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How Moving Out Destroyed Me

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Jessamine Larson, a young therapist, tired of her life with her overly cautious mother and nosy siblings, decides to move out when she gets the opportunity to move to a mysterious town called Llyne, before facing a series of murders. Jess has to escape. Will she be able to?

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

My name's Jessamine Larson. And I always hated it. So ever since I turned twelve, I always introduced myself as Hannah Larson. Hannah Larson is my favorite name. I graduated from high school bad then university. I became a therapist. Moved out from my old house, where I lived with my mother and my siblings. And moved into an apartment. My mother and my two sisters, Nora and Lillian, are the most nosy and overprotective people in the literal world. They came over every single day, just to keep themselves updated with my life. I hated it.
And I decided to change it.
And it changed.
I got an offer from a small hospital in a small town called Llyne. It wasn't a big job, paid me a few thousand dollars per month. About 6,000 dollars at the beginning, but they offered me a free house and a free Volkswagen Passat. That bought me and I started to pack up my stuff. I was leaving on the following Thursday, and it was Tuesday. My mother fussed a lot about it. My sisters were shocked that I would move out like this.
I wish I didn't have to remind them for seven time that I was an independent twenty-nine year old woman. I could make my own decisions. Even as I mounted the train, I felt a bit sad. My family was very nosy but hey, they weren't that bad. But I decided to put it behind me, and walk into my doom.
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