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A war between the heavens and the fires of the underworld battle it out on the middle grounds for centuries. However, two cross lovers decided to risk it all for love and go against everything they once believed in. Risking everything had been the case, and they brought a child into the world. Their daughter Jenna will forever be hunted for what she is. A Nephilim was born from an angel, and a demon prince was forbidden. The lovers were imprisoned separately for all eternity while their daughter remains behind to deal with Angels, demons, and every supernatural in between. Jenna Gates is a detective for the local PD special cases unit. newly arrived in town, she discovered that this small town holds more than its bars, crazy and extraordinary things. But what lurks in the dark could be more terrifying, and her past soon follows.

Horror / Fantasy
Leala Mureau
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A war between the heavens and the fires of the underworld battle it out on the middle grounds for centuries. However, two cross lovers decided to risk it all for love and go against everything they once believed in.

Risking everything had been the case, and they brought a child into the world. Their daughter Jenna will forever be hunted for what she is. A Nephilim was born from an angel, and a demon prince was forbidden. The lovers were imprisoned separately for all eternity while their daughter remains behind to deal with Angels, demons, and every supernatural in between.

22 years later,


I run towards the endless screams of a child in need. Dodging the monstrous beasts between me and her, slashing into the demons along the way. I slammed into a two-way mirror with my already cut-up body. I see the girl in the corner as the hell hound snapped its jaws. I hit into the second piece of the glass, knocking the hell-hound off its feet and straight into the bathroom wall. I swung around and noticed the girl missing.

I gasped.

"Monsters like you aren't meant to exist." said the girl.
She was bickering with black eyes as she held the blade that had pierced my lower abdomen.

I woke up in a panic, and I flew up too quickly.
'Whack', hitting the lower beam with my head. Nearly dazed from the impact, I managed to sit upright in the bed.
I growl. "Why!". I responded, rubbing my head faintly.
Breathing heavily and back to the dream. I automatically reached for my abdomen to feel if I was stabbed with a blade. once I was satisfied that nothing was there. I wiped the sweat from my forehead. I tried to wrap my head around with what just happened.

'Beep, Beep'. "Good morning, it's a fine day." said the radio on the alarm.
I finally felt like I woke up, seeing where I was, I relaxed.

I sigh. "it's only a dream." I whispered.
The room wasn't stylish or modern. It was a beat down, old rustic apartment on Ollie Avenue between Merest Street and Dales Park. I couldn't risk being tracked to an expensive place that I couldn't fix to how I wanted it to be.

I managed to crawl out of bed and opened the curtains, letting the sun shine in. It was a beautiful morning, birds whistling in the nearby trees, people walking their dogs, cars packed from one end of the street to the other just to get to work on time.

'Knock'. A knocking sound came from the front door, who, or what could be standing on the other side, raised the hairs on the back of my neck. No one knew I was living here, let alone know my real name. I wasn't accustomed to this kind of welcoming, if I could even call it that.

'Footsteps'. I reached the door, looking into the security pep hole. A man with a bald head, a clean slaved face, and overly the amount of cologne that shouldn't be used as a thick layer for attracting women. I wanted to cough; it was really strong.

Coughs. "Miss Evans, it's the landlord." He said.
I raised a brow, landlord? I own this apartment, who the hell is Miss Evans. 'BANG'. He hits the door with frustration, anger showed upon his face. I swung open the door against my better judgement. The man halted in his tracks, confusion on his face, his heart raced with excitement.

He smiles. "Well, you're no, Miss Evans!" He said.
The hunger in his eyes. I stared confused, staring at the man like he wasn't even in a freckle in his old man's pants.

I sigh. "I think you have the wrong apartment, sir." I said nicely.

He smirks like he has met his ultimate challenge, and I hated men like that. A sure way for him to get his ass kicked. A dark shadow appears on his face that rubbed me the wrong way. If Miss Evans wasn't his first victim, I'm sure he's here for a different agenda. His smile grew more troublesome, like standing between a lion and his next meal.

However, I'm no ordinary girl; he can try to intimidate all he likes with his rough persona. He licked his lips.
He smirks. "I'm sure you can help with my little problem?". He said.
Stating the obvious that he's a creep and has no respect for women. I rubbed my head. I felt a headache coming along.

