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Halloween Begins

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After meeting a little boy when I was a child, I never knew how strong some feelings can be to others and those feelings last forever.

Horror / Romance
Rachael Reese
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1.

Jessica’s point of view.

Today was the day that almost every 6-year-old fear the most. A moving day. I don’t know why we had to move here. I haven’t even heard of Haddonfield before. I liked New Orleans more. Mom and dad were lifting moving boxes inside the new house, the new house was nice and I had my room upstairs but there was kitty wallpaper in my old room and I miss that, I also miss my old friends and Neighbors.

I was sitting on the porch when my older sister, Sarah, came to me. She is 17-years-old and she’s continuing her studies here in high school. “Hey sis. You want to help me carry your boxes inside? You can have the shark toy from my room when we finish.” Now that seemed like a good deal to me. I always wanted to have that plush toy and she always said I can have it when I do something nice.

“Sure but you can’t have him back any more. He can live in my room with the other plushes.” Sarah only laughed and walked back inside with the boxes. I go to the car and lift one of the lighter boxes. When I turn to go inside I seen a boy on the other side of the street and he was sitting on the lawn, he looked at me and I hurry inside so I can put the box down and go to him. I wanted to say hello and maybe get a new friend.

“Jessica? Where are you going in a hurry?” My dad Asked, and I ran to him and hugged his legs. “I saw a boy on the other side of the street. Can I go and say hi to him?” My dad smiles and ruffles my hair. “Sure princess. Just look out for cars before you cross the road. Sarah will get you soon.” I smiled at him and ran outside of the door. When I reached the street I stopped, I looked both ways and when I saw no cars I crossed the road and approached him. I stopped at the edge of his lawn and looked at him. “Hi. What’s your name?” He looked at me with his deep blue eyes but there was confusion written on his face. His blond locks were swaying in the gentle summer breeze. He got up and walked over to me.

“My name is Michael. Are you moving into that house?” He pointed his finger at my new house. “Yeah we moved here from New Orleans. My name is Jessica. I think your name is cute Michael!” He looked at me, his cheeks turning a little pink just for a minute. “Thanks, your name is nice too!” I smiled at him and stretched out my hand towards him. “Nice to meet you Michael!” He took my hand and gave my hand a firm shake. We hear the front door of his house open, a blond haired girl came out and looked at us. “Aww, Michael! You have a new friend?” She came to us and smiled widely at me. “Hello. My name is Judith. Who might you be?” I smiled at her but Michael seemed to be a little angry. “My name is Jessica. Nice to meet you!” I stretched out my hand to her and she shook it. “Aww, you two are so cute together. Where do you live Jessica?” I pointed to my house and she lifted her head. “I moved there today with my mom, dad and older sister! We moved from New Orleans.” she nodded and then looked excited. “You have an older sister. Does she look after you? Maybe if you were friends with Michael she would watch over him as well? I’m super busy with umm… school so it would be good if he had one fried to hand out with.” I smiled at Michael and he looked at his sister annoyed. “I have to ask Sarah but I would love to hang out with you Michael!” He shifted his eyes to look at me and smiled. “Sure, I can hang out with you.” Judith clapped and tried to ruffle Michael’s head but he dodged her hand. I took Michael’s hand and started dragging him towards my house. When we reached my home, Sarah came out and looked at us. “Hey Jessica who’s this.” She watched as Michael and I entered the house. “This is Michael. He lives across the street and he’s my new friend.” Sarah nodded and looked at Michael. “Nice to meet you Michael. Jessica I put the rest of your boxes into your room. Mom will come soon and help you so Michael has to leave by then.” She started to walk back out side. “Oh, and you can’t have the shark toy because you didn’t help me.” I looked at her while Michael looked at me in confusion. “I’m sorry I forgot! I saw Michael and wanted to go and talk to him.” Sarah huffed. “You have another chance later. Have fun now.” She leaves and Michael poked my shoulder. I turned to him and he looked after Sarah. “Was that your sister?” I nodded and took his hand. “Let’s go to my room and play! I have so many plushes that we can play with!” I lead him up to my new bedroom and there were boxes everywhere! Michael looked around and I started digging in one of the boxes. I dug out all my cutest toys that I had to show them to Michael. “Here! We can play with these!” I handed Michael a cat plus and he took it. He started looking at it and I take the one that was a mouse. “Do you like it? It’s one of my favourites.” Michael nodded and sat down. “Why do you like it?” He put it down and shifted his eyes to me. “Well I got that from my grandma last Christmas and I really miss her.” I pet the cats head and Michael just looked at me awkwardly. “I’m uh… I’m sorry for your loss…” I looked at Michael, putting a smile on my face. “Thanks. But I really like cats. They are so cute and fluffy and friendly. I would love to have a cat but my parents say I can’t have one.” Michael looked a little angry at that but I didn’t think much of it. Michael and I were playing and having fun until my bitch of a mom came to my room. She told me that Michael had to leave for the day because we needed to unpack my boxes. I lead Michael back to his house. His house looked nice and I would like to live in this house more than my own. I turned to look at Michael, giving him a big smile. “Can you play with me tomorrow? We can play outside too if you want.” Michael looked at me but then he gave me a nod. “Sure. Can I play with the cat again?” I nodded excitedly. “Of course!” I tackled him in a hug and he looked confused. I looked up at his face and smiled at him brightly. “I like you Michael. See you tomorrow!” I release him and run back to my house. He looked at me with widened eyes and a slight blush on his cheeks. I waved back at him at the door until my bitchy mom yells at me to come upstairs to my room.

