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The Winter Hunt

By demonus All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Thriller


This is story was created with the help of today culture of TV shows today. The story may surprises the read, and this is my first short story ever written..

The Winter Hunt

In Wendigo forest lies a beast of great size and myths are told about this great beast. All that is known about is from the tales that the people told and tell in Gallows town. One story that is told happened in the winter season where a group of hunters came to Gallows town to hunt it finest deer’s it had to offer in Wendigo forest. On the first day of hunting they had described that while they were following a trail left by a deer and as they got closer to the trail it looked like there was somebody else hunting it as well. When the hunters got to the end of the trail what they saw was not done by any human but a wild animal. The mark left by this beast was a deep claw mark into the deer skin with the blood of the deer spread out all over the area. The head of the deer was torn off and the beast left it claw mark on the trees around the area. But something that was more stranger was that one of the hunters saw a large shadow in the distance moving away at a rapid speed that the to naked eye one second it was there and the next it not. Hitting it would be a challenge but the seeing this in the distance would send chills down your neck and you may not knowing when it was behind you. Expand more on this talk not much but more information. There is many stories that were similar to this some of these stories involved people entering the forest and some not coming back home. With poster been with their faces on it saying missing and police searching the forest in search of them and no evidence of them as if they disappeared off the planet.

This occasion that had happened had occurred twenty years ago during the month of March. This particular occasion where a group of hunters went hunting. This people in this group were Jeff Dillon with his two son his oldest seventeen years old James and his second son fourteen years old Thomas and his hunting buddies. Kevin a thirty-eight old single man who is on the way of going bald from stress from his ex wife and the long hours at work at the steel factory. John forty-two year old married man with three children he works as an account. But this trip was fun, relaxing trip were the burdens of normal life did not exist and they were free of it. The locals had warned them of the local myths of what lived in the woods. Jeff hearing these stories knew they were just stories for the Dillon’s was a hunting family and it ran through their blood and he would not let some stupid myth stop him from hunting. In the woods Jeff rented a cabin that was beside the entrance to the woods. As the truck drove through the muddy path to the cabin in the woods. This was Thomas first time to go hunting but before this he done a bit of training with his father. Running through Thomas thoughts was that he wanted to make his father proud for he wanted this hunt and kill his first deer. While Thomas thoughts were running in his background he was exposed colour green from the trees were all around him. James started to tease Thomas by saying, “I hope you do not put shame to the Dillon name with your beginner hunting skills you’re not shooting stuff animals this time put the real thing they hear and react. But I hope you chicken out chicken out at the last second”. Thomas was not easily annoyed unlike James who was very easy to annoy by calling him yellow belly coward. Soon the truck stopped and it had arrived at the cabin home for duration of the hunt.

The small odd shaped rock underneath it had a golden key with a round head. Lifted from the dirt and lifted into Jeff hands he approached the door turned the key to cause a clicking sound and he opened the cabin door. The darkness that had being in the cabin was consumed by the light of the sun that had overtaken the darkness that once lived in the cabin. The interior of the cabin had a dusty wooden chest, two rooms, bathroom and a living room also in the cabin had two couches, table, kitchen with presses and gas stove with a kettle. The dust was exposed by the sun and showed all dust that had build up through all this time. The five had unpacked the items from the truck into the cabin that composed of the guns, food, gas, finely sharp weapons, hunting clothing and sleeping bags.

On the first day of the hunt the sun raised and it light shining through the window of the cabin and revelling the dust that was floating mid air in the cabin and the sun was a symbol of the first day of the hunt. The hunters awoke with yawning sounds and the three of them waking up making mumbling sort of sounds. Thomas and James were fast asleep and were awoken by the loud and repeating sound of a loud knock on the door by their father. Thomas half sleep only now realising that today is the day of his first real hunt and his first kill as well. In the dining room of the cabin the five of them gathered around the table smelling the sweet smell of the bacon on the frying pan with the olive oil bouncing out of the pan with the intense heat that was building up from the gas stove. As the breakfast was put on the table on the table the five became savage beasts taking whatever they can and in the space of ten minutes to fill their empty stomachs. In no time plates which contained the food were cleared out. After the breakfast the five had cleared the table and layout a map of the forest area and what points they would travel to. They had done estimated how long they had of daylight and also sorted out the ration for the for each person. After that was sorted out next was the guns and ammo each person had their own hunting rifle. But the only one did not have one was Thomas who would be using his father rile but Thomas had a hunting knife with it sharp pointed tip on it with a wooden oak handle.

