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Mother's Rectification

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The Earth's next dominant species is intelligent and hungry.

Horror / Thriller
John Hester
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She has spent the ages beholding life through its many cycles as it produces a myriad of flora and fauna upon her surface. She has endured countless changes, some not of her own making. Ominous objects from beyond crashing to her surface and bringing havoc and change.

Such events have occurred more than a few times throughout her long existence. She has always been able to orchestrate her own change, restoring the balance, time after time. She has been and will be the steward, custodian and mother all life within her boundaries.

A young species has held her attention for several ages now. The creatures evolved rapidly and soon left their dependence of forest and caves. They expanded across the globe. Just recently they have developed techniques that allow them to live in climates and environments not quite suitable to their species’ needs. They have thrived and continue to do so.

As their societies have advanced, she has marveled at their technologies. Through the air and sea, even to the outer layers of her reach, have they journeyed. A multitude of generations flowing forth, and bringing change to the surface and environment. She has watched as some others creatures dwindled into extinction at the hands of this young species and their strange and bizarre enterprises.

For the past few centuries she has become curious about the motives of this race of somewhat intelligent beings. She has wondered why they continue to change the environment and bring ruin and injustice not only to other life forms, but towards their own kind as well. Even the air and water have become sick. These are resources which they rely upon for their existence. A curious species indeed. Why do they continue in this manner? Can they not see the error of their ways? Shall they ruin the entire world? Yes, it appears they shall unless...

She will dawn a new day, when the master becomes slave and a new predator will reign.

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