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The Ancient Stool By ASA

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Story of true thoughts...

Horror / Fantasy
Antasia S
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Chapter 1

As she searched, her movements were frantic, like she was missing something that she was desperately in need of finding. When the lights came on her watch read about a time that was at a time the hand was broken. Unkempt men and women need to be alone, and or go to a place that is designed just for them with a place with no traffic and no cars and no insane people too.

The boulevard strip had never been so empty, as serve her ass right, too that all the people was not out there all of the time too though because all of the shit that was going, on too try to get a bitch distracted on some straight up envy type of bull like heaven ain’t real or some crap now we can see that mess now. The people were looking in the door, as the woman there came in from a startle, and she thought that she needed a sandwich, and tops of the lettuce, and the mustard and mayo, was good too though. The world came off as startle too though when a loud thunder sounded through the air, or a loud shrill scream pierced the night air, and the witnessing of a murdered victims and the mothers hearing of the news made her go to into and deliver the news to them and the mothers starts to cry and wail, and even the husbands spouse, and what have us when the husband dies too.

The sounds of her are not matched by any grief, at all and the simple sound of it all, will kill even the kindest souls, and that is probably due abrasive treatment and lack of respect given to us by white men and men just overall in general because the ones who are raised without any mothers who properly raise and teach them is out the window soon as the daddy leaves, and let not considered for another woman too though. We needed to find ourselves some fish bait to hook the guys from next door, and we all know that, most of the time we’re always angry and yelling and the answer is that we must stop this, though too. Adrienne Butler is jealous of a former co-worker of hers and has to find a way to outdo her, if it’s the last thing she does.

A very stubborn woman, who doesn’t like not getting her way, at all she’ll take whatever it is that she wants and she’ll do it by any means necessary, and this is not always such a linked trait to her, but yet it is, manipulative and yet what is worst that she doesn’t even think it. Adrienne Butler knew a secret about a man named Oliver Harris and he was about 83 and who courageously has lived alone, since his original forceful departure from the only home that he knew as a kid, one day Adrienne Butler was walking down the street and this guy came by looking all beat up and it was not all the usual to see such a man in their neighborhood like that and she got concerned. The ancient stool that sat in the center of the doorway that was leading up the staircase that spilled into the second floor landing, was very purturding in the sense of its vast demeanor and or position inside of the home of his that was once shared with a lovely wife named, Vivian Harris.

The justice of the whole event of the stool sitting there in the hallway was not all that normal at all, and the way that it gotten there a stolen lot of pile of bricks lay there on the side of the walk of the crub and it was ridiculous how many red bricks were there and lay outside of what Oliver Harris use to call his home, with Mrs. Vivian Harris together, for over forty five years now and this is actually the older cousin of the woman that Adrienne is so jealous of for the past five years now or more let her uncle tell it, and Anne Wilkinson is her name, the lady that is the younger cousin of Vivian Harris. The uncle of Adrienne Butler is Luke Wilson, is known around Edgedale as a Roofer, and he is quite ambitious, spontaneous, and materialistic in nature. And Mr. Oliver Harris is what we like to call an astronomer and he’s employed locally downtown at the arts high school for the semester to help lend a hand to the ailing staff there.

The foster parent gig of Adrienne Butler was for that of at least since she was like sixteen, and that is how she met Anne Wilkinson she’s one as well, and their circles come together and overlap. And something that Mrs. Vivian Harris used to do is fundraiser lifestyle, and they’re both retired by now, but somehow to Adrienne Butler Anne Wilkinson always got the better kids, and the kids who got paid the most money, and the kids with the nicest clothes, and the kids with the most and best paid benefits, and the ones with the most approving parents, and the ones with the most deire family members who were in need of putting them into the foster care system as a parent. And after a while this jealous thought basically began to consume her every motion and soon enough, she felt herself rising up and the air lifting out of her body as she lay motionless on the ground for an hour, until she could no longer sit still anymore and once she couldn’t take sitting still anymore then she began too, to hope that soon enough she life would end and all the tragedy would somehow go away and that her life would stop and go on as it once had before and that would be the end of things as they are and as she knew them.

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