Michael’s point of view

I walked inside my house and saw Judith with her boyfriend in the living room. Our parents weren’t home yet but I didn’t care. When I saw Judith, I heard faint whispers in my mind. First they were silent but they are getting louder and louder, I try to listen to then but right now I don’t understand what they were saying. I went to my room, I didn’t have as many toys as Jessica but I never wanted them. But I really liked that cat. I really like Jessica. She is so nice and friendly to me unlike the others. I’m usually alone because other children think I’m weird and I really don’t care. However, I care about Jessica’s opinions and interests. Everything she says I listen to so I can get a better picture about her. When I was with her the voices were silent though they did say something from time to time. I couldn’t understand them but I think the voices like her too. I sit on my bed and look outside. From my window I can see Jessica’s room. She was arranging her room with her bitch mother. I didn’t like how her mom made her smile because that smile belonged to me. I can hear the voices whispering something with their soothing tone. I was angry because I couldn’t be with her and she was with someone else. But tomorrow I can be with her again. I shift my eyes to the wall and I focus on listening to the voices. Sometimes I wish I couldn’t hear them all the time and with Jessica, I almost didn’t hear them. They were quiet. I hear someone behind my door and the voices talk a little louder but I still can’t understand what they are saying. Judith opens the door and sends me a glare. “You’re already back. Did you do something that made her angry?” She puts her hands on her hips angrily at me. “No, she had to arrange her room.” Judith huffs and shakes her head. “You can go outside if you want or stay here but don’t come in my room. I need to talk to Danny.” I feel the anger boiling in me. She always leaves me to take care of myself or shifts her duties to someone else.

“Fine. I’m going outside.” I jump off my bed and start walking back outside. She closes my door behind me and I start heading to the stairs but then I hear Danny, “Hi Mikey! Tell your sister yo hurry up.” I say nothing to him and just go downstairs and out. The weather was colder than before but I wasn’t shivering. I really wish that Judith would leave somewhere and never come back. She can be so annoying sometimes and with Danny she’s even worse.


I hear someone say in a quiet soothing manner. It was the first time that I had understood the voices but now they were whispering again in my mind. I was making progress with the voices. I feel a little less alone because of them and Jessica and I could feel the happiness somewhere inside my chest. I sit down and stare at Jessica’s house. I start thinking what I could do with her tomorrow and I let the voices whisper in the back of my mind for now.


