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The Hissing Piano by ASA

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The Hissing Piano is a tale of two foes who come together as one live bang.

Horror / Fantasy
Antasia S
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Chapter 1

The Hissing Piano

The cruise liner was boarding and the snow wasn’t letting up any time soon, and the coldness was a welcome emotion compared to my sweaty nature. The cruise liner was fun and short lasted about a week and then we were back home in the comfort of the snow outside falling. My heart beast wasn’t around, which was a bummer. He’s in his late twenties Mr. Handsome man, aka Gerald Kelly was outside though most of the time with another female, and still he was her heart beat nonetheless.

And we all knew that, and honest relationships were hard to come by these days with the little lady in mind, they all seemed to just fall by the waste side. At least to her that was the norm case and though she missed him terribly she would not interrupt his time with this female, and that was that. If he wanted to leave he would, and be where he wanted is what I am all about.

Gerald Kelly is quite stubborn too though to constantly want to lay with another female who might not necessarily come off as the female that he loves, and let alone the female that even dares think of such things, loves him. The captain Adam Bell floated around the cabin as the snow fell by the ski resorts in his late forties, and was very bold. He was in love with the woman whose eyes were laid upon the cabin windows, but he knew how to share his feelings with her, not. Only time was enough to bring them both together again, the two were clearly eying the other from a thought of love when we got precise about things.

The Christmas time this year was ravished with criminal men and they came bearing gifts too, though and those gifts were clearly looked upon as thieves with treasury up their sleeves. About to try and sweep down and below from the sky unto and into some uncharted, type of landscape, and this wasn’t going over too well with the lady from the cabin windows, and truthfully she thought that they knew this too though, and hence her anger, too though in the very beginning, because why in the world is it necessary to charter into another landscape that is of another nature, instead of their own. The stubbornness of it all was, the blame here today and she knew it and was ampt on proving her point just like an investigator on the hunt and search, for whom the killer was in his big dead body case with the female by the water down at the lake.

Courtney King was about to swoop down onto the predator with all the precious Christmas gifts like grasshopper to an fresh ripe red apple, when my phone rang it was a person looking for donations and after politely disconnecting the call, she began creeping up a pole in the invisible assembly that was geared to cause the most damage if needed and of course we all knew we didn’t want that. Kind of being underhanded with my thoughts about the precious Christmas, but shoot first and ask questions later is my motto. In Mutchester the people are drawn to really bad winters and snow storms like no other, and we can’t really blame them because the winter weather is really quite beautiful all year round.

The piano hissed in the grand piano room of the winter cabin resorts in Mutchester deal with winter snow storms, we’re snowed in for the week and no one is allowed to leave the whole town. Kind of like a mind of its own when dealing with the tuning of the strings in the piano to give it a really great sound, which is not an easy feat too though mind us all. The piano maintenance man was a bit comfortable he is well educated in trades, like craftsmanship especially of pianos and lives for free in the cabin resort since he’s constantly upkeeping them, they host world renowned folks sometimes who come just to play on the grand piano in the ballroom, with live bands, and food, and it’s a big cha band in the City Of Mutchester, every few months to year, yearly.

He eats a tid too much well he at least doesn’t know this but he tends to, he is in his late forties about 48 years old his parents are pretty well off and owns the Mutchester Winter Cabin Ski Resorts, so hence he stays there for a fee of fixing up the pianos for his parents, which isn’t a bad deal, which is his city apartment type of add on, since he built a whole business of the maintenance of grand pianos which just started from off from a little ole trade school too though. Tyler Admas was single and wasn’t really looking right now but maybe one lady will come into the town and sweep him off the feet that he stands on. He had a lady in mind Bernadette Murphy a female Blacksmith she was good with her hands, and has always been, a stand out to Tyler Adams, she was so cute and sweet to him every time he saw her that he grew to, begin to crave all of her own attention, in about a year or less of time, and he hated every bit of it, that he couldn’t stand it, so much so that he could get so affected by such a little woman, in his eyes he wasn’t warm enough inside his heart, but clearly he’d been gursomely wrong, to her.

