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A Life Unknown

"Are you still sleeping, baby doll?"

The forced yawn, which Ana had inflicted upon herself, compelled her nostrils to flare. Reluctantly, she peeked through the slit of her left eye. Prompting the other to follow. She strained her arms, directly above her head. As if they had been bound, for ages.

Ana repressed the judgmental glare, masked by a synthetic smile. After reading, that her mother had loved the drugs, more than her... Ana craved a, release.

There was nothing she wanted more, than to reach across. Into that front seat, and wrap her tiny hands, securely around Nadia's throat.

Yet, admittedly. She desired the ability to cry into her mothers embrace. The conflictions held strong, and both were backed by a tremendous will. On one hand, Nadia was the woman who had cared for her all her life. Who had loved her so much, that she would commit murder to keep her safe. Even if it was, just her delusional mind.

"What's up with you Ana? You're being awfully quiet back there."

Ana sneered. The audacity she has sometimes.

"Hmm. I thought you didn't want me to speak?"

"Of course I want you to speak to me. I just asked you not to ask questions. We can talk though. What would you like to talk about Damienka?"

"Mamochka... It's me, Anastasia. Not Papa."

She continued to stare straight ahead. Holding her relentless eagle eyes to the road ahead. "Hush now Damienka, I'm not going to hurt this one."

Ana felt her heart stop beating for a moment, as she clenched her toes with a rush of anxiety.

"Mamochka snap out of it. It's the drugs, it's not real. He's not real! You're sick."

Not a word Ana exclaimed, through the burdening stress running through her veins, seemed to get through to Nadia. The car only rumbled and hummed. Roaring down the street at one-hundred-sixty kilometers per hour.

Through vulgar outcries, Nadia roared at the demon in her passenger seat. Nadia swerved in and out of traffic, as the beast gripped her hair in it's fist.


It was the only thing she could think to say. Shuddering in her seat, Ana clenched the leather strap, holding her still thus far. She braced for impact, holding her head in her arms. The sirens blared loud, with flashes of blue and red beaming through each window, lighting up the Jeep.

"Mama, please!"

"Get away from us, you leave. Leave now."

Nadia stepped on the gas. Accelerating to a speed so powerful, that the force had thrust Ana into the back of her seat, suspending her above the bench. As the belt strapping her in, sliced her neck, Ana continued to scream.

"Mama it's not real! Please stop."

Her words cut clear through the flooding sirens, blaring from just on their tale. Nadia, however, did not stop. The vehicle kicked into overdrive, swerving in and out each lane, as it flew down the streets.

That's when it happened...

A patch of black ice, hidden beneath the mud coated, snow, had over-powered the wheels. The vehicle spun, and skidded at a speed so unbelievably rampant. Ana had shut her eyes tight, in anticipation of her final moments. The abhorrent screeching, of each cruiser grinding to a halt, was the last bit of pandemonium Ana was able to make out, before everything went dark.

As she returned to the forefront of her mind, Ana noticed clouds of grey smoke rising from the hood. She caught a whiff of the pungent stench of gasoline, which had engulphed the vehicle.

In the front seat, Nadia perched. Her eyes were gaping, and her features were tense, but she was completely still. Her hands continued to grip the wheel.

"Mamochka, Mamochka are you okay?" The sheer panic between hyperventilation and drawn out gasps for air, only increased Ana's immense terror.

"Mamochka, please answer me."

Nadia's mind was blank. All she could do was stare out that windshield. Though she was not truly there in that car. Rather, she was in the seat of her vehicle from all those years ago.

Turning to look at the passenger seat, where Damienka smiled tenderly with a glowing aura of sunshine and blue skies in his background. In this moment, Nadia could feel only bliss, a sense of immaculate euphoria, clouded her in a drug-like hazy feeling.

Slowly but surely, he began to fade, like a ghost, into the horrific scene, Nadia had been subjected to, the day he died. In that passenger seat, he was impaled through the abdomen, with a tree branch. Glass, had shattered around him, and blood pooled from his ears. It had been the worst imaginable experience of her life, and she was reliving it in vivid detail.

Ana shrieked, with unimaginable, emotional distress, when the police burst through the front door. Dragging Nadia out, and throwing her to the pavement. They cuffed her while pressing her face to the cold, hard snow, on the curb. They picked her up, aggressively, off the ground. Dragging her corpse like body to the patrol car, that had been awaiting her arrival.

Ana glared through blurred vision, tears glossing over her stinging eyes. She couldn't fathom what would become of her without her mother. This was the beginning of a life she could not bear to know. The life of a child, orphaned, abandoned, and alone. A possession of the Republic.

When they opened the back door, where Ana sat, paralyzed with fear. A woman sat next to her.

"It's okay sweetheart, you're safe now, she can't hurt you no more."

The woman was kind hearted, she wore the smile of a snickerdoodle baking Babushka. She held eye contact, and moved with a slow, and steady pace. She unbuckled Ana, watching for sudden movements, and held out her hand for Ana to take hold.

After being medically assessed by a paramedic, Ana was placed into the black van, stalling on the curb. She took one last glance at the cop car where her mother sat, cuffed behind the bared windows.

Soon after, she caught a glimpse of the jeep. The front bumper had been torn to shreds, by a telephone pole, and was smoking, with a firetruck, hosing it down.

Pedestrians gawked at the scene, as pedestrians tend to do after witnessing a police chase leading to a crash. Especially one involving a small child, and a mother, of all people. Witnesses watched in disgust, as the woman was taken into custody.

Hearts broke at the sight of the child.

"Don't worry honey," The social worker reassured her. "You're gonna stay with a nice couple tonight, while your mama gets help." "The lady is a friend of mine, she's quite nice. I think you'll be quite safe, with her tonight."

'Think?' Ana cowered at the thought. Their was nothing she could do. She was out of control. What if they were evil? Like in the movies, the evil foster parents. It was terrifying to even process.

Ana sat back and rested her head on the window, avoiding eye contact with the social worker. They could take her mother, and they could take the only life she had ever known. But there was no way in hell, she was gonna go down, without a fight.

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