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The devils children...

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Mel is a girl in a small town. Most of her family is dead from a fire. But one day something terrifying happen to her. i am sorry if things are spelt wrong i am very dyslexic.

Horror / Humor
no one
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Day one...

Day one of being stuck with my grandma. I can’t believe she has to take care of me why!! ” Mel closed her diary in anger.” She walked downstairs and got ready for breakfast with her grandma. They were having eggs, toast. bacon.pancakes, waffles, ham, and orange juice. “At least I don’t have to cook for myself,” Mel thought.” Mel’s grandma never really talked and she never made sense she just always said” don’t trust children” over and over again. But every time Mel does not listen to her that often. But one day when she was walking home from school she saw a group of children in costumes but it was no way near Halloween. Mel walked up to the children and asked them why they were wearing the costumes but they just looked at her. Then they walked away like she was not there. But Mel just kept walking listening to the laughs and the giggles behind her. When she got home her grandma was sleeping on the couch but still saying don’t trust children in her sleep. Mel went upstairs and thought about why her grandma always says, don’t trust children. Maybe it was because they were mean, maybe they were just liars, or maybe her grandma did not like children. Then she heard a crash and rushed downstairs and saw a broken window. Mel just thought that it was one of the kids but when she saw her grandma laying on the floor in a twisted position. Mel screamed and ran upstairs. On her way up she saw the children that she saw on the street. When she went back downstairs her grandma was back on the couch sleeping and the children were gone.....
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