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The Beast

He comes from within

a deep dark hole

a sinister grin

gives you no control

his teeth are yellow

and his tongue is green

He is far from mellow

as he craves your spleen

He stares into your eyes

glancing at your essence

he creates a disguise

to mask your adolescence

giving you the sight

of a false sense of security

with a world not bright

strips away your purity…

“The beast” as he is universally known in the vicinity of the suburb. Every child knew this story but very few have actually talked about it. It was some unwritten rule that once you read the story, you couldn’t repeat it. My mistake.

I went around my neighborhood asking the kids if they had hear about it. The second I mentioned “The Beast” they all ran home. If only I had known to keep it a secret, I could have dodged a bullet.

After my mother read me this one, I never knew when he would appear. I would sit in the middle of my bed, quivering in my own fear. It wasn’t until I learned that it wasn’t in the room that he would appear, but in the bed with me. Whenever I would get to scared, I would hide under the blankets. Wrong idea. That’s when his presence is awakened. He would sit there and just stare. His visions he would create alarmed my mentality to the point of becoming stationary.

Imagine laying under the covers thinking you’re alone, and then bam, “The Beast” appears. There is no mercyful moment, no hesitation. With his piercing eyes tapping into your very existence, he grins. Smiling a grin that reveals the famous yellow teeth and green tongue. Making you question your very presence at that very moment. Packing your intellect with self doubt gives you the numbing sensation that soon falls off as he dissipates into the blackness.

Even after he disappears, the lingering gesture of his animation leaves you feeling wounded. A draining sensation that echos your entire soul. Much like how my mothers poem ends, he really does stripe you of your purity. And yet again this burdening riddle came with “the beast” to:

What is a thing that can’t be heard?

A single thing that’s not absurd.

Who has a normal fact of existence,

will soon require some assistance

If only I had known to keep my mouth shut, I could have had at least one friend. This riddle, so silently haunting, left me with not knowing what I should say or do. I was literally left soundless.

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