The Death Song.

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Part 2: Rick Johnson

Salmare watched as the man came up to her, panting from the effort. His eyes were filled with terror but his will was so far under her Lure that he could not break free no matter how much he may have wanted to. She reached up and touched his face, feeling the slight tremor that ran through his body. She felt a matching tremor run through her own body but it was one of anticipation rather than underlying fear. She hadn’t fed in two days and now her body was calling for flesh. Normally she would have torn out his throat, let him bleed out quickly and feast afterward but this was no longer a normal hunt. She meant to make him suffer and enjoy it.

“Come,” she cooed and led him further out, heading steadily toward the gentle curve of bluffs that housed several caves where she had been staying. As the depth increased, she shifted partway into her predator form; thick tail and claws but left everything else humanoid. The man was swimming beside her, movements clumsy compared to her grace. They were nearing the costal line and she felt the currents begin to tug at them, trying to draw them towards the sharp rocks that jutted out of the water like teeth, where the water splashed high and ran deadly swirls. The man felt it too and began to try and pull away from the grip of the undercurrent but Salmare began to sing softly, luring him towards the rocks. His breathing began to come shallow and his movements even clumsier as his suppressed panic began to rise, fueling his will to survive. Salmare clenched her jaw for a second then sang louder forcing him further under the Lure but just as he was about to give it, his will kicked it. He gave a guttural scream and stuck out strongly towards the safety of the calmer waters. She hissed, transformed fully and went after him, grabbing a hold of both leg, sinking claws deep. She heard him give a high pitched whine of fear as she pulled him back to the wild water and with one swift move, slingshot herself to the side thrusting him into the grip of the strong undercurrents and into their deadly course. He was sucked underwater almost immediately and she watched as he was dragged, thrashing usually against the pull, onto rock. She heard the sick crack of bone as he was ricocheted off one and onto another several times before he was sent into the arms of a shallow cave. She followed his progress there, using the currents to circumvent the rocks with ease.

He was floating, face up in the still water, blood staining the already dark water to a darker back. The smell of it was fresh and beautiful. She swam up to him, gently caressing the broken skin and exposed bones. His eyes were open wide as he tried to follow her movements when she circled him. His breathing was shallow and harsh. Salmare took a handful of his hair and dragged him slowly through the water and up onto a low shelf of rock at the back of the cave. He made painful moaning sounds as his body scrapped against the unyielding rock. She turned once against to her partial maiden form and smiled at him, pointed teeth in full view. He gave a wet sob and tried to say something but blood bubbled out of his lips instead of words. She leaned down and licked the blood from between in his lips, moaning a little at the sweet taste.

“This will not be short or painless for you,” she whispered to him, “You will suffer for as long as I can make you live and only then can you appreciate the pain that I have endured.”

With that she ripped off the torn clothing, exposing his body already made tender and broken by the sea for her. Then she slowly ripped away the already shredded flesh that was hanging off of him in strips. He screamed, the sound of it filling the cave and echoing around. She laughed the sound joining in with his screams in a macabre dance of madness and pain.

Salmare took her time with him she promised. Shredding the remaining of his arms, chest and legs almost to the bone, eating as she worked. His screams went from loud, to shrill, to just being high painful squeaks of noise. She took careful hold of broken bones and pulled them out with jarring yanks, his body violently twitching in response, then sucking on the marrow and lapping up the blood pouring from gapping wounds. He faded faster than she would have liked, his breathing coming shallower and shallower as the last his broken bones were displaced and removed. She curled up next to him, watching him take his final breaths and then very gently dragged her claws over his stomach, ripping through muscle made rigged with pain and into the softer interior to allow his intestines to spill out over the side. He made a horrible gurgling sound, his eyes fixed on her own fully black orbs, as he sent the last of his breath into the air. She sighed with satisfaction, laying on her back next to his perfectly ruined and prepared corpse, inhaling the cloying scent of blood and body fluids around her. Then with a happy tune on her lips proceeded to devour the rest of him.

When she was done, she gather up the bones and other remains in his clothes. With a groan at having to move while having a very full stomach, she slipped back into the water, made her way out of the rocks and back to the shore. She laid out the bones above the tide line, fetched the drowned sister; laid her next to the bones and with a final pat to her bulging stomach and another groan, she slipped back into the sea.

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