp aggressive movements she begins to dart in my direction. I extend my arm to reach for the door only to notice my hand shrinking. The pain increases in my stomach as I crawl towards the door.  Each inch closer to the door made me feel like my body is on fire,  my skin suddenly much more furry, I can feel the teeth in my jawline going through metamorphosis. I try and try to reach for the door but the pain just increased and the meowing gets louder. I close my eyes because of the pain and when I reopen them, the evil witch grabs me by the neck, picks me up and with my paws I claw at her but to no avail. She says "this one is definitely a cutie". I scream as loud as I can "rrrrraaaawwwwwwwrrr!!!!"
That's when I wake up.
I sit straight up in bed sweating, heart beating as if I had just been working out and my throat is killing me. I tell myself it was just a dream, a crazy nightmare. I tried to remember if I slept with the TV on. I didn't. It was just a dream, it was just a dream. I look around my bedroom and give myself a reassurance laugh. I decided that I should probably drink some water so I jumped out of bed put my slippers on and move to the kitchen. When I hit the fridge I am just so relieved that it was all a dream and I grab the milk and drink it straight from the carton.  I decide to step out onto my porch to grab some fresh air. When I open my door, I take a deep breath and breathe in the crisp New York air. I take in a couple, and shrug my shoulders up and down slowly hoping to relieve tension. I roll my head up and then I roll it down. And that's when I see the body of a dead cat on my porch riddled with bite marks, probably from a stray dog that had been loose in the neighborhood. "Awww little guy. You must be the reason for my nightmare" I say to the carcass. But as I look closer, I notice it's tiny red collar has a description which reads "Cutie from the Cat Farm".

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