The Death Song.

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Part 2: Ferny Dunlap

Salmare wanted to rip the man’s throat out the minute he began to talk to her. Who was he to talk so lightly about what happened to her; about what they had done? He was trying to thrash in her grip but the lack of air was making his movements sluggish. Plus the broken knee wasn’t helping his cause at all. The only noises he was able to make was soft wheezing noises as she allowed him the minimal amount of air that he would need to survive. She would make his demise as painful as possible, eating away at him piece by piece, listening to his sweet screams as he died in the realization that there was absolutely nothing he could have offered that would stop her from completing her promise to her loved ones.

At last the water reached her neck and she lowered him down, feeling his game leg swinging uselessly to thump against her own. She held him still while she transformed into her predator form. His eyes popped open even wider than they already were and the gasping noises were now harsh, gasping sounds. She smiled at him, hissing as she did and then she let him go. He sank for the first few seconds as she dived below then instinct kicked in and he fought his way to the surface. She circled him as he took in deep breaths to air, making frightened whines. His one good leg kicked out strongly for a man that smelled so strongly of rum and that was held on the verge of death for long minutes. He was surprisingly strong and she would take great pleasure in ripping him apart and seeing that strength fail. It was only fair as they had robbed her sisters and mother of their strength.

She made a wide circle and then dove forward, her claws digging into his side as she passed, swinging him around violently and dragging him with her. Blood billowed in the water but the scent of it was not the sweet, coppery one she was used to. She snorted as the sickly scent pervaded her nostrils. She yanked her claws free, letting him drift away, screaming in panic and fear. She circled him again, shaking her head and snorting to clear the scent. For some reason it made her feel lightheaded. Salmare kept moving around him, nudging him every now and then with her tail to keep him from gaining as real distance towards shore, while she waited for the blood to dissipated. When the water was clear of the foul blood she attacked again this time she sank her teeth into his back, scrapping bone and tearing away a chunk of flesh. The minute the flesh touched her tongue a nasty, sour taste exploded in her mouth. She gave a shrill thrill and spat the flesh out. She looked at the floundering man in confusion and disgust. Salmare swam closer, to where the water was darker with him blood and stuck her tongue to taste it. It bore the same nasty, sour flavor as his flesh. As the scent and taste entered her she felt her senses begin to dull and she began to feel lightheaded. She shook her head violently and swam back to clearer water and stayed there until the sensation passed. Then it finally hit her. The rum that the man had been drinking. She had seen him sumbbling down to the beach and she had smelled the rum on him but she hadn’t realized that he wasn’t just merely drunk. His very flesh and blood bore the taint of the liquid. Salmare felt rage and disappointment flare up inside as she realized that his drinking had put an end to her tearing him apart mouthful by mouthful. She screamed at him as he kept doing his best to try and get to safety despite the fact that he was bleeding out quickly into the water. She attacked him, sinking her claws into his arm and looping her tail around his legs, pulling her body taunt so that he was stretched out against her. His eyes were wide with fear and small pitiful noises kept bubbling out of his mouth.

“I may not be able to tear you apart mouthful by mouthful,” she said to him, “But I will still tear you apart.” With that she arched her body back violently and with a sick popping and tearing noise she felt something give. The scream of pain that came from his mouth made even her stomach churn. She allowed the pleasure at being the cause of that pain wash over her. That stomach churning pain was just a taste of what she had felt when her mother and sister had been killed in front of her. The pain that she had felt had made her whole world crumble. There was not enough pain she could inflict on him that would repay her own.

Salmare dove down and pushing him back to the surface; his body was shaking in her grip. She heard him inhale deeply as they broke free. She sunk her claws into his back, heard him give a wet groan and then she pulled her arms wide, her claws hooking into the bones of his rib cage, breaking them with soft snaps as she opened him up from behind. She flipped over, taking a hold of his ankle and coiling her tail around his waist. She arched back violently once against, wriggling against the stubborn leg until is tore loose. His breathing was so soft that even her predator senses was having a hard time hearing it. Salmare snarled not wanting him to die before she was done with dismembering him. She quickly moved to the next leg and had a worst tie of it, having to wriggle a bit more since there was less to coil her tail around for leverage. Finally she got to the last remaining arm. She floated up from behind him, allowing him to rest against her chest so that he could breathe his last breaths safely as she took a hold of his arm, claws digging into the joint of his shoulder. With one move she tore out the entire arm from the socket. The man gave a single shudder and went still against her.

She stayed there a bit, floating in the wreckage of his body. She stared up at the sky, with its myriad of stars, remembering that only a few days ago she looked up at the same stars with Joy, Hula and Linna. Only a few days ago she was happy and excited, looking forward to a hunt with her sisters and days of singing and playing to follow. Now she was here all alone, surrounded by pieces of a dead man that had taken the people that had brought her back from the brink of madness and made her find joy in living. She had returned to the dark place she was in when her mother and sister had been taken from her, back to the place Joy and others fought so hard to get her out of. When this was all done she didn’t know if she would be able to come back to living again but till then she had a promise to keep. She shook herself out of her dark reverie, gathered his pieces and swam back to the shore with it. She carefully laid his body parts side by side; legs, arms, mutilated chest with the ripped open back facing the sky. Finally she took a hold of his head and yanked hard, tearing it loose with a wet soggy noise. She set it next to the chest and then walked back to the sea.

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