Demon’s Labyrinth

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Hide And Seek

Aiden was being hunted down by the demon Dantalion who ruled one of the kingdoms in Hell. He planned on slowly torturing Aiden for escaping death four years ago from a car accident and for the mere whim of causing infinite pain and excruciating agony. With the power to resurrect the dead, Dantalion could eliminate Aiden as many times as he wanted and revive him again for more enjoyment. It would be a twisted demon’s paradise. Aiden had done nothing wrong. He did not deserve this. Why him? Why had God allowed this to happen? No, Aiden was not going to fall prey to this temping was self-pity. He would fight with everything he had … he would crawl through the lowest depths of Hell to escape. His life depended on it. However, the only route that would go unnoticed by Dantalion would be the maze. The maze itself was its own purgatory that contained unimaginable horrors and unwanted company lurking within its shadows. He could die in there, but it would have to do. What other choice did he have? Aiden ran to the door and pushed against its solid frame to arrive at a dark hallway. What he gotten himself into? The walls were marked with crosses made from fingernail scratches, the floor was splotched with bloody handprints and unknown substances that reeked, and the only light that came from the hallway was a single bulb flickering on and off. Aiden ignored his pounding chest as he walked a straight line through the hallway. Once in a while, he felt chills on his neck and heard bloodcurdling screams from the walls but other than that he was alone. He kept walking for what seemed forever before he noticed he was going in circles. It was impossible for he had gone straight this whole time but it didn’t seem to matter here. The line was continuous. It was never-ending trap meant to drive someone slowly insane. Well, it worked. He started screaming and hitting the walls with rage and frustration. He pounded on and on with his fists until the bled. Once his arms gave up, He began to use his body to crash against the wall. He was about to give up once he felt his shoulder had dislocated when he saw a crack form. That made him start again with new found strength until the wall formed a hole big enough to fit through.

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