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Bitter but better sweet revenge

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Lisa once and twice got rapped by the man who was obssessed with her. Lisa's pain turned to anger and hate to every men. She revenged the rapist and killed him brutally then starts to kill every men who shows interest in her.

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Chapter 1

How do you feel about it?

I looked at her, thousands words were playing in my head. Anger rises deep within but i tried as hard as i could not to shade a tear. I then said to myself " YOU ARE NOT WEAK LISA CONTAIN YOURSELF" I repeated those words until i keep calm.
"I am not ready for this ",i said.

Lady: When are you going to be ready?
Lisa: I never gonna be ready (I said snapping in protest)
Lady: Okay then, i heard you and i respect that, so let start here.
What makes you happy?
Lisa: I am not gonna do this, i ain't gonna do this shit. Its wasting my time!!
Lady: Remember what the judge said
Lisa: I snapped out and his words played in my head. I looked at my hands as i play with them and i said

It all started 5 years ago when i was in the high school

I looked at her as she put his notepad and pen down and she payed attentive to the story am about to tell

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