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This was done with those thoughts of okay then one and done, so be it. Enjoy.

Horror / Fantasy
Antasia S
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Chapter 1

The Endangered Hammock

The endangered hammock of Warkdown, was fed and fuled by a little lady named Rachel and she was in her early forties about forty two, and who can be quite inhibited. She comes from a poor family back in her day of like fourteen, she was quite rambunctious with a male neighbor and they couldn’t really go out on a date so she had to content self with a can of pepsi, and a dry talk with a bear that was stuffed for company, her favorite teddy. Now some odd half of her life later, now she’s in a house that could use a few new coats of paint, with the peeling like it is today, no wonder, she wants to walk. They are now shared with her large cats and birds, that seem to never really sleep, and only bark, aka meow, and poop all the time. She was supposed to take out the trash today for her mother next door but she did not remember in enough time and now the trash, for the upcoming week is behind, and so she forgot and knew that her frailing mom would miss the trash bin being empty for another week, today.

Then she was supposed to pick up her little friend from the pet store and switch shifts with her buddy but then she didn’t get up in enough time from having a hard and late night the one before so she was late, and the boss was cool about the problem though, of her own forgetfulness and she figured if she missed the mornings pet store run, then she’ll need and have to go once her shift was over instead. Which she preferred anyway, which wasn’t bad of an accompanying thought no how. In the house down the street about four or five of them down lives a man in his late thirties about 39 by now whose birthday just passed he is a Leo. He’s known on the street as being a real live wire, and his behavior with our pet bird got him an earned title of being a prick, because he threw rocks, and scared our pet bird half to death, for at least a ghastly hour straight.

The incident got so bad that his little brother wanted to run up in our house and do the deed to me and then well shit I wasn’t having that so I went and took a self-defense course for like at least a month straight, and with the intent to beat his ass, man or not. The after effect was that his ass ran out the house so fast, that he ran right into a moving truck doing at least sixty down our street, since the man was drunk behind the wheel and killed him and took his life, since he was a rude ass prick too though anyway. What a damned way to go. He could not ever live that episode down, even if he tried I wouldn’t let him, thank God. Such an ass hole, at the campsite is the damn day that we meet for the first time, too though. My mom’s man at the time just returned home from war out in Irap and he wasn’t always calm inside of his mind, and any little sound however slight was sound grenades to him, and that of the earthquake magnitude that caused thousands to end in death. When really was just a little kid riding her bicycle down his street we all know the one, the little girl is a new child to the street with little pig tails, and those little streams that flow from her handlebars, that are all shiny and pretty and she’s like six, dude. Relax.

No matter though how old my mom and dad get they always resemble those same two little sixteen year olds, who for ever fell in love and created myself, and sister, we’ll always come off as that of not aging well at least don’t see that on the outside if we’re completely honest with one another, then yes that is how it is talk about eternal youth aka beauty. When the 38 year old man beings to wonder about life and all that has transpired between self and all those who’ve come into contact with him, he begins to take life more seriously, but he doesn’t really know why, and when he tries and sets out on a quest to answer such a thoughtful question, he’s quite surprised by it all. The sun has begun to set and the color is yellow, red, organe, and the stars have disappeared and not long before they’re out again, shortly, the sun is out and it’s like 7pm August time now though and is heading into the fall season, right. We’re walking around the film set, while the crew is outside with lights low on the scene of act two scene one.

The drive out here from L.A. to Mexico wasn’t all that bad but yet the drive back was going to feel just like a bitch on her menstrual cycle about to down her fourth quart of ice cream, that is chocolate with her big ass wooden spoon. The shutter is down about to count from 3, 2, 1, action as the developments open right before my eyes, he’s beautiful I thought to myself, as I watched him kiss the female lead of the new upcoming movie You Loved Me Not and the opening lead female was hot as hell, reminded me of the old lady across the street when she was like twenty four because I swear to God that I’d hit that, on the low, low, dude duh. Like man, the peacefulness of just watching a hot girl make out with a man is enough to turn anyone on, and gets the moods going and the juices flowing, if not then something in the air with any man, isn’t right. Okay and the scent of her, Oh My God, made my dick hard, and I needed to get the hell up out of there.

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