Jessica’s point of view

I wake up when the sun hits my eyes through a hole in my curtains. I sit up sleepily and yawn. I don’t like getting up in the mornings. I slip off the bed and put on my bunny slippers. I go to the bathroom and start brushing my teeth and hair. I don’t need mom’s help any more because I was a big girl now. I walk downstairs and see my mom making breakfast. She turned to me with a bright smile on her lips. “Hey honey! Did you sleep well?” I nod and sit down on the couch in the living room. I look around and couldn’t find my dad. “Mommy, where’s daddy?” She looks out of the window and hums. “He’s at work. Are you going to play with Michael today?” I nod excitedly while thinking of all the things we could do today. “Yeah. He can play with my cat plushy. He seemed to like it.” I hear someone coming to the living room. Sarah sits next to me and crosses her hands. “That kid seems a little weird. Creepy.” I look angrily at Sarah. “Michael is not creepy. I think he’s nice.” Sarah shakes her head and goes to the dinner table. I follow her and take a seat next to her. Mom puts pancakes on plates and puts them in front of us. “Thank you!” I say and start eating my pancakes. I finish fast and go back up to my room to change my clothes. I wanted to wear something cute, so I took a Blue sundress. After changing, I look outside the window. It was a nice day and I saw other kids playing outside. I also saw Michael sitting on his porch, but the other kids wouldn’t even look at him or talk to him. Some people ate mean! His eyes were following the other kids but he shifts his gaze to my window and he sees me. I smile and wave at him. He gives me a small wave back with a little smile on his face. I run to my toy basket and take a couple of my plush toys with me. I put them into my bag and take the cat plush in my hands. I run downstairs and go to my mom. “Mommy. I’m going outside with Michael.” she turns around and gives me a big smile. “Sure honey. If you two get hungry, come back here and I’ll make some waffles for you both!” I mile and hug my mom. “Bye mommy!” After that I run out of the door. After crossing the road, I can see Michael coming closer to me. “Morning Michael! How are you?” I run up to him and give him a big hug. Michael hugs e back and laughs a little, “Hi Jessica. I’m good. How about you” I smile at him and let him out my arms. “I’m fine too. Sarah was mean today.” Michael looks at me worriedly. “What did she do?” He asks me and I started taking the toys out of the bag. “She said that you were creepy. I told her that you weren’t.” Michael looks angrily towards my house. “Michael? Are you ok?” He turns to me and gives me a little smile. “Yeah. Can we play now?” I nod excitedly and we start playing. We played for almost three hours when I felt hunger bother me. “Michael, I’m hungry. Do you want to come to my house? My mom can make us waffles.” Michael thinks for a moment and then nods. We go back to my house. As I open the door Sarah came outside, looking like she’s in a hurry. “Hi Jessica and Michael.” I smile and wave at her. Michael looks a little angrily at her but then turns to me with a smile. I run inside with him and my mom looks at us. “Hey you two. Would you like to have some waffles?” I nod excitedly and tug Michael to the dinner table. We sit down and my mom puts plates in front of us. “Thanks.” Michael says and my mom smiles. “You are such a gentleman. Jessica, you found a good friend.” Michael blushes a little and I smile at him.