I frowned. "Sir, I must ask you to leave now!". I said.
I hid the annoyance in my voice as he tried to take a step into my personal space. The electricity in the room and hallway responded to my anger that was building to explode. Luckily, I had years to keep it under control.

The buzzing had stopped until he reached for my arm. 'Wrong move,' I thought. He tried to push his way into my apartment, but I wouldn't budge. He pushed so hard that he ended up hitting his back on the hallway wall.
He grunts. "What the hell!". he whispers.

He was obviously disoriented from the blow he forced on himself. I stared down at him as he tried getting up when the neighbours came out of their apartments.
A woman in a grey and white robe comes screaming down the halls. Her face was with confusion and anger. she stared at me like I had something to do with this incident.

She frowns. "What happened? Why did you attack my husband?". she asked angrily.
I took one look at her. Her eyes were bloodshot red, an old bruise on her cheek that's fading. 'Someone's having a bad week'. I thought.
He response. "This girl attacked me for no reason." he smirks.

I raised a brow as I was accused of something I didn't do. Humans are so gullible, liars, and selfish. I crossed my arms as I pointed up to my security camera. The man's face went completely pale, like he was going to be sick.
Clears throat. "I'm new to the neighbourhood, so I suggest not coming back to my apartment again. Two, I never touched your husband. Third, I can have him arrested for assaulting an off duty officer. " I said.

It was true; I'm a detective for the local PD special cases unit. To look normal, I've got to act and be normal. The look on their faces was enough to scare anybody senseless. I walked back into my apartment, slamming the door behind me. I could hear the couple arguing about what just happened. I reached my phone that was on the charger, searching through the missed calls from the chief of police.

The chief and I go way back. He's a well-known Ghoulish with an identity to live among the human race; he would rather not have people knowing about it. I dial his number; it doesn't even ring on the second when he picks up. His voice sounds rougher than usual. He responds differently like he had a late night.

Cough. "I'm glad you called. Are you free for a case right now? Meet me at 5438 pines Creek; there's been a murder. " He said before hanging up.
He knew I wouldn't pass up the opportunity. He was the one who got me on the force, and I promised to allow him to live a normal life. Providing he sticks to his diet and not feed on humans, that way he can live another day as a free Ghoulish.

I get dressed in everything black but comfortable clothing and boots. I locked the door before I was rudely stopped by the woman from this morning. I placed my badge on my belt.
Clears throat. "Excuse me, Miss but you own my husband an apology for this morning!". She demanded.

I frowned. "Listen, lady, I'm not apologising for something I didn't do. He came to my door looking for a woman named Miss Evans. I politely told him to leave, but he refused and tried to barge his way through my door. I have it all on footage; if you like, I can send it to you?". I replied calmly.

She wiggled her nose, placing two fingers to pinch the bridge. 'What's with humans!'. I thought. She took a step towards me, and she had tears in her eyes mixed with fear and anger.
She frowns. "Are you really an officer?". she asked.

I nodded. "A detective, why do you ask?". I replied with a blank expression.
She looked down the halls towards her door. It was closed for now; I could hear Footsteps but not close enough for alarming me of any trouble. When she speaks, she's terrified.

Her body shakes. "Will you help me, please?". she asks.
I nodded again as we followed our way to my car. She's already got a bag packed. She gets into the passenger seat, and I drive off in my 1970 Ford Mustang. In the heart of the traffic, she finally speaks. Her voice was trembling, silent, and hurt.

she clears her throat. "Thanks for helping me, my husband." she paused.
"Your husband is a woman beater, vile for a human being. Tell me where you'd like to be taken to, family, friends?". I interrupted with a stern voice.

She hesitates for a second.
She sighs. "My parents' house is on Willon Road. Can you take me there, please?". she replied.
I nodded. "Sure, I have a case heading out that way. I can drop you off. What's your name?". I responded with a smile.

She smiles. "Nina, my name is Nina Donovan." she says with a grin.
I smiled back. "I'm Detective Gates, call me Jenna." I said, holding out my hand.
Nina shakes it. "Nice to meet you, Jenna." she responds happily.