As they set off from the cabin with their food, weapons, gear and the hunters clothing red patches coats with inner pockets and outside pockets each person had their rifle hanging over their shoulders with the leather strap holding it. Also in their coats were rifle bullets fine gold colour bullets that look like a very mini nuke. These bullets have great power to harm those that it touches. As they journeyed through the forest Kevin picked up a trail left by a deer and he had signalled the other and they all went into a mode of silence as they followed the trail they stopped and in their sights they saw deer with plenty of meat on its skin. In that moment the deer stood there looking around thinking it had heard something but resumed to whatever it was doing. As Kevin had slowly got out his rile not to alert his prey he aimed through his scope with the nerves of steel not a single shaking of the hand and he pulled the trigger. In the slow motion of time the bullet travel out of the chamber of the rile and travelled trough the head of the deer and noise of the rile had echo all through the forest. Within the forest the birds leapt from their trees and the wild animals ears rose to the reaction of that sound for they knew what that sound was and were all too familiar with that particular sound. Once stood proud and safe the deer now fell to the ground and it life flashing in front of its eyes and its heart stopping and now onto the ground the blood started to leak out of head and forming a pool of blood. Kevin yelling with joy to claim the first kill of the hunt and “with many more to come we shall have a fine feast tonight” he said to the others. He took out his hunting knife that had rust had crept on to show years of services to Kevin and he plunged the knife into the deer eye.

This day of hunting for Kevin was done so he, John and James went back the cabin Jeff and Thomas decide to stay a bit longer as the three left James saying to Thomas “watch out for the beast I heard he lives somewhere in these forest”. Jeff telling his James to “shut the hell up and go” and Jeff reassuring Thomas that there was no such thing there are only stories but with no fear in Thomas at all. As Thomas and Jeff ventured further they saw another deer. Jeff handing over his rife over to Thomas and as Thomas took his shooting position like he was taught all them times but as he looked at the deer from the scope the image of Kevin shooting that deer was flashing in front of him and how he had saw the innocent deer that had been killed for food and to have it head put on a mantel piece. Thomas pulled the trigger and the shot hit the deer back leg and the deer and the deer running ran off at some slow pace and it went into the distance. Thomas known he could have killed this animal but what if this deer had a family of its own. Thomas father telling “him maybe next time you will get a kill”. But what went through Thomas thoughts were that his hands were not shaken he could have taken the life of that deer. Had some of him for dinner or could have been stuffed animal looking at him every day and the deer saying why did you shoot me.

That night the camp fire was set up outside the cabin the 3 hunter sat there with there drinking sitting on the folded chairs. In the distance two shadows appeared closer to the fire the shadows took shape and Jeff and Thomas took the two folded chairs from the truck and took their place around the fire. When they took their seats Kevin was still going on about how he killed that deer and he turned his attention towards to Thomas. “Well boy did you get kill or miss from your empty hands and no blood and can guess to missed”. “He chickened out” said James there is no hunter blood in you at all. “Well boy there is always the next day we always get nervous on our first kill” said Kevin “well I killed my first deer on my first shot” boasting James. “Stop boasting” said Kevin “like you were not boasting at all Kevin” said back James. Kevin and John brought some of the venison they cut off the deer and they placed the venison on a pole along the fire held by to support beams with a turning wheel. Through this quiet time with the venison been turned time to time to cook all sides even. Everyone there were quiet listen to the sounds of nature from the rusting of the tree branches rubbing against each other branches. Also the sounds of wild animal in the forest from the howling wolves and the joints sound of insects together to make a humming song. There in the camp fire Jeff, John and Kevin talking about their childhood together all the mischief they got up to and how times had changed from their childhood time were harsh it was and now things are easier. As the moon hung from the sky it was time for the five to sleep and gathered up their energy the used through the out day and they put out the camp fire and they headed into cabin and everyone went to sleep very hasty. While everyone was asleep a beast came out of the forest it was lanky body no clothing and was extremely hairy with its monasteries hands. On the tip of its fingers were its sharp nails it pierced the tires of Kevin truck with no force. The tires burst and the air came out the tires at a rapid speed with a half circle cut made to through each of them. The last tribute the beast made was it took what remaining of the deer and dragged it by its head back into the forest.

