Demon’s Labyrinth

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You Can't Catch Me

Standing along the pews were pale people with yellow eyes looking right at him. They had no eyelids, but they would still try would try to blink as if nothing was wrong. Their lips were sewn shut, and they rags of an earlier century that cling to them from their bony bodies. Aiden silenced the scream that was itching to explode as he saw the people begin to cut off their skin in front of him. He began to walk rapidly along the row in search of a terminal point to all this when he noticed nobody was paying attention to him. He took relief in that and began to take a light jog. It took him to two seconds to notice that everybody stopped their pastime and approached him. He stopped. They stopped. He moved slowly but the people stayed. However, they still followed him with their eyes. He moved along for another long period of time before he came along a bible on the floor that sent him tumbling down. When he set himself upright, he saw the people run towards him with murder and glee in their eyes. He had no choice but to sprint to the door inform of him. He crashed against the door and turned the knob. The knob would not open. He tried again and again as he saw the corpses were seconds away from him. He couldn’t escape. All his life, he had been taught to beat the evil that grows out of fear. He was meant to be strong and that thought was in his mind as he began to scratch his own neck apart. If he was going to die, he would die by his own terms not theirs or Dantalion’s. He clawed straight lines on his neck with his nails until he felt the blood begin to pool out of him. He kept going until he felt his veins burst and his eyesight go black.

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