Compassion Fatigue

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The End


Had all of it been a dream?

“Brian, wake up!”

Brian’s throat felt sore, and he could taste blood in his mouth. As he slowly started to regain consciousness, he started coughing harder and harder. He looked around the room; sunlight was peeking into the call center windows. His chair was still on the floor, his headset was broken, and the door to the call center was indeed broken in.

The creature was gone, but it had been there. Brian was sure of it.

“What the hell happened here?”

It was John.

“You broke one of the headsets? What happened to the door! Oh my god, there’s nearly a dozen calls in the queue, Brian! What the fuck man! Why were you sleeping?”

Brian looked around the room, confused. Where had it gone?

“Hey, I’m talking to you!” John spat.

Brian looked at him and tilted his head. He felt compelled to say something. Something he always knew he would one day say, but never knew if the words would actually come out of his mouth. But now they were here, inside of him, and they needed to be said.

“I…” Brian stuttered, “I quit.”

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