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Parker Louis Can't be the Murderer

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Ongoing work building the Ghost Series...multiverse with its center the Ghost Universe or Multiverse Designated as MV - (x^2-2x-√90214=0) Where x=16.3596, x=-18.3596

Horror / Humor
David Estrada?
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Cuiaba, Brazil January 4, 2010

Parker Louis can’t be the Murderer

David Estrada

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, events, or locations are coincidental.

Parker Louis can’t be the Murderer

Copyright 2022 David Estrada All Rights


That this work may pay homage to the Blessed Trinity and for the benefit of all life…

Someone told me that nothing is impossible because the word impossible says: I’m Possible to which I replied;

‘Equality is Possible’.

…for My Family

Cuiaba, Brazil January 4, 2010

For months I had been working on a way to shed Mimi and the Oregon life. I am a Reptilian…I tried to introduce myself when I was first exiled to this Earth…Saratuhese designations are not standard among all the dominant species. But I have been time traveling and so this is Universe Designated MV-(x^2-2x-√90214=0) Where x=16.3596, x=-18.3596

Some of my former crew members were able to kidnap an Aztec Ghost and he was compliant enough to pick me, Papa Legba up in the 1980s or something and drop me back off again before betraying the rest of the Sasquatch and Reptilian crew and disappearing.

I heard him say something about you like trying to screw over the Aztec Ghosts and while he was eating one of the Sasquatch…

But I digress…I tried to introduce myself when I was first exiled on Earth and although I didn’t inspire the monotheistic Abrahamic Faiths I did look enough like a snake with a crutch or a cane that I was the inspiration of Hoodoo or Voodoo…I don’t think when I say my name it sounds anything like a human saying Papa Legba…but I learned the languages of the Earth and I concealed my identity behind shape-shifting and using a widow and her toddlers like one might imagine a hermit crab uses an empty soda can or an empty shell.

I’m at the airport and my passport reads Parker Louis…and my ticket is punched for Brazil…first vacation in Rio and then some business since after several years I’m back in the good graces of my Reptilian crew members and their Sasquatch friends. The other crew who tried to fuck over an Aztec Ghost screaming…

“This is what happens when you try to fuck a Ghost in the ass…”

This Aztec Ghost escaped but trapped my old crew members in a time paradox so he could eat them later…Fuel for the trip; that’s how the Aztec Ghosts work.

“Does Doctor Nick look like a time paradox?” he said that as well.

Arrived at an airport near Rio de Janeiro for Thanksgiving…

I took a car ride to Cuiaba, Brazil…another word for a carriage or an automobile is phaeton…sounds like something spacey something I should be flying to other planets, galaxies, or universes. I stole some idiot’s auto. I could have phoned a contact and a Reptilian ship would have picked me up. I don’t like to say this in mixed company but the rumors are true Sasquatches whether they are vacationing or on a spacecraft… stink. They have terrible hygiene. This idiot’s car smells about the same as if I were sitting on a spaceship with a Sasquatch.

It’s a cloning gig to fuck over humanity…

Cuiaba, Brazil seems like the best town to get away from these Zombies with their cosmic consciousness and the time-traveling Aztec Ghosts…they are created several years from now but they can travel through Time/Space…they are as close to being omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient as it gets. I’ve been around long enough to have learned some Roman Catholic doctrine about the Blessed Trinity…Oh, Oh and Oh isn’t something for an O-Face joke out of Office Space but the three qualities that distinguish the Blessed Trinity, the God of Israel, or the Abrahamic God from other deities.

Since the only, the humans of the universe are typified by the Aztec Ghost thus for brevity some might call it Ghost-Earth instead of MV-(x^2-2x-√90214=0) Where x=16.3596, x=-18.3596, is the only species in all the multiverse to have gravity generator technology and subsequently use it to travel through Time/Space using an Aztec Ghost…the other species know of the technology but cannot create another Ghost…as some of the qualities the Ghost symbiote seeks out are only known to be possessed by pious humans of Ghost-Earth. Furthermore, the new Ghost would seek out his other Ghosts compelled by the spirit that possessed the sentient being. Travel without the use of a Ghost would end in the untimely demise of the particular universe. Kristy Ruiz is an example of this. Although her universe had one Ghost to traverse Time/Space safely, this universe had a full-fledged Time Travel program creating clones who were not just stranded by the expanding hole in the fabric of Space/Time but traveled to congregate near the new hole they tore in the ass of their universe. This points out clearly what kind of assholes were in charge of this undesignated universe.

