Death's Consort

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Death after death in a small usually peaceful town, something sinister lurks in the shadows, yet to make its appearance. Fear wraps itself tightly around the town, questions go unanswered as fingers are pointed. Who is this mysterious killer? What would you say if I told you that there was another world out there, hidden in plain sight? That all those mythical creatures you heard about were true. The townsfolk don’t understand what’s happening, but I do. Welcome to my story.

Horror / Mystery
Raven Winters
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The town was quiet, just like every night. Street lights barely functioning to provide the little light they had. The constant flashing of one street light, in particular, created an eerie atmosphere. Warning off anyone who dared to walk this night alone. The night was cold, in the dead of winter. It had yet to snow, the townsfolk prayed it wouldn’t. Under the flashing light, a shadow creeped out towards its target. A woman stood a few feet away, anxiously tapping her foot as she checked her watch repeatedly. She had been waiting for the taxi, any taxi. Her bright hope-filled blue eyes frantically scanned the area. It was dark, barely able to see anything. The neighbourhood she found herself in, was quieter than most. Or maybe it was just the season. The moon hid behind the dark clouds, safely tucked away. Just as she should have been. The shadow crept closer and closer with every passing second. Footsteps as quiet as a mouse, if you looked hard enough, you could see a faint smirk. The woman stood innocently under the streetlight, silently shivering. Her foot taps echoed into the silent night, creating an ominous pattern. She was then overcome with the feeling of being watched, but it was too late.

A loud and horrid scream pierced through the dead night.

A distance away, in another neighbourhood just as quiet as the one before. A girl, young, was hauling a bag over a fence. Next, it was her turn to make it over. She swiftly climbed, landing as elegant as a cat. She grabbed the bag, a bit heavy it was before she made a quick dash for the street. Rushing through the night she made it to the bus stop. If she had timed right, a bus would arrive any second. Luck was on her side as two headlights made themselves known. They hurried down the street only to halt by the bus stop. The bus, filled with only three people, had stopped for the girl. She watched the doors open in anticipation. Was she making a mistake? Was it the right thing to do? Before she could figure it out, a distant scream caught her attention. Her head turned quickly towards the pained cry. She ignored the bus drivers’ request for her to get in. She completely ignored the bus door closing as she made yet another dash towards the sound of distress. Off into the night, she went. The moon now making an appearance from behind the clouds. Almost as if to give a warning, or maybe even to watch the show that was to happen.

Another scream filled that night. Only this time, louder than the other and more painfilled.

Welcome to the town of Roseveild.

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