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The Enchanted River By ASA

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A fun story that was written just to liven up life a bit I've yet to publish this one but now is the time.

Horror / Fantasy
Antasia S
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Chapter 1

Ross Morris was a good guy and man, with a lot of ways to show that he was very generous, helping other women in his complex, he was about seventy one. He was good looking, tall and kind natured and heart too in all of his ways. The airport was so packed that there was nowhere to really go and in times like these I envied those who had private jets and could go anywhere in the world that they wanted without the help of the whole airline all day and every time that they wanted to go anywhere. Now the social distancing was probably extra hard, surely hitting home right about now.

Airports these days are loud, and carports ready to drop the lady back at the tropics and the heiress, knew her way around because this was her home town, an island girl like Rihanna, the allure. A fancy benz was in the parking lot once they pulled up to the house of the fathers and mothers home. With a full tank of gas and the ride to the house from the airport in the Benz since driving myself to the airport and back, was cool in the Benz because the smooth ride and wheels was the coolest of all.

Heidi knew that her parents would be home and had been away on business when she left and that she wasn’t sure if they were going to come to the door to greet and welcome her home upon her arrival. And so as she left her self inside the home and up to her wing, she felt different and the breeze in the window made the curtain flow back and forth in this hypnotizing motion that she just stood there for life a few hours, let alone an eternity in that wing of the house would be like a feels of happy times. Each wall was square in the sense of a perfect rectangle and the colors were lighted up well with an array of bright colors, ideas and watercolors in the basements, and dinning rooms areas, where the love really was great. In the holidays the area was packed usually too though wherever grandma was too. We loved her alot too.

Each water scene of the phencity was great and of high quality all our lives and the airport was just within miles and not really walking distance too of the benz and I am owner of the joint for right now and the new whip was a gift that I own from my man. Hopefully he proposes soon. Since she was kid she dreamed of nice cars, people and homes, and the clothes to go along with them and rocking them and fly hair styles, and shopping sprees and trips galore. This was my ideal life.

Ross Morris had been tracking the family of Hedi for a few months now and the man wasn’t sure how she could afford such a luxury car and all the time and while she was attending a community college and killer wigs she wore and rocked herself. In Askcastle the town was known for little drug possession and the family was quite well known and they were very well off but we weren’t sure why hence the investigation. It’s about afternoon time and the people were just leaving out of the house, and detective held up in a corner of the house by a thorn bush until he saw that the coast was clear to and make his way into the home, and plant his bugs and wires and to get a good listen he’d time to do this right and so he needed the home in complete empty mode, and none other alone will do.

So as he patiently waited off in the cut, until his eyes witnessed each vehicle leave, and pull out of the winding driveway, and until this happened he waited. And waited in the afternoon, crept along, and then he noticed with his own eyes seeing that each car that normally was there in the driveway was completely empty and he made his move. Once inside the house he reached the inside foyer and he noticed a telephone sitting in the cradle on the left to the side of the door with the pink painting on the handle.

Ross Morris slowly approved it and picked up the yellow receivers in hand and chose to remove the backing of the cradle then replaced the handle back down until the folks left behind in the back of the van could hear him breathing back into the phone to make a test call for the bug. Ross Morris good friend helped him back into the truck as he was hopping in he was thinking of food, and the he wanted to make sure that we are going to get some food in enough time to be back before any of the family ever returned hom back to the house, and wanted to remind in auspicious as possible while doing so. The hours were slipping by as the time and days went from 3 PM in the afternoon to now we were working on at least going on about 6:45 PM.

By the time that we took to load the truck from our rest stop we were going fast as hell to compete with the hail was big as hell, and hail was not having any compassion on us as the hail hit us as the hail kept bouncing off the solid gray and yellow white, road of cement as we cruised back to the scene of the station for a while to see what others had learned about our Heidi the main lady of our interest due to her family’s activities here in the city of Askcastle. APD was out in full force today because there was another attack on our home land with something like the twin towers or that of the 911 day. In my opinion and world I am calling the day 290.

