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Room 666 ( based on true events)

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It's a story about 5 friends in timeline 1997, one haunted room and a mysterious Typewriter. ★PREVIEW★ a guy named taksh mehra got selected in Delhi's popular college "the hindu". After 2 months he became friend with 4 guys in that college who told them about the haunted room 666, which is present in his hostel. His life is better in delhi, until one day they decided to enter in that room 666 and left with a single heart piercing incident. What was actually inside that room? What's that incident which turned their life in a rollercoaster.

Horror / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Boys hostel, Hindu College
Delhi, India
November 21, 1996

The streets shrouded in darkness, as the rare passing cars and the flickering street lights acts
as my source of light which enables me to see.

Its a typical Delhi (India's capital city) winter night, where the temperature drops further down and buildings get shrouded up in a dewy fog.
Seeing the hostel premises this late at night, with the ambience set in, it looked like it was
straight raight out of any horror set.
I asked the taxi Driver to stop in front of the hostel premises, paid him, took my luggage and
walked to the main gate.

Pitch blackness surrounds me.
Late November, the nights are cold but mornings are ever colder.
The dimly lit flickering Street light near my hostel gate looked ominous
Cold harsh wind brushed past my skin , touselling my hair, sending chills down my spine.
On inspecting the main gate I found the guard sound asleep.
Nudged him awake, whisper-yelling "uncle! Uncle!" At which he jolted awake.

Bewildered at first, but later grunted and let out curses under his breathe.
He pinched the bridge of his nose, as an attempt to come back to his senses, blinking a few
times to clear out his bleary eyes.
Guilt sprang up on my chest.
Guilty that I woke him up.
He gives me a scrutinising look, boring his gaze through his squinted eyes.

I gulped slightly.
And then came his tired weary voice which sounded offended on being woken up
"You're late, all the main doors of the block are closed"
I panicked.
I frantically tried explaining my trip and rendezvous.
I said him it took me too I had traveled from jammu to Delhi, then comes the infamous Delhi
traffic when reaching the busy streets of Delhi.

The guard looked really tired and just nodded at my explanation. I asked about the warden's room "room No. 10 is the wardens room" the gaurd replied. I walk towards the hostel building.
I could hear footsteps echo through the corridor,
squeakin, clicking noises of my shoes.
I tried muffling the noise I made with each step by walking at a slower pace, and came to a halt
infront of a door.

I removed my flashlight from my bag to read correctly if it was the room I was directed to.
It read "10" on the metal plate stuck to it.
this might be the wardens room.
I knocked.
No response.
Utter silence.

"Hello?" I tried.
"Excuse me Sir ?" I knocked a little harder this time.
A couple of minutes later I could hear shuffling and footsteps coming from inside.
Seconds later I saw the door swing open and a man standing in front of me, shorter in nature,
middle aged.
He had a visible scowl glued to his face as he glared at me, clearly not happy to be woken up
this late at night.
I hesitantly asked for the keys and he walked over to a drawer and dropped them in my hand.

"Room 664 on 6th floor" and slammed the door shut on my face.
Now that was Rude.
I expected a lecture on coming late but this was unexpected.
And of course he wouldn't let me of that easy.
He said he'd meet me in the morning.
Just great.
Knowing I had a knack for stirring chaos, I wasn’t surprised I managed to mess up being here
not even more than 24 hrs. I facepalm myself, telling this is going to be more difficult than I

I reached the 6th floor all the door were closed and all i can see those ceiling lights. " I don't know why this floor is the coldest because it's the top floor stupid me"

I shun my flashlight on the door,
It read

"Room 666...." I read out in an almost hushed voice. I heard some noise of type writer ,it very ominous for someone to start writing at this period of time but couldn't help brush
off those thoughts.
"I'll just leave them be..must be very important if they're writing this

I walked back to door and entered it.
Settled down with all my luggage in the room, arranged all the stuff and cleaned a little so it isn't

I took a bath so I can feel relaxed after all the tiring journey I went through, and was very ready
to drop down and finally sleep on my bed.

So I did, I flopped down on my bed digging my face into the pillow, closing my eyes to sleep.
But that's when I heard it again.
Clicking sounds of the keys.
It was louder than the last time.
Clearer too.

I sprang my head up, ears perked at the sound.
I tried ignoring those sounds again, thinking it was me hallucinating the possibility of someone
typing this late, after all I was tired from a long journey.

