Sold My Soul to Satan

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Evelyn Wilkes has inherited her childhood home after her mother hanged herself in the basement. The house is now hers and the dark forces within have been waiting for her return. What Evelyn doesn’t know is that she’ll never leave this house again. Her soul was sold to Satan before she was even born. There’s no running. There’s no hiding. There are three stages to demonic possession and Evelyn is about to experience each one because her soul is doomed for all eternity.

Horror / Thriller
Lulu Waters
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There are three stages of Demonic Possession...

The first is INFESTATION.

When you experience "haunted house" phenomena. Footsteps are heard and no one is there. Voices echo through the house and apparitions sneak by out the corner of your eyes. Furniture and objects move without a living source causing it. Odor's waft through the house with no discernable source.

It's terrifying when you experience these things, but how would you feel if you went through it all alone?

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