Demon’s Labyrinth

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Cryptic Wonderland

After crossing through the hole, he found himself in another dark room. His eyes adjusted to the dark until he spotted a glimmer of light ahead. He walked along until he came across a room resembling a church. However, this church was eerily with decapitated angels hanging from the ceiling and church pews carved with illustrations of children eating thorns and embracing a wolf eating them alive. An elderly woman was eating red hot nails by the dozens and would smile at him through the blood covering her mouth. Her throat was a pulpy variety of melted tissue and waxy vocal cords. Her blood seeped in little clots of black that seemed to raise cries of joy from the children. It was the most terrifying and sickening thing he had ever seen. Aisles and aisles of more graphic activities played in front of him, a mother eating her baby’s intestines, a boy playing with the squirming maggots coming out of his face, and a man injecting his veins with broken shards of glass. At some point, Aden stopped and throw out the contents in his stomach. He couldn’t take this anymore, but he had gone along the path for too long. He had to finish it or else he would be stuck seeing these scenes replay over and over again. Dantalion was starting to look like friend compared to these people.

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