I can go from 0 to 290 real quick. And on the day it is cool or from 60 to 93 to damn beyond 290 to what I like calling 364 in temper real quick and fast. Taco stands like those who were raised by those in the rough parts of the neighborhood was a young punk kid, in the field by his parents running a taco stand and we had to bounce off there in order to get the tacos for the day. And later on we’ve heard that the kid was later murdered for a gun stick up for the little money, in the joint that we’ve gave to them earlier, and I am like we ain't no way give these kids the money to add to the joint by our tacos and the dude wanted the money and came and even want as far as to murder their son just for the few bucks was a little bit unreal, for sure!

The ancients once said that a dead spirit was known to come around the time of midnight each night to clean the houses of all those dead lovers that one of them dated once upon a time in Askcastle. Each lover who truly loved her spirit more than others would always leave her out some of the cleaning supplies and to clean their homes, still to showcase her love of the man, and if she ever found another lover there with her lover would make her go vengeful and want to restore the justice and keep the power of the lover in her sights, she a fly over at night tin the black sky and to come back in all the night of the darkest tales of love and was able to see that her lover was acting in love with her, then all was fine, but until then she was leaving the livers of the past lovers whom resided in Askcastel who were known to make the women of the town fall in love then leave them was doomed to livers of theirs being gout cold in the night. And the livers were later fed by her pet cats for breakfast, lunch and dinner too though. And birds are known to eat the leftovers.

Added to all the mystical places of the people for sure here. Especially down in WestEnd. Hedi was judgemental and wasn’t all that sweet herself she was with her own sets of issues and troubles too though and the premiums on the Mercedes Benz 2017 black and white interior and having a big white shinny like rims, were not cheap and she refuses to strip and give her body away to a sleazy man for any reason at all and hat was that because she knew that she \would catch a case.

Anxiety each and every time that we are out and about Hedi will get overcome with the inability to drive due to where the money came from to provide for the vehicle that she was now in possession of. Her man failed to share with her exactly where the money came from to pay for the whole whip and I don’t know why. And I am in a hunch that there is a man in the back seat that has tailed her for weeks now and we’ve not sure how to really speak on the phone.

And the anxiety caused her hair to begin to fall out. Her edges where the first to go and the real new news was that each time she got real anxious about the females calling her phone on the times that she was alone at the house, and the house was that, that crazy stuff of the hair problem and she knew that she was going to go down sometime soon and that she was just being very aware of her current presence. And the female that was always in their face, the bank as the teller, as a female’s pain in the ass.

Her name was fat ass female who couldn’t really speak her mind in her class all the time because her ass was too busy dogging me, and the lady who didn’t even have her own paper right and together but yet you coming at me, this bitch later on I found out was my fucking man’s ex’s little fucking cousin or some crap like that. This hating ass female got some false information for that no, good older cousin of hers, I let the comment slide even though I am totally aware of that, slick ass smart comments. Yeah like she was acting like a little bitch about that too though girl and she wasn’t cool though just like you sharing with me too, though. And that wasn’t even the case. Hence, falsehood.

To her credit her ambition has abrituted to her paid vacations and upkeep of her physical physique and the wig collections I was talking about earlier was all form the eastern states and they were her pride and joy her closet was laid out with name that some didn’t know and even from things that would get put together and made by herself. In her own little workshop that was at the corner of the wing. Her family was known to get into the fashion business and were well known for their ability to hook up outfits, too though.

I suppose that the trait runs in the family her family owns and runs a immgation plant, and owns the entire south end of Askcastle right by the border and regulates the office when the immigrants can come in and the illegal ones he makes sure to get and keep them out. When they start to creep in when they are not supposed to then they’ll send in my father with all his hunch men, and then they will all make sure to keep them in line with his laws and ways. His work ethic was the main reason and attraction to him for my mom.

