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Party Crasher

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Cody is a young boy who loves horror. Horror movies, books, and comic books. When his parents leave for the night and his older sister Brittany throws a party, he sees some horror physically. He thought he was his sister's "friend", but he was really mistaken. Cody is really fascinated by this guy! Why?! He is a killer, right?!

Horror / Other
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The Start of Party

My mother told me just before she left through the front door, “Brittany will be in charge tonight. We’ll be back around 4 or so.” When I turned back, Brittany had a smirk on her face. I rolled my eyes. The kitchen irked me like my sister, but I couldn’t wash her away like the food on the dishes. I cleaned up our plates and then washed them. I go back into the living room to see my sister on the phone; she looked at me. “What are you looking at?! Get in your room and play some games or something!”; She instructed me. I huffed and went upstairs. I laid in my bed and turned on the tv in my room. I sat up on my bed and looked closely at the tv. “Breaking news! In Lakeside Square Apartments many break-ins have happened. Thief Mandy Carson says it’s very easy to catch prey when they have parties. I would watch out if I were you, but back to you Stacy.” The reporter, John Lindon says. I switch channels before I hear anything else. It was weird how burglaries only happened in my neighborhood and not any others, well, that I know of.

Later, while I was laying in the bed I heard a knock at the door. I raced down the stairs wanting to open the door for mom and dad, but my sister got to it first. “Hey! Are you guys ready to party?!” My sister asked the people beyond my eyesight. Then when they walked in I knew who they were. Marcus, Elizabeth, and Jonathan. They and my sister are the geekiest geeks in the whole school. My eyes shifted back to Brittany, she had brought out a punch bowl full of my mother’s wine. I never told mom, in fear of being an “uptight” person. I went back up to my room and sat on my bed. Brittany has loud ghetto music so I had to close my door, but even then I could still hear the bumping. A few hours had passed and I guessed that they were slow dancing because the music had slowed down. I sneaked downstairs and took my sister’s phone just for fun. I looked at my sister’s and saw that she had both a text message and a call. The message said I’m coming for you tonight so be ready. I was frightened, but I wasn’t being unreasonable, maybe I was. It may have been one of her “boyfriends”. Seeing a man outside my window, I recall him wearing a dark hoodie and blue jeans I think. Like the stupid person I am, I pulled open my window to talk to the man. “What do you want?” I asked the man standing outside. “To enter the house.” He whispered. I closed the window and sat on my bed. I must have been dreaming when I heard a knock on the door. I ran downstairs before my sister could answer it and waited.

It had been a few minutes since the first knock and everyone was quiet, but then the knocking happened again. I sound more like a bang than a knock. Then I realized, the person wasn’t knocking, they were trying to break the door down. I walked back slowly, I wanted to run but I was horrified. The wood on the door was breaking open and the person outside was coming in. Soon enough there was a hole in the door and I could see the person’s stomach. Crouched down near the hole, he peered inside. “We meet again, Cody.” He communicated to me. It was shocking to me because I did not tell him my name! The screams from my sister and her friends caused me to sprint up the stairs with them. The two of them ran to the bathroom, while my sister and I ran to the attic through my parents’ room. My sister shut the attic door and we waited behind some of the boxes. It was quiet for a while, nothing was heard. “Is he gone?” My sister asked me, but I shook my head. I could hear tiny footsteps coming towards the bedroom. I scooted back towards a shelf and put my hand over my mouth. Clattering was heard in the room, I guessed he was breaking my mom’s glass vase and my dad’s gold watches. Just then there was a knock on the attic door. “Hello? Is anyone up there?” The murderer asked. I tried staying quiet, but my sister couldn’t take it anymore. “Leave us alone before I fucking kill you!” She yelled. The attic door flew open after she said that, I guessed that made him really really mad. He climbed up the attic stairs as we screamed. I got up and threw the boxes at him, I wasn’t going to let him kill us. He stabbed me with the knife that he had his pocket and I collapsed to the ground. He dragged my sister and threw her down the stairs. I tried crawling to the back of the attic, but was only dragged back to the middle. “Where are you going? You’re trapped here after all.” He said to me, and he was right, I was trapped in this hell hole. He grabbed my neck and threw me across the room. I wanted to faint, it felt like every single bone in my body was breaking. He came near me and held out his hand. “Get up.” he told me as I gave him my hand. I got up but unfortunately I fainted before I could walk. I fell onto his so I suspected he would take me downstairs, but I didn’t know. It was so blurry when I woke up.

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