The Wolf Cult

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Jaelynn came through once more with a jolt. She abruptly opened her eyes and looked to see if he was there, sitting in the rocking chair as he had the first time she awoke. No one was there. She checked the window and could tell it was nighttime.

Her heart sunk. She had no clue how long she had been here. Even if it was just a day, she felt hopeless that no one had rescued her yet. Noone even knew she had a mom. There wasn’t a single person who knew she was driving a state over to deal with the funeral arrangements. No one knew except the police she called as her car was getting pushed off the side of the road.

Surely they would be out looking for her, wouldn’t they?

Jaelynn felt a wave of rage wash over her body as she thought about how she should have let the taxpayers’ dollars handle her mother’s funeral arrangements. She thought about the last time she saw her mother alive and how she left bags packed, slamming the screen door shut, screaming how this was the last time she would ever deal with her mother again. She marked that day heavily in her brain, and although she never spoke it out loud, she often thought about it daily. Her brain constantly attempting to process past trauma.

The only light in the room was the lamp on the bedstand next to the heart monitor. She stared off even now in this place of uncertainty, thinking about the bitterness of those memories, noticing a pitcher of water, crackers, and a container of jello still fully packaged with a spoon on top. She was hungry, but her hands were still chained to the bed.

She checked for slack, but all they did was make a lousy rattling noise. Then she noticed something she didn’t see before. On her right arm, away from the side with the light and heart monitor, was an IV attached. She breathed, trying to tell herself it was probably just saline water. Though she felt it was strange that it wasn’t here before.

She immediately stopped examining when a door from another room opened, and a set of men’s voices roared throughout the house. “Man! I fucking needed that run.” Daren’s strong voice echoed into her room, and she tried to push deeper into the bed as if that would allow her to hide.

“Yeah… Colton and Joshua were able to get the car to the junkyard so that no one will look for her now.”

“Do you think we pushed the cops far enough west?”


“Oh yeah! No one will find her now. Plus, Joshua has already cleared our tracks.”

Daren grunted. “It was messy of Colton to put her life at risk.”

“Will he be reprimanded?”

“Fuck yeah, he will. We do it tomorrow night during her integrating ceremony.”

“Alright, I’ll have the ladies get everything set up.”

Jaelynn didn’t have time to prepare herself when the door to her room suddenly swung open. It was as if he was trying to catch her off guard in the act of doing something she shouldn’t be.

She buried herself farther into bed as best as she could. Daren’s gaze laid heavy on her but seemed different. He seemed light-hearted, much like when he walked into the diner. It was like he was two different people, which caused her heart to feel woozy.

“You’re up!” He said in a happy voice, cheerful even.

She looked at him cautiously.

“Are you hungry?” He asked as he walked toward her.

She quickly nodded her head yes. He grabbed the rocking chair from the corner, pulled it up next to her bed, got situated, and then grabbed the jello and spoon. He worked at the seal as he spoke. “How did you sleep? You went down throwing quite the fit.”

Her cheeks blushed. “I didn’t give you permission to drug me. It made me feel violated and unsafe.” She spoke not as accusing him but as explaining to him, feeling like she needed to stand up for herself.

His composure changed for a split second, then returned to a more happy composure. Jaelynn let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding in. His gaze burned holes into her. She tried not to look through his thick eyelashes as he whispered. “Thank you for your honesty. I’m sorry you felt that way, but soon you will understand I am your protector, and you will learn to trust me. Also,” he said, leaning in very close to make sure his eyes met Jaelynn’s as he declared, “I’ll never need your permission to do anything.”

His words carried so many deeper meanings, and she wasn’t blind to them. In horror, she just stared back. She wanted to cry, but she held back for when she was alone again, where she could think freely.

He slowly and carefully took the spoon and scooped up a bite-size amount of jello. It jiggled as he brought it up to her lips. She looked at the spoon and then back up at him. In the most defeated voice, she asked, “May I please feed myself?”

He seemed to think as he gazed down at her. Then he lifted the spoon and raised his eyebrows to say “eat”. She did obediently, but he saw her struggling with it internally. He set the jello down with a sigh. The silence caused her breath to quicken. “I don’t mean to be so harsh on you. I know you are still new to my world.” She spoke as he stood and fished inside his pocket.

He pulled out a key and then walked to the opposite side of the bed. “We will unchain one hand so you can eat. The right one. That way you don’t tear off the IV,”

He wrestled with the chains, and they sang at his touch—a beacon of light in a dark tunnel. The sounds sang: you are free. Jaelynn felt her heart warm and immediately brought her free hand to her chained one so they could soothe each wrist.

Daren walked around the bed again and handed her the food. “I bet that feels better.”

Jaelynn simply nodded and then, with clammy hands, chugged the water and chowed down on her food. His eyes never left her as he watched her eat. She was all too aware of him staring, but she knew this couldn’t stop her from eating because she needed to keep her strength up.

She froze with a saltine cracker half in her mouth when his hand reached up to pet her cheek. “You are so beautiful,” He said, staring into her eyes. Her stomach dipped at his testimony, but she took advantage of his good mood.

“Will you ever unchain me?”

He laughed, “Of course. This is just temporary.”

“Good,” she said half to herself. “What- what do you plan to do to me?”

He took in her nervous expression and spoke softly, “You will live here, with me. You are to be my mate.”


“Yes. My wolf has claimed you as mine.”

“Yours?” She felt herself fall deeper into denial. There’s no way a maniac that thought he was a- a wolf kidnapped her!