Today was Halloween evening. Michael and I have been best friends for a while now. I’m so excited because I could finally put my cat costume on and Michael was going to be a clown. We would be so cute together! Sarah was going to hang out with her friends and my parents are going out somewhere. Michael’s big sister is going to take us trick-or-treating today. I put my costume on and get ready to go outside to Michael. My parents are dressing up and getting ready to leave. Hey there Sugar ball! Behave when you are with Michael and Judith.” My dad says to me and I groan. “I will be good.” mom comes to me and looks at me. “Honey! You look so cute in that costume!” I smile widely at my mom. “Thanks mom. Can I go to Michael now?” mom nods and dad laughs a little. “Yeah you can go. Don’t eat too much candy.” I nod and start putting my shoes on. Dad side hugs mom and leans to her. “I think our little girl fancies Michael.” Dad whispers to mom and she smiles widely. I ignore my parents and run outside. When I go out, I see Michael sitting on his porch. I run up to him and he looks at me, but he looks a little angry, I couldn’t see Judith anywhere. “Michael, are you okay?” I say and sit next to him. He shakes his head and then looks at his hands a little sad. “Judith said that she wouldn’t take us trick-or-treating. She is too busy with her boyfriend.” He says angrily what makes me shiver a little. He can be a little scary when he’s angry. “I’m sorry Jessica.” He says as he looks at me sadly. I smile at him and hug him. “Michael. It isn’t important we can go without her. I know what stranger danger means.” Michael looks at me hopefully and then nods. “You’re right. Let’s go!” he starts tugging me behind him. I know how much he loves Halloween and I follow him excitedly. A couple of hours later we are back, sitting on his porch. We were talking and eating candy. Suddenly Michael stops and looks at me with his blue eyes. “Jessica, can I ask you something?” I look at Michael curiously and then nod slowly. “Are we going to be friends forever?” I tilt my head what kind of question is that? Michael looks at me in despair until I smile at him. I lean towards him and give him a kiss on his cheek. After that I look at him and he had cute red cheeks. “Michael. We’re going to be friends forever, I will not leave you ever.” Michael smiles and then gives me his candy bag. I look at him in confusion and then look at the bag. “Michael? What are you doing?” Michael shrugs and then gibes me a shy smile. “You can have them as a gift.” I smile at him and then hug him again. Michael gives me a side hug while he has a small smile on his face. Suddenly Michael lifts his head and listens to something. I look at him and lift my eyebrow. “Michael, are you ok?” he looks at me then gets up. “Jessica, will you be my friend even if I do something bad?” I get up quickly and nod. “Of course, I will be!” I look at him and he gives me short nods. “Jessica, I really like you. Thank you for being my friend.” I start to get worried and look at him worriedly. “Michael, you are starting to scare me.” Michael takes my hands and looks at me with oddly empty eyes. “When we’re older, can we be a family?” I look at him even more confused than before. Why would he ask me something like that? “Sure Michael! We can be a family.” He gibes me a little smile and hugs me while I was unaware, how big impact my words were for his mind. I can see that my parents are coming home. I free myself from his hug and smile at him. “Michael, I have to go back home. My parents are back.” Michael nods and I hug him one more time. “See you tomorrow!” I smile and him and run back home. My parents looked at me as I run back home. “Honey! Where did you get that candy bag?” My mom asks. “I got it from Michael. He gave me all his candies as a gift.” My dad smiles widely while giving my mom a weird look. “That is so nice of him. He’s such a lovely boy!” My mom says and ruffles my hair lovingly. “Now get inside and go wait in the bathroom. Mommy is going to help you get a bath.” Dad says and I nod. I walk inside and put the candy bags on the couch and go to the bathroom. After the bath I brush my teeth and go to bed. I wake up when I hear police sirens outside. I look through the curtains and I see red and blue lights flashing in front of Michael’s house. I panic and go down the stairs. My parents and Sarah were in the living room. “What’s happening?” my parents are looking at me like I was a ghost. My mom comes to quickly to me, tears running down her face. “Oh honey! You need to go back to sleep. Come with me.” My mom lifts me up and walks back up the stairs. Instead of going to my room, she walked me to my parents room. “Let’s go to bed sugar ball.” My mom says but I can tell she’s a little scared but I didn’t know why. “Mom, is Michael okay?” My mom looks at me with pain in her eyes. “Let’s talk about it some other time. Now go to sleep.” My mom says and I just lay down and close my eyes. I let sleep come to me. Tomorrow I can ask Michael himself, if he’s okay.

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