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The Crazy Sun By ASA

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This is for a little of those whacks who know what the sun is all about

Antasia S
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Chapter 1

“You stand there and accuse me, but where were you at the time?” The Crazy Sun that she was, and that she stood outside most of the early morning talking all this shit about nothing, at all which is totally silly too. Boris White was very timid as he grew cold and only one woman was ever able to warm his cool demeanor even slightly, her will was to melt his such cold stance, with her sights of trust.

The cellar was cold just like his mood, and as the air temperature dropped so did his level of tolerance towards all of the drama that was in his life, at the moment and secretly hoped that it would drop out of his life like a hat, tossed to the ground by his dad. As he walks around the cellar there is very dim lightning and the Sun sizzles through the hole in the ceiling that heats the little skin on me. If I just sit real still in the center of the heat it’ll make me glow with love and desire each time.

Saying I’m cool, well shit if you only knew that bitches it gets colder than that, ,and the snow is like July 4th here compared to my attitude. His blind date shorty is coming over in about an hour and the two will start, off by the dinner that was prepared by him, and his little chef help in the kitchen he had to hire some help to get the young lady a good meal to share between us and she’ll get to back and give her mom a low down on how good the meal was that was specially prepared for her, and no one other than and but her. There’s a loud noise that is resuming from outside while the lady slept and his first instinct was to report live about what was going down and so he went to investigate what all the commotion was about, and then there was no one there, it was like a ghost town.

The Nitgrove was usually always very busy with people and quite frankly it was sometimes annoying, to all of us here in the home that was shared with pets and loved ones. But as of late and well, especially this night in particular, it was very quiet, and no one was willingly going out on the day in suspicion. It’s the middle of the night, and it is very black outside and there is no light at all, the people are black too.

Either a bunch of people packing on place all in the dead of night and bunch of mutha fuckas all cramping to get they uselss asses inside one little ass, place like no tomorrow too though, or either there wasn’t people at all outside whatsoever, and either way both were crappy ass hell too. There is a thunderstorm overhead and we can hear its rumbling light crashing as the sky breaks from the madness of the sounds of the people being nowhere within sight. The power is out the clock , digital doesn’t really work well, and that is all that we know and that the lights are out, then we can’t see and that is very dark, and that the mutha fuckas can’t see, is a plus in his eyes.

The house is right by a forest and there is sound of a man slowing approaching the house from above the cellar, and the lights of a little flash light from the trees out in the forest was very faint, and most a miss it and the shine of the light if you can’t really pay attention to the slightest touch and hint of light at all too. Walking to the forest late at night like this was down right not in the norm for him but yet here he was with a fully loaded gun inside his left jeans pocket and was ready to let the hammer back if necessary. The young lady that was asleep in the bed felt a sense relaxed state enter her as she realized and came to understand that she was being protected by her man and lover person that was out in the forest now, risking his own life as though he did not really have a care in the world, like he did, but here he was, and she was with a empty space and spot in the bed that was right above the cellar in the basement, the spot felt cool to the touch, as she lay there, she felt a intense emotion of love toward him, in a sudden flash of fish swimming together with a human, type light a guresome building crashed right through her heart, and as she realized that she actually did love him then and that she felt the sense of it all an abruptly fast moment like lightning bolts, and yet his love that of how it was her physical heart, was went through by him just how a building goes through that of car to it.

Noami Reid the lover lady and lover man’s latest blind date turned protector, man was and is a very arrogant lady and woman but loves children in the sense that she is nurturing and yet very considerate of those whom are always, around her own world every day, and that is how she landed Boris White, whom was her opposite in that he was forceful ass hell reminds me of a cop and we all know the kinds who pull up ready to kill something, that type of man, a little arrogant with himself too though and the crazy sun in Naomi Reid found it kind of sexy. And to others who don’t know that well all like that well he can act really shy. Noami Reid was a teaching assistant at the local college down the street, and she’s around the corner now with the children with gradebook lessons. The flying instructor was that of Boris White man, and his private plane was hidden in the back.

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