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Home Sweet Home

“Well morning sunshine!”

As Ana gradually returned to a state of consciousness, she began to come to the realization, that she was not in her own bed. With a jolt of panic, she shot up like an arrow.

“Where are we?” Ana yelped, as she analyzed her surroundings.

“Oh relax Anastasia, you’re fine, I’m fine, everything is fine.”

“No mama, where are we? Why did we leave? What happened that you’re not telling me?”

“Anastasia hush, all you need to know, is that you’re safe now, and that’s all that matters.”

“No mamochka, that is not all that matters, answer me!”

“Excuse me young lady. I am you’re mother, a little respect please.”

“Mama I will give you respect, when you give me honesty. I’m scared, what is happening?”

Nadia shook her head and bounced to her feet. “Would you like some breakfast? I’m making Syrniki, your favorite.”

“Mama what is this? How did you even get the ingredients for Syrniki?”

“How's about you let me worry about all that stuff, and you just eat, okay?”

Nadia handed her daughter the beautifully made cheese pancakes, and a fork to go with. “Here you are, my love.”

Ana’s hands began to shudder as she lifted the fork to her mouth. Keeping her eyes on her mother while she ate.

In order to obtain any solid answers from Nadia, Ana knew all too well, what needed to be done. She would need to play along. That's how it worked, its how it always worked.

The room had one dim light, with a rusted chain that dangled from the bare bulb, swinging from the ceiling. It was a tiny space, and a strong smell of mold, had poisoned the already musty air. The walls were a putrid green color, and Ana was sitting on a bright orange sleeping bag. Right next to her, lay her mothers dark blue sleeping bag. The floor was unfinished, a dusty cement, with a few plywood boards in the corner.

It felt as though she had woken up on the set of a fucking horror film. One where some old grey man, with a hook, yellow teeth, and bad breath, would burst through the door at any moment.

“So.” Nadia sat on her sleeping bag facing Ana, “What would you like to do now?”

“I would like you to tell me where we are, and what we’re doing here.”

“Anastasia, I told you, you don’t need to worry about that. What I meant was, what would you like to do right now?”

Ana could do nothing but blink in astonishment. Her previous panic, was now simply an exhaustive annoyance.

“I’ll tell you what, how’s about we play a game?”

Ana continued to hold her tongue, waiting for whatever absurdities this woman was about to announce. With a bright smile, Nadia reached for her suitcase. It was neatly sat next to her makeshift bed. She pulled a tiny zip lock bag out from under a pile of clothes, raising it to the light, to reveal its contents. Inside, lay about ten small, white tablets.

“What’s that?” Ana felt a twinge of panic in anticipation of her mothers response.

“These,” Nadia began, dramatizing every word, “are magical.”

“Magical? I thought you said magic was just pretend?” Ana played off her curiosity as a display of rebellious annoyance. As she folded her arms, and rolled her eyes.

“Well... no... nevermind, I can’t tell you... you’re too young to know the secret just yet anyhow.” Nadia began. She had counted on her daughter's curiosity taking over.

“Secret?” Ana tried her best to keep her composure, but the yearn for answers was far too strong, as she practically lunged forward. “What secret? I’m not too young to know. I wanna know, tell me.”

“Well, Okay then, but you have to keep it secret. You can't tell anyone, not even Lily, understand?”

“Yes mama.” Ana took great comfort in hearing her mother mention Lily's name. In her mind, this meant that they would eventually return to normal.

“Okay then... These, are my magical tablets. They were made by a powerful witch, in a very magical forest. The forest was full of fairies, princesses, golden pathways, and seas of chocolate milk.” Nadia watched amused, as her daughter leaned in to the tale, becoming more, and more enchanted by her words.

"The witch created a potion, which they turned to solid to protect its powers.”


“Oh Yes baby, powers. You see, the witch created her potion to help superheroes travel to different dimensions. She called her creation Super K.”

“So, you can time travel, and you’re a superhero?”

“I can, and I am.” Nadia smirked as she opened the zip lock, and retrieved a single tablet. She then pulled a small knife from her bag, and chopped the pill in half, handing one to Ana.

Nadia then stood, walking towards a box labelled water, next to a pile of food crates. Ana held the pill in her palm, and glared at her mother. A small voice in the back of her head was screaming don’t do it, but she wanted so desperately to believe her mama.

Before she could even process the decision, Ana was washing the Super K down, with a bottle of room temperature water. Her mother watched as Ana swallowed, and handed the bottle back.

“So, when do I time travel?”

"Just wait, It takes a sec."

Nadia watched intensively, as Ana became increasingly more drowsy. Her eyes held shut longer with each blink, until finally the child was fast asleep.

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