“Yes, mine. And when you’re strong enough to endure the change, I will turn you. So we can complete the bonding.”

“The bonding? Turn me? What!” Jaelynn felt herself slowly hyperventilate.

“Jaelynn, calm down.” He snapped, his composure turning back to what she saw when she was about to get into the car. He was changing alright. Changing personalities but not into a… a what? A wolf?

She knew this man sitting in front of her had lost reality and was dangerous. She couldn’t stop herself from freaking out.

Daren got up abruptly, causing her to flinch. She had to get her breathing under control. He stared down at her, heaving. She stared back, scared and timid. “Get some rest.” He snapped, and with that, left the room.

Jaelynn was all alone in her silence. She sat staring at the door, wondering if he would come back. When she was sure he wouldn’t return, she cried. Slow, muffled mourns escaped her as her body shuttered.

She felt so helpless. Damn you, mom. Damn you. You had to ruin my life even after you’re fucking dead.

After some time, she reached over, turned the lamp off, and cried herself to sleep — using her time to worry.

She woke to the sound of the lamp being turned on and the light breaking her sleep. She stirred. “Good morning!” Marshal said in a soft, chipper voice. “Didn’t mean to wake you. I just need to check your bag.”

Jaelynn used her one free hand to rub her eyes. “Why do I have that now?”

Marshal softly laughed to himself. “Sorry, I couldn’t get my hands on all the supplies you needed right away.”

Jaelynn thought it was odd that he got his hands on a heart monitor first, but not an IV. She decided not to say anything.

“What’s in the bag?” She watched as he inspected what little was left.

“Just some goodies to keep you hydrated and happy. They should help you relax enough for the transition to this new life. It’s almost done. I’ll send the girls in to help you get cleaned up once it’s finished, and then maybe we can show you around your new home. Daren wants to have your integration ceremony tonight, so there is a lot to do. How do you feel?”

“Fine. What’s an integrating ceremony?” She reluctantly asked, not wanting to be friends with anyone here, but feeling his social personality could be useful.

“Nothing too official. Just we have customs for when a new person comes to our pack. Look at it as a party.”

Jaelynn didn’t have time to react. There was one knock at the door, and then a younger scrawny boy busted in. He looked to be around 18. “Sorry, Doc. Daren needs you. It’s an emergency.”

“Alright. Jaelynn, hold tight. The girls will be in soon.” He said in a scurry to follow the boy, leaving the door open a crack.

Jaelynn sat bored and uncomfortable as she watched the bag drip substance into her veins. She wanted nothing more to rip it off, but her right hand could only reach her left hand. The ties by her feet prevented her from stretching to her elbow and peeling it off. Plus, she didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize her tour.

She needed to know the predicament she was in.

When it looked like her bag, no longer had any liquid to give her, one girl from yesterday walked in—the one with darker hair.

“Good morning Jaelynn.” She said, heading straight to examine the bag. “How are you?”

Jaelynn chose not to speak.

“Don’t be afraid of me, please. My name’s Kelsey. I’m a friend, I promise.”

Feeling sour, she retorted, “Forgive me if I can’t see you being my friend while I’m chained up.”

She frowned at the sarcasm. “I’ve come to get you out of those chains and help you get cleaned up.”

Jaelynn perked up. Just her? No one else? She looked at the girl’s skinny body. Her bones clung to her skin. Jaelynn could easily overpower this girl. She looked from the girl to the door and saw that it was ajar.

“Now hold still. This might sting a bit.” Kelsey said as she peeled back the tape that kept the IV In place.

“Where am I?” Jaelynn asked, trying her luck.

“You are at the compound.”

“Where’s the compound?”

Kelsey turned to Jaelynn. “Please don’t ask questions you know I can’t answer. I’ll have to report it to Daren.”

Jaelynn swallowed her tongue. “Some friend,” she dared to say under her breath. The girl gave her an angry look and then tossed the heavy flowery quilt off the bed onto the floor.

Jaelynn’s feet were turning black with how much circulation the ropes had cut off. She stared at her bare white legs and was shocked to see a tube from her crotch to somewhere over the bed.

Jaelynn’s mind went a million miles per second. They are pumping me with something. They are trying to make me pregnant!

“What’s that?” She asked, the nervousness evident in her voice.

“That’s your catheter, and this,” she said, holding up a bag, “Is a bag of your pee.”

When did they put that in me?

“I’m surprised you didn’t feel it,” Kelsey whispered. Jaelynn was also surprised.

“Just relax. This may feel weird.” She spoke as she carefully removed the catheter. Jaelynn scrunched her face as the foreign feeling moved up her belly button.

“There,” Kelsey stated. “Now to get you out of these restrains.” As Kelsey fished for the key to release her, Jaelynn’s heart pounded so fast she was seeing black spots in her vison. The moment she’s free, she would catch Kelsey off guard and make a run for it. Kelsey delicately unchained her hands in a calm and slow manner. But to Jaelynn nothing felt calm about this moment.


The idea roamed rapidly in her mind. She forced herself to pay attention to make sure there were no mistakes. She heard no one outside of the room. She practically saw the route out of this house so vividly she felt like she knew what every detail of the place would look like already. Kelsey worked away to untie Jaelynn. When she was free, she pulled her feet to her hands. She felt woozy from the lack of circulation and squeezed the tips of her toes. Her attention heavily planted on Kelsey.

Kelsey had turned to fold the quilt up nicely. “There that-” she was in mid-sentence when Jaelynn built the courage to make a run for the door.

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