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The Escape Through a Deranged Psychopaths Playground

The shivering thoughts that processed in my mind soured any chance of survival. I laid there helplessly, with wandering thoughts of death circulating my mentality. With a quick glance around the room, I caught a glimpse of a table beside me. A pair of scissors laided sparkling in the dim lit room. The table I was strapped to was on wheels, like a gurney. I managed to shift enough energy to move to the table next to me. My fingers barely grasped the scissors, but I was able to grab them.

Working any angle I could, I managed to free one hand. With the excitement that progress was being made, I quickly reached over and cut the straps to my other hand. My throat was still a burning wound but I knew that I would die here If I didn’t try to escape one more time. The second I sat up to free my feet, the blood started pouring out. I was losing too much.

When my feet became free, I staggered my way around the room, holding onto my fleshy tissues that were once intact. This room was different from the last one I was in. No windows, no bookshelves, nothing. It looked like an operating room with the gurney and surgical equipment laying still on the rolling table.

Making my way to the only way out, to my surprise, the door was open. Turning the knob slowly, it creaked sending echoes down the hall. I didn’t stop, I was determined to get out alive. Leaving a blood trail behind me, I made my way down the lengthy corridor. It felt like it never ended and every minute felt like hours.

I finally reached a set of doors. I had no clue where they would lead me, but I had to imagine that it was better than where I was. I opened the door to my left, locked, as expected. I tried the door on my right and it was open. This door led me to a mansion like living room. It was very elegant and sophisticated. There was a grand piano to my left and a large gold sofa to my right. In the center of the room was a wooden table with a owl statue in the middle. I saw at the back of the room, another door partially covered by a curtain. I had no choice but to inspect it to see if it was open.

There was no handle so I gave it a gentle push. The entry opened to another long dark passageway. As I stood there in the door frame, I became light headed from the about of blood I was losing. The passageway became blurry and I had to sit for a moment. From what I could see, there were several creepy paintings that lined the walls. When I gained enough strength to push on, I continued my way down the hall.

If I was going to survive this hellish labyrinth and get out of this demented mansion once and for all, I was going to have to push myself. This playground of death was not going to swallow me whole and spit me out in pieces.

I sprinted down the never ended hallway to another set of doors. Checking the latches, they both were open. I sat there with each door open, looking back and forth at each room. The room to my left was a kitchen and the room to my right was a bedroom. I figured I had better chances with the kitchen seeing that there might be a back door of some sort.

Cautiously making my way through, there was a back door. With a wiggle of the lever, it shimmied open. I was now standing in the psychopath’s backyard. About 30 yards or so away was a fence. As I made my way closer, I saw a hole in the base of the perimeter. It was just big enough for me so I dove right down to the ground and began to army crawl my way through the opening.

I could feel the grime pouring in through the blistering damage that had once been my neck. With still no sound being produced I knew I had to run for help. I needed to find an infirmary. I finally made my way through the hole and out onto the road. Assuming that this is a main road, I tried to flag down a car. Trees lined the road and the sounds of creatures and vermin filled the air. An eerie sense fell over me but I knew I had to keep going.

A yellow car went driving by and passed me. When I desperately turned around, I saw it stopped a few feet in front of me. A man in a black baseball cap and hoodie was in the driver seat. With the amount of blood that I have lost I couldn’t make out his face. The muffled words drilled into my ears as he asked me “do you need help?” In a painful motion, I managed to nod yes.

Holding on to my open flesh and fading in and out of consciousness, the vague remembrance of the man saying he was going to take me to the hospital meant that I had made it out alive and that this nightmare was all over.

Pulling up to what I thought was the driveway of the hospital, a young gentleman greeted me with a wheelchair. The man in the yellow car helped me into the wheelchair and the younger gentleman helped me inside.

I was soon laid onto a bed. The room was bright white with surgical tools by my side. They were going to help me I thought to myself. When the doctor came in, he leaned in and whispered:

“I told you I intended on keeping you soundless”

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