It was at least half an hour before we reached the sign that says 'Willon Road'. I turned the wheel to head down the dirt road, and it didn't down my car wonders with the axles. Nina was throwing off some ridiculous amounts of stress mixed with nervousness. We make it to a house at the very end of the road. I had a very bad feeling about this place. I pulled the car up into the driveway.

The door to the house swings open, revealing a woman who Nina looks like. I get out to help Nina; she's all panicked and sweaty.
She frowns. "Who are you? This is private property. " snarled the woman.

I helped Nina out of the vehicle, and the woman looked like she'd been hit with a bin lid. she rushes down the stairs, nearly pushing me to the side as she hugs her daughter. Nina cries as her mother holds her tightly. 'Is this what family looks like?' I thought.
she sighs. "Let me look at you." she asks.

Nina looked at her mother before replying. The woman takes a good look at me before she starts to find her composer. Massive amounts of heat were coming off her. This wasn't what I wanted; I didn't want to be put into the line of a hell-hounds territory.

She frowns. "Did you hurt my daughter?". she asked angrily.
I shook my head. "No, I did not. Her husband did, and she asked me to bring her here. I should be going now, Nina. I'm glad you're safe. Here's my card if you need to place chargers on your husband for abuse. " I reply, handing her my card.

she takes it without any trouble. I take her bag out of the car and place it in her mother's hands. Luckily, I can hide my scent to be normal, or this conversation would become a whole different story. I get back into my car before another in a Black SUV showed up. I knew trouble was lurking and if hell-hounds had anything to do with it, then I'll have to do something about it. Driving down the hallway, about 20 minutes I came to a stop. Police were blocking the roads from both sides. A traffic officer holds out his hand.

He taps on my window. "I'm sorry Ma'am but you have to turn back". He said calmly.

I show him my badge, and he soon backed away from the vehicle. Local's didn't like other officers coming into their towns, especially ones in the special cases. The officer didn't know what to do when I exited my vehicle. At first he was yacking like a duck, until I met up with the chief of police.

He sighs. "Detective Gates, I'm glad you're here. Officer Dale, return to your duties!". he said looking at the rookie.

Officer Dale turned white in the face. Although, I didn't need to speak. The chief did it anyways. Once officer Dale leaves the Chief relaxed. His composure wasn't normal, was he tired or frustrated?
I frowned. "Rhodes, Are you okay?". I asked.

He issued me to follow him through the victims door, and the smell of blood hits my nose. 'Good thing I don't have a weak stomach'. I thought. The house itself was expensive, right down to the handles of gold. The victim was a middle aged woman, barely in her 40's. Rhodes wasn't this quiet, not even a case like this would rattle him. Unless, the victim is a supernatural creature. Rhodes gives orders for the remaining officers to leave the room, he handed me a file and by experience I knew the age bracket of the victim.

Rhodes sighs. "She's a Gribble, have you seen anything like this before?". he asked panicking.
I nodded. "Six years ago, two female victims were murdered, an Apexicla from Frontier and Yukon from Valley pines, same MO as your victim here. There's been three murders within the six year, each within the two year gap". I said concerned.

Nothing rattled me more about these murders, same 'MO' as the last two pervious victims. I walked around trying to sense a presence. I looked down, there was ashes with a footprint. Using my angel abilities, I followed the path to an underground cellar. Rhodes followed closely behind. The tracks lead to a chair, this woman was tortured before she was killed.

Rhodes cough. "What is that awful smell?". he said holding a hand over his mouth.
I frowned. "It's not human, whatever was down here is gone now. This was a hit!". I replied looking at the closet.

This woman wasn't entirely a victim. She had bones in her closet, with a new body just rotting away. 'Gribble's are men eating monsters at the bottom of the supernatural pool of monsters, Scavenges. Rhodes shakes his head 'What the hell is going on' he thought to himself.

We were interrupted by forensics, They were confused and shocked. Most of them couldn't handle the smell, and without touching anything we left the forensics to do their jobs. Whoever was killing supernatural creatures had it out for the woman lying dead on her lounge room floor. I walked outside, and many of the officers were shaken by what they've witnessed. 'Humans are so fragile and easily upset. Was this common?' I thought.

