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Ana sat against her door, listening to all that she could hear. The conversation was a one way fight between Nadia, and herself. Her voice was the only voice, and no matter how hard Anastasia tried to make out a second tone, she was unsuccessful.

It just, didn't make any sense. Nadia was screaming like her head was on fire, and even when she stopped, it was obvious that she was still pissed as hell. Her kooky ass was standing in the middle of the living room, screaming at nothing.

As Ana sat patient, her entire body buzzed as though her soul was trying to escape. She felt the clashing of her adrenaline masked emotions, rising to the surface of her consciousness.

Tears welled up, glazing over Ana's eyes, and falling down her rosy pink cheeks. A laugh so empty, escaped passed her soft lips.

A quick glance at the clock displayed a three, and Ana sniffled, wiping away her tears, through hallowed out laughter. A breakdown of monumental proportions broke out, as Ana began to pinch her arm. She punctured the skin, in spite of her dull nails. With red, hot blood dripping down onto he hardwood floors, Ana felt a flash as she relived her sadistic killing.

The blood, which pooled beside her on the floor, turned to a mirage-like, lake of red, surrounded by a blanket of snow. She envisioned a body laying before her, but it wasn't that of a defenseless kitten. No, no, no, on the contrary. That was simply child's play compared to the beauty before her. In the snow, lay the body of a child, with blond flowing hair, soaked in red.

This, a body she was all too familiar with. Beneath her golden locks of hair, Lily lay lifeless. This was a reoccurring fantasy of Ana's. To brutally murder her closest friend, would be a thrill she wouldn't soon forget.

It was a deafening thud which snapped Anastasia back into reality. She unclenched her arm, and focused her attention on the chaos, that was so clearly ensuing downstairs.

"Mama?" Ana called hesitantly. "Are you okay?"

Nadia gave no response. This was a highly unusual occurrence, but then again, that whole day had been fucked compared to normal.

"Mamchka?" This time, Ana was on her feet, and out the door. "Mama this isn't funny, are you okay?" As she paced the hallway, Ana thought it stupid to go downstairs yet again. She had already set her mother off that day, and with everything that was unfolding, there was no telling what she could, or would do.

"Okay mama, if you don't answer in two seconds, I'm coming down there."

No response.

"One reg, one and a half reg."

No response.

"One and three quarters reg."

Nothing, not a breath, it was dead silent.

"Okay mama really, this is not funny, you're scaring me."

Not a peep.

"Okay mama, two reg, I'm coming down."

Bracing herself for a screaming match, Anastasia made her way to the staircase. She took a deep breath, and held the railing as she walked down the steps, and around the corner.


Nadia was just, standing there, staring at the floor. Clenched in her white-knuckled fist, was a baseball bat. It was metal, and it had a huge dent in the end. Ana looked up from the bat, and to the wall in front of her mother.

"Mama, what did you do? Why is there a hole in the wall?"

Nadia held her gaze on the floor, and in soft spoken words she uttered, "he's gone now, he can't hurt you anymore."

Ana furrowed her brows, and tiled her head, completely concerted.

"Who mama, who is gone?"

Nadia shook her head, and turned to her daughter. "We need to go right now."

"Go where? What are you talking abou-?"

Before Ana could even finish her sentence, her feet had become airborne. Nadia had lifted daughter, and transported her out of the living room.

With one final glance at the scene, Ana could see absolutely nothing. Except of course, for the indisputable consequences of her mothers rage. There was no-one, not even a sign that she had moved the body. Who was she talking about?

When that door opened, the frigid air created instantaneous goosebumps on Anas' bare arms. As her mother rushed her to the jeep, and tossed her in.

Ana stared out her window, as Nadia whisked her way back into the house. She emerged not even ten minutes later, clutching two fully packed suitcases.

"Mamchka where are you taking me? What's happening? I'm scared"

"Don't ask me any questions right now, okay?"

Ana nodded her head, frightened of what the ramifications may be if she did not obey the order.

The drive was long. So much so that they had left around 3:30, and it was now pitch black, with thousands of stars on the horizon. Ana's eyes grew weary, as she shifted in her seat from the position she had been subjected to for hours.

'No, I need to stay awake.' Ana glared at her mother through the side mirror. She wanted desperately to be aware of what was going on, but it had to be at least midnight. Ana could physically feel herself losing the battle. As her eyes began to shut, A silent yawn caught the attention of her mother.

"Go to sleep baby. We've still got a ways to go before we get there."

Ana opened her eyes one final time, but nevertheless, the determination she had to stay alert, was not as tenacious as her desire to doze off, and fall into a deep slumber.
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