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Fur-Alien small town takeover

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An alien cat has come to take over the world. He starts by infiltrating a small town to start his agenda. The country folks have a different plan and fight back the best way they know how. Shawn and Jill fight for their small town with the help of some of the locals. They soon realize that humans were becoming a food source for all felines. Join them on their saga to fight the alien feline and keep their way of living and saving the human race.

Horror / Mystery
D.C. Mac
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hector was staring at his computer screen with his index finger hovering the mouse. He was about to click the submit button. He turned around to see his dad behind him, Jerry made a motion for him to click the button. Hector was submitting a new design for a robotic battle drone to the government as part as a contest he was entering. The sixteen-year-old Hispanic boy was going to go great things. He sighed a little and then clicked the button. His dad came up from behind him, placed both hands on Hector’s shoulders, gave them a little squeeze and told him, Bueno, good job son. Hector smiled while still looking at the computer monitor.

Two years later, Shawn was in his backyard watering some plants on a nice summer day. There was a gentle breeze blowing against his skin as a bead of sweat ran down the side of his face. Shawn was a middle-aged man who was very opinionated when it came to the government and how it was run. He was about six-foot-tall, with a full graying beard and not in too bad of shape but had a little bit of a gut on him. He was also a veteran of the Navy which made him by nature, a little grumpy. As he was moving his arm back and forth watering some flowers, he thought he heard something in the distance coming towards him. He looked up at the sky to see an F22 RAPTOR fly above him at a high rate of speed. Shawn ducked down, as a natural reaction. He watched as it flew out of sight. He wondered why an F22 RAPTOR would be flying around in his area.

Shawn lived with his wife Jill in Texas out in the country in a double-wide trailer, with a small bunk house in the back. Jill, his wife was a little blonde gal, 5′2, and weighed about 110 pounds soaking wet. She was a woman that had lots of patience, she had to, to put up with her husband Shawn. She was a country girl, and not afraid of hard work. They had a few horses and other farm animals. Couple of dogs and a few cats running around in the yard chasing bugs. The dogs were laying in the shade enjoying the gentle breeze and occasionally lifted their heads up to see what was going on around them. The locusts were singing their summer melody from up in the treetops.

Jill poked her head out the back door to see what all that noise was. Shawn heard the back door open and before she said anything he blurted out. That was so cool, a F22 RAPTOR just flew over the house. She also wondered for a moment why there would be a military plane flying way out here in the middle of nowhere. Well, that airplane shook the whole house and knocked some of my stuff off the walls. Shawn shook his head in agreement. Yeah! it was flying low for some reason. Jill shrugged her shoulders and went back inside the house. Shawn turned around and went back to watering the plants.

Later that evening about 9:30 at night, the clouds began to form, and the moon was peeking through the clouds every so often. Shawn went outside to pee because that is what you do in the country. He was staring at the moon and clouds moving in front of it. It was so peaceful, and he took a deep breath and finished his business. He was thinking about retiring soon but didn’t have a clue what he was going to do after that.

A small light off in the distance sky caught his attention and was coming his way. It got a little bigger the closer it got and when it was just about over his house. It sounded like a prop plane, but he couldn’t see any plane. All he could see was the light that it was giving off from the reflection off the clouds. He watched intensely, then suddenly the noise stopped and the light shot out like a rocket and out of sight. Shawn was amazed by the phenomena. Just when he was about to turn and go back in the house. Off in the distance he saw a blueish light flash. It was huge, then a few seconds later a loud boom. It rocked the entire area and caused all the tress to bend backwards. It made Shawn stumble backwards and lose his balance and hit the ground.

Fear immediately overcame his emotions, he knew what it was, or at least he thought he knew what it was. He ran back into the house to see his wife looking at him with a fearful look on her face. She said what was that? Shawn scrambled to find his cell phone. Jill kept asking him what he was doing? He said that he was going to try and call his dad. When they noticed the T.V. and the radio started getting some RF (wireless) interference. Shawn looked at the T.V. then at the radio, then his cell phone. Jill asked again what was that? He told her that it was an EMP blast. Which disabled all electronics in the area? As he held his phone in his hand the power drained and the screen went black, along with the T.V. and radio fell silent.

