The Death Song.

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Part 1: Henry Haddock

Henry heard the news from a pale faced young man, whose voice shook when he spoke. Rick Johnson had been found or really what was left of him. His sister had been found next to him with dark bruise marks about her face. Apparently she had drowned having being knocked unconscious. Who had knocked her unconscious no one was saying but everyone had an inkling of the truth. Up until now the Siren was not being taken on serious, not as serious as it should have been. But everyone knew how close Rick and his sister was and the fact that the Siren had been able to drive a wedge between them so great, that he would have turned violently on her, raised a healthy fear in everyone’s hearts. In everyone save him. His heart was so full of fear that it felt numb. The news barely registered any emotion in him. Anne looked at him with a worried frown, it was beginning to be her normal facial expression now.

“Are you going to see him?” she asked. Henry sighed and shook his head.

“Why should I go?” he asked dully, “To see what horrible thing she did to him and Margie? To see the prelude of my own death?”

“Stop saying that!” Anne shouted at him, “You are not going to die!” Henry looked up at her.

“Phillip, Ferny and Rick are all dead,” he stated, “Of the four of us that survived that attack, I am the only one left. She is defiantly coming to get me now.”

Anne pressed her lips together till they were just a thin line. Henry watched her strive for composure before she spoke again.

“You defeated her before,” she said sinking to her knees beside him and resting her hands on his leg, “You fought off not one but three Sirens. Why is this one Siren being so hard to kill for you?”

It was a question that had plagued his thoughts ever since Phillip was killed. Why hadn’t he taken the offensive and gone after her? Instead he had hid and now the people that would have helped him, that would have truly understood what it was like to face up against It and would have therefore been prepared to deal with It, were now all gone. He had hid for too long and he was the last man standing. It was time to stop hiding. He took a breath and looked down at his wife. Apparently his resolve showed on his face because she suddenly burst into tears and he pulled her into his arms.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered between soft kisses. She made small dismissive noises through her tears.

“You were scared,” she said as if she suddenly realized what the problem had been, “I am sorry that I didn’t realize it until now.” Her words struck like a knife into his heart.

“So am I,” he said, his own voice cracking a little, “Maybe if I had I would have been able to do something about it sooner. Maybe not all of them would have died.” Guilt and shame washed thickly over him and he buried his face in her chest. She made soothing noises as he cried for the first time since his nightmare had begun.

“Don’t go near the water,” he told Anne before he left to go and see what the Siren had done to Rick. She had nodded and he looked back to see her holding hands with his son, Thomas and the child was waving to him. He was about to go on but on an impulse he returned to swing his son up into his arms and kiss the child loudly on both cheeks. The bright laughter filled his heart with an ache that he could not put a name to and he whispered ‘I love you’ in one prefect, tiny ear.

’I love you too daddy,” Thomas grinned back at him. He gave Thomas back to Anne, kissed his wife one last time and then made his way towards his fate.

He arrived just at the Doctor was pulling the bag shut. Margie lay covered over with a heavy cloth on the beach. He felt his throat get tight at the sight but he forced his emotions under control. He felt all eyes turn on him as he walked up. The Mayor stepped up to him.

“I don’t know what it is that you did to piss this thing off but each time It kills, It does it worse than the last time.” Henry swallowed the fear.

“We killed the rest of the Siren’s that were hunting with her,” Henry said. The Mayor sighed angrily and turned to look back the small black bag.

“She left us a few bones some of which were broken and sucked dry. There were some organ and bits of intestines and his head which was…” here the Mayor paused and shook his own head. Henry clenched his jaw.

“Once she’s done with me,” Henry said, “It will be all over.” The mayor look at him.

“How are you so sure?” he asked, “This thing could become like those rabid sharks that stay around once they get a taste for human flesh. This Siren is behaving unlike all the others, who is to say that once It is done with you, It won’t just continue to hunt right along our coastline?”

“Because when she comes for me, I am going to kill her,” Henry said simply. The Mayor shot him a look.

“It is not just for my life,” Henry said reading the look correctly, “She had me scared before but I am not scared now. I have to kill her for the others that I failed to protect. I wish I had found my courage sooner.”

“So do I,” the Mayor said with a sigh, “So do I.”

Just then Henry felt an inexplicable urge to head to sea. His breath caught in his throat and he spun towards the clam ocean.

“What is it?” the Mayor asked, following his gaze. Henry didn’t bother to answer him, his eyes scanning the rippling water for any sign of his nemesis but there was nothing. He finally turned in the direction of his home and a horrible thought came to him.

“She’s not coming for me,” he said, his voice choked.

“What do you mean” the Mayor asked, laying a hand on his shoulder.

“She’s not coming for me,” he repeated, “Oh God. Please no! Anne! Thomas!”

Henry shook off the hand and began running towards home.

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