Hellish Royalty

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Jamie’s grown up in a Satanic cult. Beatings, rituals, and brandings are the norm for him. But he’s the only kid to have survived to almost 21 years of age. The problem? On his 18th birthday, one of the rituals left him with voices in his head. But not just any voices. The four princes – eh, the three princes and the princess of hell: Belial, Lucifer, Satan, and Leviathan. And now Jamie has to find them suitable hosts before his body gives out. Jamie just has to get over his fear of talking to people, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Right? *Polyromance novel*

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Chapter 1


1.This story deals with dark themes including but not limited to Satanic cults, worship, and branding.

2.All relationships are consensual but include themes such as BDSM and other kinks

Jamie shifted his shoulders uncomfortably as he placed another book on one of the higher library’s shelves. His newest wounds were anything but healed, the gouges remnants of his cult’s latest ritual to save their souls. He called bullshit, especially since all of the other child sacrifices had succumbed to the wounds years earlier. Having just passed his twentieth birthday, somehow the cult had decided he was their savior.

Which also meant that he now had to participate in every ritual. More scars. More pain. More branding.

He grabbed another book from his cart and shoved it on a shelf just above his head. Goddamn that hurt. He scrunched his nose to push up his glasses and resituated his frumpy sweater, before staring down at the rest of the cart. There was no way in hell he was going to be able to shelve all the books today. Not with the aches in his back and the bandaged gash on his side.

Even with the wraps, the newest brand on his chest was chaffing against the fabric.

I should have called out.

He whimpered as an unnatural heat shot through his veins, reminding him how he had survived this long. He wasn’t the savior of his satanic cult. He was crazy. Well, at least Jamie thought he was. Because somehow after the ritual on his 18th birthday, he had somehow started sharing his body with four powerful entities…

The fucking princes of hell.

Well, princes and princess. Contrary to popular belief, Belial was a woman. A fierce one. And definitely the worst trouble maker out of the four.

The worst part wasn’t waking up in strange places or answering to things that were clearly not his fault. Well… they were, but he hadn’t been in control when they happened. It was the fact that the four still fucking talked to him whenever they felt like it. Inside my head.

They were all evil, terrible monsters in their own right and it made life a little more… colorful for him. Especially when they got horny. Which was like all the fucking time. Jamie felt like there was this undying heat that he just couldn’t quench.

Lucifer was always the first to push through, but Belial was the one that caused the most trouble. Satan and Leviathan were thick as thieves and the reason Jamie had ended up in the county jail more times than he could count in the last sixth months. Even now, heat coursed through his limbs as he tried to hide his semi-permanent erection from whoever decided to visit the library on a Thursday afternoon.

Yo, James.

Jamie squealed and then bit his tongue as he regained his composure, “What do you need Lucifer?” His eyes roamed the current aisle he was in to make sure no one overheard him talking to the fucking devil in his head.

You know what.

He didn’t respond to that as he continued reshelving books. He did know what. The hell royalty that had taken residence up in his head weren’t there for kicks. Lucifer had let him in on a little secret in the past few weeks, something that all four had neglected to tell him almost three years ago.

They weren’t supposed to stay inside Jamie’s body. He had the terrible mission of finding suitable hosts. The problem was that Jamie had a hard time associating with anyone outside of the cult. “I’m trying. Really, I am.”

James, I know this is difficult. I get that. But if you don’t find hosts for us, you’re not going to survive.

He bit his lip and froze, one book in midair and leaning dangerously on the edge of the shelf. When his arm started to ache, he dropped the book back to the cart. “That doesn’t make any sense. You’re the only reason I’m alive.”

Yes, James. We absorbed a lot of that pain for you. But we can’t hold it forever. Not in this form while in this realm. We’ll have to release it.

The other royalty were strangely quiet, letting Jamie process Lucifer’s words. If he was going to survive, he had to brave the social waters. But that was a big if, seeing as how Jamie wasn’t sure he wanted to survive. Living another few years meant more branding, more rituals, more marks. It meant being stuck in a cult that he no longer understood.

But if he didn’t try, he was pretty sure the hellish royalty he had been stuck with wouldn’t hesitate to make his life miserable once he appeared in hell itself. It’s just talking to someone, right? Jamie nodded to himself and decided to march to the front counter and manage an actual hello to the first customer that grazed the entrance.

Unfortunately, the massive monster of a man that stood in the lobby, waiting for someone to attend to him was not what Jamie had in mind for a first encounter.

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