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Foley was his name, his nightmare was to be born a Neptenu!

Horror / Thriller
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Meet The Neptenus

Author’s Note: Foley is about a cursed family. But what is the origin of the curse? All curses usually stem from greed or love. It’s never hate in studies conducted on the topic. The Neptenus family is not any different. The deal was brokered between Fink Neptenu and the Devil through Rockerfellow. For every deal you make with anyone, it’s transactional, not emotional. It’s about a service, or a product, or a person one wants and in return they must forfeit something valuable. They must forsake someone, something dear to them, if a deal is made with the devil.

Foley was a fourth generation of the cursed family. And he happened to be the one the family must sacrifice or he would have to sacrifice them willingly or unwillingly to honor the deal. Do you think deals that were brokered long ago by your ancestors can be broken? Do you believe that love and the way you treat someone can change their path for the better? Foley was unlucky enough to be born a Neptenu. As a third son, he would befall the worst life experience that could be dealt to anyone. He will learn from good folks and bad people what it truly takes to be simply Foley. Are we the sum of our experiences? Or simply following a path that was already mapped for us?

I grew up in a storytelling culture. Foley’s story took life when I was 12 years old and one family member made a peculiar comment to me one day. They revealed to me that in my family all the women were pre-selected by birth to be espoused by familial spirits, gods and there was nothing they could do about it. If they were to get married to humans, their marriages would dissipate like the wind or end horribly in some circumstances.

I remember feeling lost, upset, and in disbelief. How could this be? That all women are pre-destined a certain fate just because they were born into an unfortunate family? It was equally intriguing and baffling. I want to point out that I see myself as one of those brilliant women who ended the cycle and pursued our own journeys into the sunset!





After all, it’s just another story stemming from life experiences and my keen imagination. Cheers, Ra!


Folier “Foley” NEPTENU: The semi-protagonist of the story. He was institutionalized for murdering his entire family on his 18th birthday. His very existence was foretold.

Ymor “Momo” NEPTENU: Foley’s father and only source of goodness in the Neptenu mansion. He is Ymoryo Neptenu’s only son. He inherits his grandfather’s fortune along with his two older sisters on their 18th birthdays.

Lehcim “Lehci” NEPTENU: Foley’s mother and reason to hate. She was completely against the idea of keeping little Foley after birth. She values money more than love. She is self-centered, vain, and unapologetic. Although she was aware of the Neptenus’ family curse before marrying Ymor, she went ahead anyway because of the wealth she would be falling upon by doing so. She was the great-granddaughter of Jacob Leger.

Finkster “Finkley” NEPTENU: Foley’s oldest brother. He was born two minutes before his twin brother. Although three years older than Foley, Finkster is not such a great big brother. Instead, he despises Foley and takes brotherly rivalry to the next level because Foley was foretold. As slow-minded as he was, he could still sense something grand about Foley. That feeling alone gave him the extra push needed to make Foley’s life miserable. He was envious of his youngest brother. He also mostly mistreated little Foley because his parents never stopped him in his tracks.

Freckster “Freckley” NEPTENU: Foley’s second older brother. He is influenced and manipulated by Finkster to continuously torment Foley throughout his upbringing.

Fink NEPTENU: Ymor’s grandfather and Foley’s great-grandfather. He was a famous horror tales author. He was suspected of making a deal with the devil to get money and fame.

Ymoryo “Big Mo” NEPTENU: Ymor’s father and Fink Neptenu’s third son. He killed his brothers and his parents before taking his own life on his 30th birthday.

Felila “Lala” NEPTENU: Ymor’s oldest sister and well-to-do entrepreneur. She was never married - not by choice. Every man she dated died of strange occurrences within three months of being together. She died of a heart attack at 29 years old.

Filiann “Fifi” NEPTENU: Ymor’s second older sister. She never had a husband, since the men in her life never lived long enough to even propose. She was an accomplished author and explorer. Unfortunately, she succumbed to a jungle fever and died before she reached her 30th birthday.