Walking down the driveway and out of the crime scene, the same black SUV from Nina's parents' place was a mile down the road. I acted like I didn't notice when getting into my vehicle. Rhodes tap on the window.
He clears his throat. "Let me know what you find out." he asked.
I nodded. "Sure, be careful, Rhodes." I reassured him.

I started the engine, and it roared to life with a v8 engine hitting my ears. 'So, Heavenly'. I thought. I turned down the highway and passed the black SUV: It had tinted windows, 18-inch tires, stylish rims, and full body kit. I caught a glimpse of the number plate. The plate image embedded into my mind. Roaring down the road, a few miles away. I noticed the SUV following me. I remained calm, sticking to the normal road rules speed. I could hear them speaking.

Male voice. "Do you think she's the one who hurt Nina?". asked the man.
Male sighs. "No, Nina said that this detective helped her. I want to follow her to make sure she's not up to no good. We owe that to the family. " said the second man.

I smiled. 'So, I'm being stalked by a couple of idiots'. I thought to myself. Once I arrived to file the report, I went home. The same black SUV was a few cars down from the apartment building. I ignored their presence when it's obvious that their not good at this spy stuff. I walked up the flight of stairs, down the hallways to find my door. I stood at my dark brown door before the rude neighbour decided to rush towards me.

He grunts. "You took my wife away, didn't you?". he asked angrily.
I stared. "Yes, I did. She's in a better place right now with her family. " I said like it was a win.

He didn't like that very much; his face crunched up and went to grab me. Until someone grabbed him. A tall, unknown man. who stood at least 6 foot 3 held onto the rude neighbour. He smelt different and dressed differently, too.
He gasped. "Nathaniel, why... What are you doing here?". he said, shaking.

Nathaniel growled. "Did you touch my sister? Cole, answer me?". he asked sternly.
Cole looked at me. I turned the key to my apartment before a hand grabbed me unexpectedly. I turned around and saw another man.
I frowned. "I don't like to be touched. Remove your hand please". I asked, with a warning.

The hall lights buzz in my ears. The man let's go once he felt uncomfortable with the noise. Cole was freaking out and hit Nathaniel, but he wasn't fazed. He didn't even budge from it. 'Er, okay that's weird'. I thought to myself.

Cole coughs. "Okay, that's weird. Look, Nathaniel I swear I only hit her once!". he said nervously.
Nathaniel slammed him into the wall, cracking the paint job and wall at the same time. 'At this rate, I won't have a wall' I thought casually getting annoyed.

I sigh. "If you could take it back to his apartment, that'll be great. I don't think this wall can take whatever punishment you're going to dish out". I said.
I pointed to the wall, the cracks started to show. 'Good on you, make enemies again. Just stay under the radar'. I thought. I wanted to kick myself.

Man growled. "Do you know who you're talking to?". he said bluntly.
I shrugged. "I don't care, take it somewhere else. I don't want to become a witness to assault". I respond with frustration.

Cole coughs. "What sort of officer are you?". he asked shocked.
I rubbed my head. "The Kind that doesn't care when I'm off duty. if you'll excuse me, I have other matters to deal with". I replied annoyed.

I walked over the threshold of my apartment before the door closes, Nathaniel stops the door with his hand.
I frowned. "Can I help you?". I asked.
He stares. "You're detective Gates, right?". he asked with a question.
I stared abruptly. "I am, I take it your Nina's brother?". I responded raising a brow.

He nodded. "I am, I'm Nathaniel or Nate. I wanted to say thank you for helping her. Not many people would help strangers out, especially around these parts". he replied.
fake smile. "You're welcome, Nathaniel or Nate. I'm really busy, I've had a long day and I'd appreciate it if you don't stalk me either". I said.

His cheeks flustered.
He clears his throat. "You knew?". he asked.
'I want to roll my eyes'. I thought. I walked towards him, he backed up away from my door. He smirks.
I raised a brow. "I'm a cop, and I'm not easily moved by a handsome face. goodnight". I replied calmly.
'Bang'. The door slammed in his face. 'Who is this woman, I have to know her'. Nathaniel thought.

Nathaniel grabbed Cole by the neck and hauled him towards his apartment. His friend followed behind when they entered the apartment and closed the door with a bang, then started to agrue.

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