Imagine Reptilians and Sasquatch having the ability to travel from one universe to another using Jesus-on-the-dashboard technology which the Saratuhese stole from the Sasquatch and renamed after one of the personages of the Blessed Trinity and founder of the Christian religion. Many of the Sasquatch species trace this technology back to a Sasquatch sage named Yeti and his founding of their second most popular world religion…Jetsonism or sometimes spelled Yetsonism. The main attribute of their worship consists of running marathons on Wednesdays followed by group surf secession… ‘Apply Wax onto your surfboard clockwise with the same hand that points to the shoreline’. and bathing in sand-free warm pools to remove sand and surfboard wax…‘Shampoo your neighbor as you would have them shampoo you’…

There was a kind of protestant reformation upon the creation of the Treadmill and the Shower. But mostly treadmills are used for home prayer in preparation for Wednesday’s twenty-six-point two-mile group run. Upon creating the technology used to travel through Time/Space, Yeti disappeared…

The Sasquatch, regardless of variations in their faith, call this technology Yeti-Buddy. Yeti-Buddy is a one-and-a-half-foot tall robotic Sasquatch with most of the Sasquatch Empire’s database at its disposal. Yeti-Buddys are far more useful to the Sasquatch’s Space ship than Muffit II…Twiki was to the crew of their fictional space crafts. This reminds me of that time Gary Coleman made his guest appearance on Buck Rogers and was caught in Twiki’s dressing room cleaning the rust off Twiki’s ass; bringing the idea of Different Strokes to Shakespearian levels…or was this the irony of Euripides?

When the Sasquatch took to the stars in search of Yeti, television signals from Earth despite the universe were the first thing they encountered and began to emulate. Earth’s television shows are chronicled in the Sasquatch database for their value of transmitting morals to be lived by every faithful Yetison Sasquatch.

And with some correction, the faithful Jetson Sasquatch focus on their hygiene as part of their religious devotion and sometimes even to atone for their sins…washing away their sins in the shower after running on their treadmills used in deep space flight for their private prayer life and so each Sasquatch spaceship has been blessed with seawater, thus transubstantiated into their ceremonial surfboards. The more faithful a space-trucking Sasquatch is, the better they smell…floral shampoo smells replace the must and moldy odors of the great unwashed Sasquatch.

Reptilians are long-living and our faith’s most important ceremony is ‘The Shedding’ every thirty to fifty years we need help shedding our skin. A spouse or close friend helps cut a line in the skin of the back from the top of the head to the lower back and down the back of the legs. This is done at a public ceremonial hall and the skins are tossed into a sort of pyre…like a type of funeral for a species that lives thousand of years as a reminder of our mortality.

Since I was exiled, I could not perform ‘The Shedding’ until the last time we unsuccessfully kidnapped one of the Aztec Ghosts. A close friend did the ceremony in the company of the crew or the Sasquatch Space Craft.

The universe, the Multiverse is a sacred place, and misusing Gravity Technology would ruin the whole multiverse for everyone and you cannot rape and plunder a universe that you have destroyed by misusing Time/Space Travel.

But the cloned universe…MV-101 which was once ruled by Princess Tim (much like Sweden’s King Christina without a planet filled with cones of the monarch…all clowning aside…) could help Reptilian and Sasquatch find a way to replicate a human an Aztec Symbiote would not only accept but work for the interests of the Sasquatch and Reptilian species and not give any of us some shit about teamwork and that an alliance with Humanity and those dirty Anthropophile Barneys would defeat the purpose of this battle for dominance of the Multiverse. But other more disreputable cloners similar to Chubby Buddy might aid in the plot to put the forces of Mictlan and the Saratuhese empire in their place.

Strangers begin to arrive from Europe and North America…and assimilate into the population beginning sometime after the November Fifth, 2009 incident and the restoration of the USA and the special Zombie Protected Zona beginning with John Wayne Gacy… But before we join the serial killer clones of Cuiaba, we have to investigate David, the depressed serial killer, who lost interest in the murders that had once made him so happy. Now he sits in a dark dirty dollar theater watching discount movies.

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