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Beautifully Damned

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From the moment he laid his eyes on her he knew she belonged to him, and from the moment she saw him she knew there was something deadly wrong with him.

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1

I sighed looking at the screen as the credits of the movie went by. I was honestly so tired, but I couldn't help but admit that the movies that Lea recommended were amazing. I didn't want to stop but my brain was tired I've been at this the whole day with my parents out of the country I could laze around the whole week.

I stood up making the towel that was loosely wrapped around me drop onto the floor I didn't even have the energy to wrap it around me again, I made my way to the kitchen but not before checking the time on my phone, it was 2a.m in the morning. I wasn't really surprised my sleeping schedule needed God's intervention.

If I wasn't glued to the screen watching countless series and movies, I would be glued to the screen of my phone deep in some erotica... and books. My nipples hardened at the cold air that washed over my skin making me realise that the kitchen window was probably open as always, closing this window and the one up in my room always skipped my mind.

One of the reasons why my mom would be at the brink of clapping me, I would leave the windows open and crank up the A.C of course it was never on purpose. We might be comfortable, but bills are still bills as my mother would say. I closed the window before heading over to the freezer for some ice-cream sandwiches, my weakness.

I sighed thinking about my aunt coming over. I hated getting dressed that was the major issue with having people in this house, I loved walking around half naked knowing that I was all alone. I headed back to the dinning room after putting the other ice-cream sandwiches away opening the one in my hand and immediately shoving half of it in my mouth.

I did not understand why my parents insisted that Aunt Noma comes over. I was used to them traveling because of work and I was more than okay with it. A cleaner would usually come four times a week for touch ups, but I was more than capable of looking after myself, but besides everything I think it was because I told my parents about deciding on a gap year. My mother supports me in everything I wanted to do but the disapproval was clear as day on her face when I broke the news to them.

My dad on the other hand had no problem if I would be at school next year with direction. I was a top student and always gave everything I did my all, so he wasn't worried. With the disapproval my mother still supported me, she understood I wanted to learn more about myself and my art. I loved my parents beyond measure because as much as they were up my neck their support was everything.

I cleaned up as I thought of the movie, it was nice, but I wasn't big on romantic movies especially the ones that made me cry. I liked comedies and sci-fi. Which is why Lea sent me some of her favourite Romances in the first place promising me that I would like them. As I held the remote in my hand to switch off the rolling credits I could see red lines on my brown skin from pressing my arm too hard on the couch - of course by using it as a pillow.

I made my way upstairs after cleaning up knowing it would take me at least an hour to fall asleep and I was beyond drained. I walked into my room barely looking around my eyesight was set on my bed. Instead of my mind thinking about sleeping it went straight to the millions of books I had on my phone. I clearly had no hold over my life.

Being ahead of everyone at school came with benefits and some downs. As much as I had a personal life it wasn't enough for me. Books had become my air so creating bonds and making memories in high school came second. The girls in the movies I watched had more life than me well sort of. And I needed to just... breath. I wanted to stop and smell the roses. I wanted to discover more of myself and I wanted to do more art.

I was about to jump into my bed when I looked at my window trying to decide whether I should leave it open or not, my mother preferred I slept with my windows closed but I preferred the night breeze over the air con.

I decided on closing the curtain but leaving the window open as I made my way towards it. I was directly under the moonlight as I looked out the window at the full moon it was truly mesmerising. My eyes moved to the house next door, the room was dark as always since Miss Hunt's nieces and nephews last visited here which was years back. She now lived here by herself; we had a relationship as I would visit her from time to time.

Miss Hunt, the gorgeous woman that lived next door. The way she loved gardening and tea one would swear she had an old soul. When I would go over for a chat just to check up on her if she was home; we would spend most of our time gardening and chatting over tea. She would tell me how much she missed her nephews and nieces when I asked why they didn't visit anymore she would say they had a lot going on and I wouldn't press any further.

Her niece Fiona and I used to be very close. I remember I would desperately wait for the holidays so I would see her. Her and her siblings would come visit their aunt during the holidays and Fiona and I would spend most of them together. Either I would be over at her house or she would be over at mine. My parents and her aunt didn't mind, but as we grew older I insisted our sleep overs be held over at my house for certain reasons.

I jumped when I spotted someone standing on the lawn of the Hunt mansion; I had completely zoned out. I could see that it was a man because of the moons outline of his well-built physique. The only other thing I could see was his dark brown hair and the fact that he was looking right at me, I finally snapped out of my trance and moved back.

I blinked a few times before hiding behind the curtain wanting to peek. When I looked out the window again there was no one there. Now there was no way I was convincing myself that that was nothing I know what I saw. I quickly closed my window before stepping back and closing the curtains. My heart raced as I stood for a second just blinking before I finally moved to my bed. I switched on the air con and slipped into my bed.

I was tossing and turning. I wanted to sleep but I couldn't. The feeling of fear that washed over me felt very familiar. I couldn't help but think that I knew who that was, but I didn't want to be right. I couldn't. It's been years since I've seen him, and I would have preferred to never see him ever again. I didn't see his face but I somehow knew. The feeling of his eyes on me still till this day brought me goosebumps.

I sighed turning to my phone and switching on rain sounds, it eased my mind and helped me sleep. I had two options either I personally paid Miss Hunt a visit or I could just act like I didn't exist along with everyone around me. I chuckled at the thought who was I kidding there were no options. I would just lock myself here and never step outside again. I would stay in my room in the darkness until I went to university. I liked that idea and it put my soul to ease. I closed my eyes trying to hold onto the peace in the idea as I fell asleep.


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