Asylum , Asylum

By carryonpotternerd All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Action

Chapter 5

May sat and waited until she heard a knock on the door. “You must be Alice’s new therapist.” she said as she walked in. “Yes nice to meet you.” she said shaking her hand and sitting down. “Where is she? Where is Alice?” she asked panicking slightly. “They took her down to the doctor.” Luna said. “Oh ok. I’m Alex by the way, you are?” she asked. “Dr.Luna but call me May.” she said. “Umm why doesn’t Alice father come to see her? If you don’t mind me asking.” she said. “Umm Alice killed my mother , his wife and he doesn’t think she deserves love…” Alex said quietly. They heard footsteps. “I’m sorry I yelled at you Dr. Luna.” I said as I walked in with my head down. “Sissy.” I said hugging her. “Hello Alice.” Alex said hugging me back for the first time in a long time. “This is Dr. Luna sissy her real name is May and I think she’s wonderful.” I said. “Oh really?” Alex asked. “Yeah she’s nice.” I said smiling. “That’s Good.” Alex said honestly kinda confused. “Umm Alice i’m going to go talked to Dr.Luna outside.” Alex said walking out with the doctor. “Umm Alice seems to like you, she likes you. Is this an act? I’m honestly confused , Alice hates everyone here and I don’t understand.” Alex said laughing nervously. “Umm I don’t know.” Luna replied. “I just don’t understand. Alice only likes me and that’s not me being all protective and stuff but it’s a fact.” She said quickly. “Umm in my professional opinion I believe your sister likes me because I don’t hurt her and you have displayed signs of OCD and PTSD and I think you would be lying if you said I wasn’t right.” She said calmly. “Don’t pull that shrink crap on me , i’m fine!” Alex said aggressively. "Well it's fine she's only known me for a day." She said. "What are you guys talking about?" I ask. "Nothing Alice." Alex said , lied. "You guys were talking about me..." I said sadly. "We are just talking about treatment plans, it's ok Alice how about you go back to your room?" May said. "Please don't make me see the doctor! He hurts me!" I yelled. "Ok Alice i'll see what I can do just lower your voice." May said. "Ok." I whispered. "I will be back in there in a minute to finish our session." May said as I walked away. "It was great to met you." May says putting her hand out for Alex to shake. "Nice to met you too Dr.Luna." She shaking it. "Alright Alice , sorry I have to go so you can talk to Dr.Luna , Bye." She said as I ran over and hugged her, she stilled didn't hug back. "Bye sissy I love you." I said.

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