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A Portrait Dream

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When a drastic soul-wrenching incident takes place in Aini's life, she decides to take a leap into her life and move on. All goes well until one night, she dreams of a horrifying dream within a dream. ____________________ You can see the future of someone through their eyes. However, if you tell them about it, it won't come to fruition. One day, you lock eyes with yourself in the mirror. "Everything you see or seem is a dream within a dream" Edgar Allan Poe **************** DISCLAIMERS I'm rating this story mature due to self-harm, death, pain, suicide and other violence. This story doesn't portray any kind of sexual content. This book is a complete imagination of the Author @HafsaNaseeme Copyrights reserved. I don't allow this book to be adapted or transmitted, published, modified in any way without prior written permission by the Author. This book is a complete work of fiction. Names, places, or people are the author's imagination. The resemblance to a certain incident or place or certain names is highly coincidental. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME so let's not try anything that stupid. Unedited first drafts

Horror / Mystery
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You’re going to die a horrible death!” Screamed my senses at me.

I knew I was going to die, I knew this was my last day. The silence was deafening, I was able to listen to my heartbeat faster than its normal speed. The clock from the opposite wall screaming my death with its annoying ticks and tocks. I tried to keep still as much as I was able to in this rusty room. I was a fool to think this was only the aftermath of a dream when I foresaw it. I should have been cautious, entering into this house when I was supposed to stay far away was the worst decision I have ever made.

I heard a hiss come from the door which I have locked, I knew it was stupid and useless. It wasn’t a living being to be stopped by the locked room but my conscience wanted me to do it, try to stop it from killing me somehow, a feeble attempt.

Tears streamed down my cheeks, like a dam with no blockade to stop it. I tasted the red metallic liquid flowing from my forehead, my skin cut and wounded in many places, the deep red liquid pouring all over my white dress. I stared at the vanity mirror on the opposite wall below the clock, the torn dress which now looked like a red midi frock than a white one, a perpendicular cut running in my forehead, hair disheveled and ruggedly.

I backed away terrified at the decaying hand that came out of the mirror, trying to get hold of me. Dark black grease-like liquid oozed out of it. I grabbed the outdated old vase from the vanity table and threw it at the hands, it passed the hands in a blink. Fear and panic laced through my senses.

The hands extended their length and I saw the parts of the body coming out of the mirror one by one, decayed and gruesome, the legs stepped out first and it revealed its body. Its face looked burnt and disarranged, displaying bones and blackened flesh. I noticed the whole body stepping out of the mirror, intact and scary.

It walked towards me, and an evil smile spreading its horrible face, revealing its disarranged filthy yellowish teeth in a wicked smile. I stepped backward with its advance and my body knocked on the closed door. I hastily tried to open the door that I securely closed previously. It laughed menacingly at my efforts and inched closer.

“No please...” I begged while crying but it only inched closer and closer.

“Why are you doing this? What do you want?” I asked it, my voice broke at the end while pleading for my life.

It stopped to that question and looked straight at my face and answered in a thick, venomous voice ”you.”

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