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The arrival´s

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This story I want everyone to get chills from this and if you want more then follow me when i get 20 followers then i will complete it PLEASE FOLLOW

Horror / Thriller
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Big news

It was 5 in the afternoon I was watching the twins luna and luca when our mom came in and said she had big news. Before I continue I should probably introduce myself I'm Abby I'm 13 and the story i'm about to tell you is pretty crazy.

Then when the twins stopped fighting mom said IM PREGNANT.....

umm what did you say mom what do you mean your pregnant I said. Well i mean it just sorta happened My mom said. Well how does it just happen?

8 months later....

We were all super excited for the baby it could happen any day. The nursery was finished and we were still buying the baby stuff we had to put the baby stuff in the twins room they didn't like it but they don't really have a choice.

All my friends said they could help watch it I laughed you guys are really funny I said. Hey did you here about what happened in your neighborhood abby peter said.No what happened I said. Well this lady stole a bunch of kids and then she killed them it was horrible. OMG in my neighborhood oh no we can ´ t let my mom find out she already is tense enough she doesn´t need this now.

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