Ellisbonne “Ellis” NEPTENU: Ymoryo’s wife and Ymor’s mother. Ellis is the oldest Neptenu alive. She is well-read as she is a philosopher and spiritualist. She was cast away from Ymor’s wife and kids as Lehcim had forbidden her mother-in-law to come near her family. Nonetheless, Ellis learned that Lehcim had nefarious plans long before she gave birth to Foley.

Ymora NEPTENU: Fink Neptenu’s wife and Ymoryo’s mother. She took great pleasure in meddling with the dark crafts. She was annihilated by her third son, Ymoryo. The very seed of the Neptenu curse.

Finley “Fin” NEPTENU: Ymoryo’s oldest brother and former bully. He was killed by Ymoryo on his 33rd birthday.

Finney “Finfin” NEPTENU: Ymoryo’s second older brother and friend. He was also murdered on his 33rd birthday by Ymoryo.

Levid or the devil: The real antagonist in the story. He may be a figment of the Neptenus’ imaginations or the worst nightmare any of the Neptenus combined ever had. Nevertheless, this character seems real only to the male Neptenus, Lehcim, and Josie.

Michael “Mike” ROCKERFELLOW: He became wealthy through the dark arts so he could impress his love interest by marrying him. However, he would be unable to pass down his fortune to the next of kin, his bloodline, or they die horrible deaths. He was the spellcaster for a young Fink.

Elizabeth “Liz” ROCKERFELLOW: Mr. Rockerfellow’s wife. She was the reason d’etre of Rockerfellow. The very reason he made the deal with the devil through a spell in the first place.

Jacob “Jake” LEGER: Fink Neptenu’s college buddy. He was the friend who brought a young Fink to the spellcaster.

Doctor Jered LAMOURE: Ymor Neptenu’s family doctor. Doctor Lamoure is also Lehcim’s secret lover. The Neptenu family calls him by his first name since his last name sounds too exotic.

Eloise “Elle” SILVER: Foley’s love interest. Eloise is wise beyond her years. She is loving, caring and patient. She is a looker.

Anita “Nita” HIBLER: The Rockerfellows’ maid.

Josie “Jos” JACKSON: Lehcim’s spellcasting socialite friend and black magic connoisseur. She introduced Lehcim to Levid.



I was born, Folier Neptenu, on a sinister April Fool’s Day in Albany, GA in 1973. From birth, I could sense that my parents did not like me much, as they almost left the hospital without me. However, I was a handsome child, with exotic features that some could think too exotic for the Neptenus. I sported spectacular ocean blue orbs, contoured with thick eyebrows, eyelashes for days, highlighted by an astonishing beauty mark on my neck, a respectable nose and deep dimples on my cheeks which made my smile even more contagious. So Eloise told me.

Unfortunately for me, my parents simply did not want to have another boy, or better yet, they were not allowed to have a third son or ’great loss would come upon them’. Lehcim and Ymor Neptenu defied their family’s sacred rules by keeping me. They, however, overtly showed me their infinite resentment of bringing me into this world every single day of my life. For they already had two sons, one named Finkster “Finkley” Neptenu and the other, Freckster “Freckley” Neptenu.

The Neptenus’ intent was to honor the memory of their family head by naming their sons after their great grandfather, the famous “Fink Neptenu”. He was mostly known for authoring widely popular scary tales made into movie adaptations. Tales with such titles as “Thirteen dark tales”, “Life as a Fly”, “Take me to Hell”, “Hell in Apriltown” and “A Neptenu’s voyage to hell”.

I grew up rather quickly as my family made it dreadfully hard to enjoy my wretched childhood. On my 18th birthday, I snapped and knifed my entire family as I developed a mental disorder from Neptenus’ “bad parenting”. The constant belittling and bullying by my brothers did not make matters any better either.

I was institutionalized, as everyone thought I had to be clearly insane to commit such heinous crimes. It’s thirteen years later, and I was finally ready to tell the truth. Not to anyone, on just plain paper equipped with a pen, I was determined to tell the world what it’s like to be “Folier Neptenu”.

I took a hard long look at the pen and notebook on my twin bed and proceeded to put ink on paper to recount my life story. From the day I laid eyes on my parents, to the day I had to lay them down to rest. Permanently.

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