Jill asked what does this mean? Shawn wasn’t sure what to tell her, but he said, you know all those stories I told you about the government and stuff? Well, now you see I wasn’t lying to you. Jill’s face showed the anxiety she was feeling. What are we going to do without power? Shawn said, we will be a lot safer out here than in the big cities. I would imagine people are going crazy right about now. We need to be prepared because people are going to start leaving the cities and get to safer areas. We need to be prepared. I need you to go and get my handguns from underneath the bed. I will get the rifles out of the closet. Oh, and get all the ammo that you see. Jill scurried off to complete her mission.

Shawn was gathering up weapons and ammo when there was a noise in the sky that made both stop and look up. The noise was unlike something neither one of them heard before. It sounded like a bunch of trumpets along with a lawnmower. Shawn called out to Jill; something is about to happen I can feel it. Jill ran down the hallway from the master bedroom carrying two small gun cases. One had a .357 and the other a 9 mm. I got the pistols, she lifted them up to show him.

Shawn stopped what he was doing held out his hand and told Jill to listen. The wind began to blow very hard and things in the yard were blowing by the windows. The wind chimes were clanging together making an awful racket. Shawn yelled out to Jill and said get to the bunkhouse. The bunkhouse was a solid structure and had been there for years. It was made with logs from around the area. It was a solid built structure and could withstand a lot of punishment.

They busted out the back door and the wind caught it and ripped it off the hinges and flew out of sight. They both ran across the yard dodging things that were swirling around in the air. Sticks and some of Jill’s nick knacks she had in the yard. They reached the bunkhouse and Shawn opened the door, and they both ran in. Shawn struggled to shut the door, Jill grabbed the door also, and they both pulled the door closed. They were both breathing heavily when Jill noticed that Shawn had a cut on his cheek. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and wiped off the blood on his face and stood up on her tippy toes and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Shawn said that they would be safe in there. The mobile home was just held down by metal straps staked into the ground. The bunkhouse however was built to withstand a lot of punishment.

They were both trying to catch their breath and calm down since the adrenaline peaked in each of their bodies. We will just wait out the storm or whatever in the hell is going on out there. Jill nodded her head and looked for somewhere to sit down.

The bunkhouse was full of old stuff, they used it for storage. There were boxes and some old pieces of furniture. Two bunk beds that hadn’t been used in many years and were covered in dust. Jill found some matches and candles and lit them for light. She grabbed and old chair and sat down. Shawn was still standing and had his ear pointed towards the door. The wind was nothing like he had ever experienced before, and he wasn’t a stranger to seeing tornadoes. He could hear the wind howling like a mother wolf calling to her pups. It was an eerie sound. Luckily, the bunkhouse was built in between to massive oak trees which helped shielded the bunkhouse from a direct hit from either side, but the front and back were vulnerable, but it was a solid structure. The trees outside would occasionally hit the bunkhouse making a thud noise. The sound made them jump now and then. The sound of metal crunching and objects slamming together and trees cracking apart was startling.

Jill asked Shawn again what he thought was going on. Shawn had all kinds of ideas and conspiracy theories, but he didn’t want to sound crazier than normal. I’m not sure, but with the electronics going dead I know that there was some sort of EMP blast, but this storm is something totally different. It could be weather manipulation, I heard about that the government was accused of developing and using. He cocked his head to one side and was thinking about what the implications of this disaster was going to be. He knew that people were going to be exiting the cities due to panic, mass violence and starvation. Many people would start looking for safety, out from the cities into more rural areas. This was exactly one of the main reasons Shawn wanted to live out in the country. He figured that if something like this were to happen that they would be safe initially from other people and had more time to prepare.

After about three or four minutes the wind stopped, and it was suspiciously quiet and still. Jill had found some candles and matches and lit them for some light. Shawn took one of the candles and unlatched the door and opened it. Jill stood up behind him and put her right hand on his left shoulder. He turned his head, let’s see what the damage is? He pushed open the big heavy door and held the candle out in front of him. Jill shrieked and began to cry as they scanned the area where their house used to sit. It was gone and nowhere to be seen. Trees in the yard were broke off and twisted and mangled around each other. There were no clouds in the sky, and it was a full moon, so they could see relatively good. Shawn had a small shed where he kept his tools and most of it was gone. Shawn shook his head and was starring in disbelief of the scene of destruction.

What are we going to do? Jill said. Shawn told her that we will take it moment by moment. Right now, there is nothing we can really do. We need to wait until daylight to get a better perspective of what we are facing. They walked around for a few more minutes surveying the carnage. Shawn looked back because he heard Jill whimpering. It will be OK baby he said. Let’s get back inside and try to get some rest. She agreed and they went back inside the bunkhouse.

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