She Sees Everything

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A young painter comes into contact with a string of disturbed and horrific events after he and his girlfriend receive a creepy doll as a gift from an unknown individual.

Horror / Mystery
Liam Barath-Lane
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It was November 1st, 1987. It was 10:30 at night, which meant that the children were already in bed asleep, presumably so. But one exception came to be in the house of the Howard family, as the light in one of the bedrooms upstairs (as clearly shown through the window) was still on. The reason for this was a little bit odd to say the least, as within that bedroom lied a young girl and her sister; they were identical twins, which had gone without saying. Thankfully enough, one of them was not pleased at the bright light (which turned out to be that of a lamp sitting between their beds on a nightstand) was still lit on. And it was not just that, the weirdest part was that the other sister was heard clearly humming a melody of some-sort while apparently combing the hair of a doll she had been carrying.

Aggravatingly, the sister listening to the whole thing slowly turned in her bed to face her. “Can you keep it down, please?”

The sister humming did not respond; perhaps she was so focused on her own ordeal that she did not hear, or the case was that she was simply just ignoring.

“Hello?” the sister who was watching and listening spoke out as she leaned up. She then called the other sister by her name, “Martha, I’m trying to sleep.”

Still, there was no response as the other sister continued on humming.

To which, the sister listening immediately rose up. “If you don’t stop, I’m gonna tell mom.” From the look of it, the other sister began to cooperate, having seemingly finished combing the doll’s hair before slowly setting it down. But it was too good to be true, as she immediately continued to hum that melody before picking the doll right back up. And weirdly enough, she started to twirl and dance with it.

“That does it,” the sister watching loudly thought, immediately before storming away from the bed and right out the room.

Despite how dark the hallway appeared to be, the room that of mom and dad was thankfully not too far away.

It took her no longer than five seconds to find said room, as there was a visible light shown through the crack of the door. For one brief moment, she hesitated. But after said moment, she felt that she had no choice but to go in anyway. And thankfully enough, she did just that. The second she entered, she saw that while her dad was apparently the one dead asleep, her mother was still awake, as she appeared to be reading a book that she had in her lap. Despite her presence, she did not seem to grab her mother’s attention quite yet. To which, she murmured, “Mommy?”

In no more than two seconds, the mother slowly turned her head, taking her eyes directly off from the book, and pointing them straight over at her directly, finally. “Kennedy?”

The daughter (being her said name) did not respond.

After closing the book and setting on the bed aside, the mother asked her daughter the following, “Honey, it’s already passed your bedtime, what’re you still doing up?”

“It’s Martha,” the daughter answered in a not so quiet whisper, “she’s singing and dancing with her dumb doll.”

The mother then gave her a gawk. “That’s harsh thing to say, don’t you think?”

The daughter then added, “I can’t sleep with her making all that noise next to me.”

“Well then,” the mother spoke out, slapping both knees before finally rising off of the bed, “I’ll see what I can do about it.” She then took her daughter’s hand, attempting to take said daughter back over to her room.

But before either of them could actually exit the room they were already in, the father slowly began to wake up. “What’s all the commotion?” he loudly mumbled.

“Martha’s still playing with her doll,” the mother explained.

“And?” the father asked, after one short pause.

“Apparently, it’s been keeping poor Kennedy up.”

while half-asleep, the father laid out the simple word, “Okay.”

Seconds later, Kennedy and her mother were finally out the door and into the hallway together. They then went into the room that of Martha and Kennedy’s, only to discover that Martha was (surprisingly enough) already sound asleep within her bed.

This left Kennedy and her mother, unequally, confused. “Mhm,” the mother muffled.

Kennedy then added, “But … she was humming … and dancing.”

“Not anymore, apparently. Now, run back over to your bed and get some sleep yourself.”

Reluctantly, Kennedy walked slowly back over to her bed on the left-hand side of the room, loudly thinking to herself, “I sure hope to.” She then hopped directly onto her bed before slowly pulling the sheet and blanket over herself.

“Light out,” the mother said.

Before attempting to put said light out, Kennedy quickly turned her head to look over at Martha, whom was seemingly still fast asleep, but with that stupid doll still wrapped in her arms. Half-a-second later, she finally switched the light off.

“Good night,” the mother softly spoke out; by the sound of it, she blatantly had a smug while saying that. Immediately then, she walked out of the room while pulling the door shut.

It finally seemed (and felt) quiet within the room, thankfully so, and Kennedy was beginning to feel relieved.

But that was until Martha loudly whispered to her, “Good night, Kennedy.”

Kennedy was left both shocked and confused,

In about 2-3 seconds, Martha then whispered the same thing to none other than her doll, Good night, Mindy.”

Right then and there, a small, strange, creepy, sounding voice responded, whispering those exact same two words, “GOOD NIGHT.”

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