Title that lead to his laid out house and the spot was always immaculately to although and the real real was that well the house was paid for in full and that the cars were too and dad offered to buy my car and yet then my new man came along and swope dme in and told me he had this one and here was we are. And then the joint came the time when I’ve heard that the new gigi was a front of the highest order, just and a look out type of vibe and the honest to God truth was that well the place couldn’t possibly have a front written all over the town and the gossip mills but mommy wanted to add a front to the office and in the back was a nice little getaway, place with a peak of the type with those house in the form of restaurant was another local run business that was of the way that the folks basically provided the bread for the family toe at dn he was always trying to instill in us a way to constantly save our coins for a rainy day when nothing in the world would be working that day too though and that that. Simple.

Taco sandwiches by Ross Morris was settling nicely in his and his crews stomachs and the city was known as a roughneck eastern town with gun laws and outbreaks of violence since the attacks like twin towers day. The other folks who were in the upper parts of the Askcastle place were actually quite good. Ross was a man who loved his good friend who was always sitting right next to me, usually to provide comfort. As much he did he was always so good and sweet that they were always comfortable in the presence of the other.

City after was slowing down in production due to the coronavirus that was affecting all the town I am listening to Heidi phone conversation and she is saying that California has gotten the worst of the virus and that she was really happy when she didn’t go after all the drama that her so called friends were after when they kept on parading around town assuming that no one was going to catch up to their lives about their little trip. But boy were they wrong. We knew that we were going to their spot on some bullshit and probably wanted all those people there to give them a sense of a vibe that well I’ll have all these alibi In case that someone ever chooses to come around and ask a whole bunch of questions, they’ll all back her.

But shoot trust me, when you need all those people in your time of need, most of them and they assess ghosts on you. But she’ll see it eventually in the end. Sympathy is for those who lack the nerve to stand for themselves, and those who don’t give a hell about another, then no. That is the way the game goes.

The monkey that is like a no good person who half the time one some straight up bull and that is their whole style. Which is a little weird. Monkey head as men ain’t worth shit too though, and they are super dumb and the forest are both all that are really there to begin with in the first place, there is no rough road or concert at all, and the roads are much more like that of dirt, road that is gentle on the legs then not, and the ones who put stuff there are the ones who put things there in the first place too hurt you I am sure of that.

But inside the forest there is not a place that can hurt you because there are no cement roads and the lights are all out and the darkness is that of the natural plights and the place is all in the side that the way is supposed to look like and that is that. Another thing is that the forest is usually very nice and the trees are all very good and there is not one other person there to makeno bull crap go with another person down again. The forest is nice and pretty and has a bunch of hoarse horses that drive up and down with the darkness of the night and the truth is that well that sound is one of the ones that is the most fearsome of all.

The forest was the best place for a lady like Heidi to get her ways to the world, where she was usually alone. That was probably the best part about the day. The way that the day was going to go was like that.

And the honesty was that most of the time everybody that ever came to the forest doesn’t really go well just because they are too cowardly to do that and that they simply will not go and that the only person who would. Is people that are only like that of the little Miss lady like that of Heidi and that is that. And the truth is that that is how that should go and that is what that is.

Forest people were too smart to go back now and that was how that was, and the truth was that probably they needed too and that was that. They should not have made many complaints and the road would be just how dirty it is and doesn’t really marr skin and or glass too. From all those thirsty ass people who need all the damn glass products that they need to satisfy some vain ass mindset too.

And that is nothing like that in the world in the forest bin and the world trash is the forest too. Honest people are one in a million. Hath pity on a sinner.

Bobo path is a man that was from my past and the past of Heidi but he wasn’t about much. The tan that Heidi got on the beach out in Miami while sunbathing, was to die for. Tittens were new to town and needed a place to stay and they were all really cool but really all just for so long.

