Demon’s Labyrinth

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Sorry Doesn't Cut It

The capturer turned and stared right into Aiden’s eyes. He was the ugliest thing Aiden had ever seen. For starters, the capturer was a demon. He had red veiny skin with three arms that hung in jagged edges. His hands and feet were beefy black claws and his horns were the size of an elk’s that curved at opposite ends. His eyes were black sockets. It ran at Aiden with its claws bared out and it skin retracting thin blades. Aiden dodged the attack from his right side but took a hit from his left as the demon quickly reversed its direction. He knew his glass knife would never do anything to the demon at this range but he knew what might help. He sprinted to the woman still lying on the table and pulled her to him. When the demon was at a close range, Aiden flung the women at the demon and used the distraction to stab it in the neck. The lady was shredded to the bone from the knives cutting into her, but Aiden tried not to worry about that. His main priority was to escape with his life. Once he made sure the demon was dead, he gently wrapped the women in a silky cloth and wept for her. The injury in his head oozed blood along his right eye, but he didn’t worry about it. He knew he would pay for what he had done, but now wasn’t the time. He had to get out. With one last look at the covered body, he left the room.

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