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111 Crossbow Lane

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There’s something about the house, I love it, the style, the location. It’s the perfect place to settle down and get my writing career back on track. No distractions, the calm serenity of the woods...even the quaint little town. That is until I go searching for some information and stumble across some odd happenings...

Horror / Thriller
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The Town

I walk along the narrow footpath. It’s cold this morning, fog still hanging thick in the air. I’m alone on the footpath, yet I don’t feel like I am.

Some branches snap. I stop and listen, surveying my surroundings. Nothing. I breathe slowly, trying to steady my nerves and slow down my heartbeat.

Lately I’m a nervous wreck, I don’t sleep good, I’m constantly hearing things…feeling things. It’s like the air that surrounds me is thick, trying to suffocate me.

I carry on with the footpath, I reach the tree line that separates the forest from the town. I move through them and exit on the town’s outskirts. I walk a little faster as I’m on the sidewalk and there’s no other pedestrians or cyclists around.

I see the town's library come into view. I need to do some research for a book. I walk through the door, it’s hinges softly creaking as I close it. The wooden floor settled in place as I passed over it. It’s all part of the original library built in 1806.

The librarian is an old lady, she looks to be in her late eighties. She looks at me over her spectacles and smiles.

“May I help you dear?”

“Yes thank you. I’m looking for information on the house I’m living in.”

“Well, what is your adres dear?” She gives a little smile and pauses her pencil above a note pad.

“Crossbow Lane number…”

“Hundred and eleven.” She finishes my sentence for me, her eyes wide and a frown across her brow.

“Is something wrong?”

“You live there alone? When did you move in?”

“Yes, I live alone. I moved in two days ago.”

“My dear, a bit of advice. Get out now.”

“Why? Is there something wrong with the house?”

“I shouldn’t be talking about it. Isle 5, row B2. The history of Crossbow Lane.” She hands me a piece of paper.

“I’m sorry but I have to close now. There’s a town meeting. Could you come back later?”

“Sure I guess. Thank you.”

“Goodbye dear. And good luck.”

“Goodbye.” I nod, smile a bit uneasy and leave the library. As I close the door I hear the lock click in place. That old lady sure moves fast. I walk to the store and enter, the occupants all looking at me. I feel really uneasy.

Everyone seems to follow my every move, this is so awkward. I take a trolley and quickly proceed to the first aisle. I grab the necessities, I thought it a good idea, pass the time till I go back to the library. But I don’t buy too much, as I don’t want to be burdened with a heavy load while walking back home later.

When I’m finished go to the nearest till point and pay for my goods. The cashier is a young man, he looks at me, his eyes asking me to say something?

“Did you want to ask me something”

“Um, yes ma'am. Do you live at the old Mecer residence?”

“Yes. Why? What’s wrong with my house?”

He looks around, and whispers almost inaudibly,
“It’s cursed. Get out now.”

I look at him, he acts normal as if he never uttered a word. I look around and all the other customers as well as staff are busy with everyday mundane tasks, no one looking at me. I know I didn’t imagine it.

I quickly collect my bag and start my walk over to the library. I walk up the steps only to find the door still locked. Strange. How long can village meetings be? I stand around awkwardly, looking at my surroundings. It’s quiet, almost too quiet. Well I guess I best be heading home, no use standing here.

I make my way back to the trees and forest. The walk home is just as eerily quiet. Yet it feels like I’ve got company.

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