Then all hell was sure to break loose then you know that the friends will get to losing sight of reality real quick. And that was that. “For some reason I am attracted to you” I could hear Heidi saying this on the phone to another stranger man and person that she’d met while outside walking one day for some exercise and I mean she isn’t the slimmest person around, but yet she was the person who at least like to exercise and workout. And that happened to bring about mister hot guy Cameron was in this white BMW and he was so cute and nice that he always looked so good and that the other time he didn’t even bear to say anything to me, which is something that she found actually so attractive and pleasing too. He was actually quite the only person that she has ever really loved as a man, too. And she doesn’t really think that she has ever really told anyone about that before so now of course she couldn’t ever really see him again ant colony them fire ants get yo ass good and you can’t sit for a week, from them biting you, and that’s how he was he’s so hot I ran from him, screaming for a minutes just like the fire ants, and wanted to come back around well at least time to see and admire the ants and this man from a far until I got the courage up to meet him, in person.

Which was at the time like the longest time away from the current one. “Attracted to what and in what sense?” The question hit Heidi hard and she pondered his thoughts and what to say to the man. That is an honest answer, and yet remains true to who she is, and the whole time Ross Morris is listening to her, and the answer came to the man in the sweetest voice of all.

“Well you’re a great guy and I fell in love instantly with you the moment I saw you in the car riding down my street and the money that you saw me as well and didn’t even say a word to me, like most guys too.” “Was the ultimate turn on and the most like of all and that is what and where the attraction stems from the most and best of all and that is partly due to your own demeanor”.


Something that Hedi knew that Ross Morris understood that Hedi had things about her in her life that she wasn’t going to change was one her love of fish, and the water too alike, oh and birds she would always love them. Dogs barking in the night and my love of them in my life and what they represent would not be something that I would ever change. That I am able to love them and have the appreciation of them in my life is very nice to me and is something that I am not changing about my own life at all Hedi thought to herself as she mulled over her life decisions in her bedroom as she stroked her hair with a hairbrush.

She was well on her way to sleep as the lights faded in the side window of the car that was right above her and the light was light and fading hat she barely missed the intruder as she came to stop and come to find out it was just hemaid and the lady came bearing gifts with hand pitcher of lemonade sweet just how I like it. I took the cup gratefully and left the stage left and hit the bathroom and ran some warm water to ease my aching bones into so that my body was not so on fire most of the day and it was hot and warm mixed and was just what the doctor ordered and the time was needed after a long day to feel better because my body was aging and my thoughts were doing the same. As I grew then I knew that so were they.

Ross Morris went home to his family most nights with his mother in his mind since she was elderly and the idea was to constantly fund her hospital bills and to find the time to visit. And most of the love was going into doing these things most of the time and I was not willing to give up my love for another person and I was not willing to risk my happiness for another person. And I was not really into the fact that well men were lying to women, having a bunch of children with most and then just leaving them. And don’t want no babies pinned on them and all this drama was beyond me.

Who knew that a man in the end would only want your sex and to not have a life with you too though at the same time due to lust and the not right thought of love when it is. So yes it is an enemy of man for sure and that is real right too though and rightly so, I mean I remember my grandmother being pissed for weeks, years even. Meanwhile in the Northern Part in Askcastle there is a man in his late thirties about thirty eight years old he’s very sensitive to light. With a very intimate sense of being in the sunlight when all things are made known then we’re way more conscious of what one is doing rather than right or wrong.

A cottage was just up the hill to the left and Rodney is slowly approaching his home in tighty whities and he is just so super tired. And he knows that he must get there and then when he does he plans to unwind, relax. Tune in to the sunlight and let the plants get some juice from the sun and then let the world know that he was home. And to move on in the sink to all his empty bottles, dishes, and leftovers from last night.

