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The Wheel OF POWER

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A Country, taken by a second civil war, but now without place for peace, and with not other solution then divide two Americas, now divided in two parts. One that belongs the far conservative Republicans full of Anarchy sentiments. Killing, high crime rate and injustice. You name it. The other, Democratic party. What peace and prosperity rules lowest criminal rare ever, fair justice. Those who are not happy with one part of the country can be admitted to seek asylum and search a better peaceful life. A place were intolerance is taken as a high offence and ruled with steady hand. Two presidents different from each other and pure hate between them are what prevent the two parts to seek to seek each others reconciliation. This, until a event creates motion in both parts. Now, they will unite of suffer together but still apart?

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It’s not cannon of my part of me writing without my Pen Name “António Madrugada” however for this story I will forever make the pure attempt to create a story based in what I love the most. I have a huge admiration for the White House and for what it represents. It’s still a just a building however it condenses such a power and every eye is turn into it , to some as a symbol and beacon of hope and to some a place to seek power over others, a house in which throne can swing the wheel of power, switch its balance every time. To some, every time a new administration, people are devoted to say that there will be forever a good and bad president which shines upon his administration and this image is reflected into the world and people will forever collect the seeds of what have sown in their land.
Forever shall the Wheel of Power and the World have two parts of Franklin’s 100 Bill?
Yes, as while men have the desire to conquer the moon, while they can even defend their own yards. While the world is turned to Mars and they get lazy and fat of the money they stole while they are feeding people with fake news and Mars is in Israel desert.
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