Its all dark.
The long stretch of the corridor colored in green florescent light of a bulb hanging from the
Its cold.
Icy breeze hitting my skin as it sends shivers down my spine.
I know it was cold in Jammu.
But its not any less colder here, and I was never good with the cold. I rubbed my arms and my
sides to feel a bit warmer but I could hear my breathe hitch and waver.
I started fumbling with the torch in my hand and keys so i can focus on opening the door to my

But that's when I heard.

Again that type writer noise.

turned around and saw no one across the hall, the edges merging with darkness as there was
no light source, the only light here was one fluorescent green bulb in the middle of corridor.
I turned my flashlight to each door.
No one.
'Click- clack'

But this time it didn't stop, it was as if someone had started writing down furiously on a type
I gulped.
Walked slowly towards the source of the sound.
My mind must've been making stuff up.
But the sound never stopped.
As time went on it got more intense.
It was as if someone was hitting the keys, without the knowledge of what was being typed down.
Almost child like, very very energetic and harsh.

It got annoying later on, I let out an annoyed grunt into my pillow and got up to confront this
person who wants to really destroy my sleep.

I am tired and I just want sleep, I have to face the wrath of an angry warden the following day
and I better be rested enough for that.

I walked out of my room to give the person a peice of my mind
So I walked back to room 666, knocked on the door and waited.
I waited for someone to step out of the door.
But there came no one.
Instead the type writing sounds stopped.
Pitch silence.
But for a change i was relieved.

After realising they might not be interested in answering the door anytime soon, I made my way
back to my room. At this point, I was too tired to analyse any possible scenario.


Next morning,
November 22, 1996
Hindu College

Series of knocks in my door jolted me awake.
I woke up in a frenzied state, frantically trying to find the clock on the study table next to me.
I blinked away the haziness off my eyes.
Trying to focus on the time.
Its 7:40 in the morning.

Truth be told, I wasn't able to sleep much at night.
When the knock became louder, I made my way to the door, rubbing my eyes.

I honestly wanted to yell at whoever was knocking so harshly.
I opened the door to see two guys standing before me. One had the tall as me, fair in colour and
full of energy; I assumed he was the one knocking, correction, banging the door.
'Such pain in the arse', I thought to myself.

The other one had dark circles, droopy eyes and was a little shorter than me, a lot more silent,
as though he wouldn't like conversing much
“You have a death wish don't you?” said the energetic one.
“What do you mean?” I asked, slightly offended at his harsh tone. “Aren't you late for college?”
he replied, voice nonchalant, with no hint of sarcasm.
My eyes widened.

It completely slipped my mind. 'Great --' I told myself, 'I’m going to be late on my first day of
college, just great.'
I excused myself from the duo before rushing back into my room.
Panic settling deep in me as I rush through a so called morning routine of mine which consisted of
brushing my teeth, combing my hair and putting on the first outfit I could grab and skipping the shower "ik ik don't judge me but i was late readers".

From the periphery of my eye I could see the taller and energetic guy waiting for me.
I was grateful at the gesture.
Being an introvert, it was a little awkward for me to speak up first but I managed to thank him, i
began to spark up a conversation with an introduction
"Hi I’m Taksh. Taksh Mehra, from Jammu".

I held out my hand for him to shake.
The guy widened his eyes, looking almost bewildered at my reply. Weirdly enough, he didn't
utter a word, just looked at me from up to down.

What seemed like a couple of minutes he finally said “you came all the way to Delhi from
Jammu just for this college?”

I nodded.
"By the way, I’m Aryan.” he introduced himself
"Aryan and?"
He made a poker face and said “Pandey, Aryan Pandey.”
I burst out laughing, "Pandey!?" I asked suprised.
"Ah this is why I hesitate to tell my full name” he said with a slight frown on his face.
To change the topic I asked; “so, what's the name of the other guy who was with you this
“Oh! That was Jay, he’s not much of a talker. A little warning though, never touch any of his
things, or you’ll practically awaken the monster” Aryan replied, dramatically, while laughing.

“Yeah I mean he doesn't like it when people touch his stuff.”
“So which course are you studying?” Aryan asked me.
“IT BTech” I replied. “Then what are you waiting for man? Come on, move your legs fast, else,Mr Banerjee will beat the shit out of you! He’s one professor you shouldn’t mess with -- very strict” He stressed the word 'strict"

I began rushing out with him, just by hearing that statement. “I can't even see this dude, how fast could he run?” I heard Aryan from a distance as I proceeded to sprint our of the hostel corridor.Here goes my college life. wondering what will happen on my first day. Its a new start And everything that would bring me an adventure awaits me.


Thanks for choosing this book to read hope you people like this 1st chapter

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