The immediate family that was CLOSE. Was due in the next or two in order to receive the and celebrate the Senior Class of 2020 with the family Saturday Night. With a big “Spanish Gathering” which was decked out with fresh flowers and new foods that were fresh in the oven, basement freezer, and the scents of fresh rolls the preparations were started in the day or yesterday in order to welcome. The youngster, in a happy way.

The balloons and banners were hung and streamed with video recordings ready to go with the highlight of the day for our graduates. The lady was going to have the wine following and the water too though and all the balloons that the young teen could handle. Secretly she yearned to be long gone and away from the center of attention to the world yet wide and unknown to be somewhere I could find peace and the stillness of life was the most warranted of all at the time.

The family of The Rodney crew risked all their funds to put the young lad through a school that was sure to put her ahead in life and the outcome of whether or not she was going to make the cut was stacked high against us. Yet we refused to give up as a family. On her we pushed her to understand all the equations of math that came home from the school. We saw her through each tear felt moment, in earnest.

We fought hard to keep her enrolled as long as we could, which is until she walked the world in pursuit of possession of her diploma of High School. And at that point in time no other thing mattered. This was not a little shung dig but a way out and the way out was a big deal to us as a family. And that someone had to work to make the money needed to go to the fancy school to assure her that she’d be okay, at the end of the day did you?

The room with her stored body was always just like her, in all ways, rather painted, or not, or home or not whole or not. She was and always is the hero we all knew and always. The most important time when prom came around and she realized that all other classes were not allowed to do so. In the end they didn’t get to go to a hotel, and dance in a ballroom, decorated with pretty colors, all just for us to dance the night away. And we did. They didn’t get to do that this year, maybe that only gets to do what it is that they’ve earned to do only, is not a trivial thing to take so lightly.

Most women didn’t even want to attend prom, and boy did I when I saw Aaliyah at prom, how I envied her, and decided that It was necessary to go now. And so dresses got picked out, and the shoes bought, and underwear too. We tore down malls and fashion accessories just to enjoy the day. And that is something I would never understand. And at least I am very unwilling to do so. In my opinion there is no reason to do so.

Either you want to go or you don’t and wish that you could have. Simple. She saw other girls, and the photoshop photos that they’ll put up to keep the world at bay like they all got it like that. And truth be told most of them don’t.

But photoshop will make you think that most of these girls are the realest things out there. In the end you fall for the okey doke and now you are done. Well like a steak okay. They have all these fancy bags and hand jewelry, and tattoos of Indian nature, and I am just like wow, most of it, and this is just a facade, of hidden deeper pain, and unhappiness of themselves.

And the way to not fall into that trap is of crucial importance. Why not go to prom, its food, pictures, photographs, crownings, dressing up, make up runs, and dress shopping, and hanging out with friends, and or at least classmates, and teachers, and nice rooms and people in the hotels, too. Now what in the world is the saying as the old people say, that you miss me and something when it is gone, and now the famous who get to go back and say yes I’ll do it again now, though, but yet the prom is gone. It’s too late, the hotels are shut down.

The food people are all getting really sick and laying off them too as well as not being able to make the food anymore. Now. To think, which is a truth that most just won’t deal with, because it is so simple. But not Aaliyah.

Or myself and our class except for a female who caused me nothing but problems in high school and later on in years of life too. And the day that I wanted to see my grandmother I knew that she was not going to survive long enough to see her grandchild go. In my heart of hearts, I understood that she was sick and that was dying soon, before I could get to go to prom, and I knew this in my heart. And that my grandma on my dad’s was here though, and I wanted her to have seen it too, and of course she is way Highwater Town, and we’re not.

But yet I went anyway, and at least I chose to, and not just give up. Like most did. And or would have done. In the end.

Even if girls there were looking at me with hate filled eyes. All the while I am smiling for pictures of myself. But you know when I die, I am comforted with knowing that I wouldn’t change a thing. They know that warning is better before trying.

Is a motto to live by and since we did. Here, we got big balloons in all colors of red, white, black. Yellow Blue.

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