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A Portrait Dream

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Chapter 1


Death was what I sensed while diving into the blue oceanic eyes of my best friend. I saw how she was walking on the crowded road buzzing with passers-by and ferociously driven vehicles in a red midi frock, she looked like an angel with her hair left open and her midi-dress fitting eccentrically at her defined curves.

She was typing something ferociously on her mobile phone while crossing the road, without checking the signals. A car came on full speed from the opposite side, it came in a zig-zag manner as it was driven by a drunkard and hit her with a blink of an eye, shocking all the passerby and sending her flying backward, creating havoc to other vehicles.

People came rushing towards her in panic and pity. She was falling unconscious due to the effect of collapsing headfirst in the middle of the road, blood oozing from the top of her head. She laid there like a rugged doll with cuts and scrapes in her body, pooled in her blood, while the people screamed for her to speak something.

An ambulance arrived and she was rushed inside by a stranger, leaving all the blood and grief beside her.

The scene changed from a road to a hospital room. She was dressed in hospital robes and lied on the bed peacefully with cuts decorating her skin, wires, and tubes attached to the machines.

The stranger who rushed her to the hospital was seated next to her bed, holding a glass of water and few pills in different colors. She sat on the bed upright and took those medicines from his hands and drank it while smiling at the stranger. He got up from her chair and placed a light kiss on her forehead.

I took my hands away from my best friend's shoulders, blinking out of my trance, she knew I was experiencing a vision, foreseeing something about her future. I come out of my trance and smile at her, although I saw her getting hit by a vehicle, I knew she would be alright, and most importantly, find someone who she likes.

"What did you see?" She asked immediately, panic clear in her voice.

I understood the reason behind her panicked state, I usually am too, whenever I was meant to see the future of someone from looking at their eyes. Moreover, it was because of the time of the foreseeing. I can only see the future of someone if they were destined for extreme happiness or their ultimate doom. However, it will not come to fruition if I tell them about it, so I always make sure to tell them if they are in danger, to stop it from happening.

I decided to tell her only about her death part and keep the whole stranger love deal a secret to make it happen.

"Zara! Oh Zara, I saw you are getting saved by an accident," I revealed it to her. She was perplexed at my revelation but she soon pulled back to her normal demeanor and she relaxed, she knew how serious my foreseeing was and to never doubt my words.

She smiled and answered, "Aini, I believe you. At least I know I will be fine, despite all the messy things of getting hit in an accident at the start."

"Oh that you will be Zara, more than happy!" I said, getting excited by her future revelation.

I was suddenly called into my boss's office by his secretary. I gave Zara an apologetic look and walked inside, leaving her to stand next to my table.

Zara has been my close friend since the day I stepped into this massive building for a typist job. She has been working in this company for more than a year when I joined, although we were the same age, she was the smart one to apply for a job earlier or that was what she always said jokingly. We were best friends, at first sight, I was attracted to her happy aura and easy-going nature.

I walked inside the cabin, few entrepreneurs and staff were surrounded by the table, some checking their files while others conversed with one another. My boss and his son stood by the head of the table, both referring to a file.

"Are the files ready to submit?" My boss asked.

"Yes sir, I have submitted it this morning to the graphics team," I replied politely and stood there respectively. I saw Zara enter with a set of files and some papers while speaking to someone over the phone. I smiled at her while she gave all the files to the boss's PA.

"Aini, you can leave. Please ask someone to send us some beverages before the meeting," My boss ordered and turned his attention to the files that Zara brought.

I walked to the indoor cafe at the company and requested them the boss's order, after getting myself a coffee I walked to my section, which is separated for the typists only.

I gave my colleagues a fresh set of assignments and data to type and set myself to work. Time flew in a blur, I didn't realize it was so late, about to end my shift of the day. I switched my laptop off and walked outside in haste knowing that Zara will be waiting outside the office before every other staff member was dismissed.

Zara loved her work but she loved her personal life more than business, she arrived and departed the office on a time check.

I stood outside my domain for the elevator, it pinged open and I went inside and clicked the number G for the ground floor. It pinged open on the 11th floor and my boss's son entered, yelling orders over the phone. He hanged his call, turned to me, and nodded in acknowledgment. I smiled stiffly at him.

I heard my phone ring, it displayed Zara's name on it.

"I'll be there in a minute" I answered and said immediately, I knew she would be fuming in anger for my late arrivals.

"You better A, I'm losing my patience here!" She yelled and hanged the call.

"Boyfriend trouble?" My boss's son, Mr. Harry Brandon asked.

"None of your business sir" I answered and walked out of the elevator as it came to a stop with Mr.Brandon following hot on my trails.

"Aww, come on baby stop being like that" he cooed, pulling his adorable toddler voice, trying to converse with me.
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