Ms. Bernadette Murphy was kind, caring, and helpful at all times, Tyler Adams couldn’t even think of one single time where someone spoke badly of her and if they didn’t speak in such a way around him then he knew it was because that they knew of his thoughts towards her, and that those thoughts scared them, and they went away, instead of with black eyes, for talking in any, way badly of a woman so much like angels, and he’d hate to have to kill them for their lack of respect in his eyes, they just didn’t do it, and they didn’t. The club was downstairs and we’re headed there now and the music was live and booming through the system, and the dance scene was cute and the sounds of the room walls outside of the four walls in the bottom layer is sound proof, and the guests upstairs were not affected by the music. We danced close and slow for the majority of the night, and then the love flowed and all was right with the world.

And we all knew it, roll the dice that the love game was up in the air clear white scents that lined the floor and the walls, and the homes of all the greats before us Bernadette Murphy was like the late great, and beautiful Marylin Monroe, there was times that yes, she wanted to jump and pull the trigger to, herself, with no problem as well but all that came ending when Mr. Tyler Adams saw her from across the room. You know the vibe of that type of damsel in distress mode. The knife was to her throat as she lay there motionless on the ground for a while falling out after no one choose to stop and help her with the wound of the knife to her admoned and she got slowly to his home, and he felt her temperature and noticed that she was slightly high in temperature and that it was getting only colder.

It’s dawn out now and the sun is just coming up and the people feel no warmer than yesterday and as flashback Courtney realized that she had her arm and hand out towards the people to help her and no one did they kept on walking past her, and she couldn’t understand the lack of empathy toward them all from her, and vice versa, it was all quite astounding really. The light snow that is falling is so chilling that July is hotter than normal, and we can’t seem to know and understand why that is happening all around her. The housekeeper at the Mutchester Cabin Ski Resorts was busy in the linen closet of the mountains in the highest parts of the Mutchester Mountains.

So far, the disease has cropped up in five different towns Rillcastle, Yawlwater, Onsminster, Mumpwick, Molstoke. “Just give me my cut of the money and I’ll be out of here.” “Perhaps you’ll take me out one day - or do I have to make an appointment?”

One conversation was taking place down the hall and the other was in the opposite direction with a picture frame, hanging on the wall. Which was a little crooked too though mind you and it’s been driving our guests and the dog crazy. The men in the dark room of the corridor and hallway stalked the entrance way of the opening outside for months now.

Courtney King found something that would mean that she would never be poor again - but there was a catch in such a way that she didn’t want Gerald to think differently of her by knowing that she was not as poor as he thought that she was, anymore. Now who in the world would leave such a big wad of cash on the ground of the foyer in the winter time at the Mountain Mutchester Winter Ski Resort and why had they done that and were they expecting her to turn it in because that is not right either though. Now earlier we ended up hearing that someone on the phone was in need of his cut and little did Courtney know that now she was in grave danger due to Gerald stubbornness and that they knew she came into this money and were after her.

And little did she know that she was stuck inside for the remainder of the week with a killer until the snow in conditions were lifted. The cruise line captain came around the bend and corner checking on the guest as he made his rounds and floated from each hallway until he’d checked in on each. Adam Bell smelt that something was off was the point he got and landed on this top step of the landing to the second floor right where Courtney was on the plymouth rock in Mountains, and he halted knowing that she knew the money was discussed earlier with a crook on the phone whom no one even knew was holed up in the ski resort as well, but he was and all the men who they didn’t know was there hid his phone underneath his pillow and crept back out threw the window into the night cold air, and resisted the urge to shoot up the ski resort in a few nanoseconds he clearly decided against it.

The stubbornness of the man in the hidden room whom just jumped out of the first floor window was not able to just let go of the money that was owed him a real man who probably was just okay with life Courtney was sure had no problem with letting things go as he did her lover Gerald Kelly was the greatest, she didn’t know that he had a hidden ring in his pocket. And that the two were due to wed in a week or two from that day today, and he’d been planning on the ski resort trip for about less than a year now and ticket prices were just so good that he couldn’t resist it anymore. So he bought them both a ticket there and back to propose to his love of him life and it was not going to be duped by a man in his crooked room and window with plans of not letting go of his obsession with getting his cut of whatever it is that he thinks that he needs so and that was not going down tonight rather or not he thought that the ring was too expensive for one and the girl too great for another.

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