In the morning everyone was woken by the anger of Kevin reaction to the damage done to his tires and shouting out loudly “who would do it”. Everyone came out of the cabin half asleep and Kevin red faced look at them saying “what idiot would do this to my truck was it one of you”. “Why would we burst your tires Kevin” replied Jeff “well Jeff your son James is knowing for damaging people cars and property or have you forgetting that” said back Kevin. “But why Kevin would do that give me one reason come on Kevin I am waiting” said Jeff. “Well it was someone that very straight that I know who a group of stupid kids who think they are very funny” replied back Kevin. “Kevin calm down you can take my truck to the local mechanics and get them replaced said and take James with you” said Jeff. “Why do I have to go” said James “you will do as say” replied back Jeff “Kevin need your help and Thomas need the peace and quiet you will get your turn so go with Kevin and that a order not a request” continued on Jeff. Kevin was also giving out that “not only did someone ruin my truck tires but they took my deer as well”. So when the five got their got their breakfast Kevin and James left in Jeff truck with the four burst tires and meanwhile Jeff, Thomas and John packed up their hunting gear and Jeff gave James rifle to Thomas. They head east of the forest. Meanwhile Kevin and James arrived at the mechanics there at handy dandy mechanics. In the garage was three mechanics in their overall work gear. There was the smell of oil all around the place and a middle age man walked up to Kevin and James said “how can I help you” on his overalls a name tag saying Craig. “We are here to get four new tires my other four were burst by someone” replied back Kevin. As he showed his one of his tires to Craig look at it at horror said “this was not done any normal person but by the beast of the forest”. “Do not talk stupid there is no beast that lives in the forest it’s just urban legend people making up stories to make an area more popular” said Kevin. Well said Craig “you may say it’s stupid but local here have heard and seen this beast shadow for those who have seen it trade mark and it moves at a rapid speed”. “Well them people must have been taking something but back to my problem have you got tires for my truck” said Kevin “we got them” replied back Craig as he was about to get the four new tires he told “Kevin and James that they should leave the forest before it gets worse and people start to die”. “Is that a threat you just gave me mister” replied Kevin no “it was not but a warning if you treasure your life” said Craig. “Well we will tell you if we see this beast of urban legend” said James in a mocking tone and Craig walked away getting the four tires but while this was going on back in the forest Jeff, Thomas and John we in search of a deer to kill.

Meanwhile In the woods the sun was bursting with heat John, Jeff and Thomas walking through the silent wood all that was heard was the footsteps on the leaves that made a rustling sound. As they walked their eyes were on any trace of deer on the area. Within the woods there were many shadows in the woods from the trees but. But there was only one animal on their mind that there were looking for. Today Thomas did want to make the same mistake that he made the other day. The image of Kevin pulling the trigger was still in his head. As they were further deep in the forest they got there first trace of deer in the area but the journey to this deer was to go up a steep hill. As they walked up the hill with struggle with water running off their heads from the sun heat. They reached the top of the hill Jeff stopped them with a hand signal and signalled them to crouch down and pointing to Thomas at the deer in his sight. Slowly Thomas got the rile out and with nerves of steel he pointed the gun at the deer and looking through scope and with no care about that deer. With the increased pressure on the trigger it set off the reaction for the bullet it came out of the camber of the gun and at a rapid speed the bullet killed the deer. Before the deer could even detect the bullet its life was ended. As the three of them walked up to the body that stood still lifeless and how the deer had a quick death and felt no pain. The three dragged the deer down the steep hill and through the woods. They stopped but they saw a tall shadow figure in the background. Their response was that it was a person and John shouted “hello” to him but there was no reply back “maybe we should walk up to that person” said John. They dropped the deer and started walked up as they did this the person in the back ran off. “Strange one that person we try to talk to this person but he runs off ” said John. So the three went back to the deer and dragged it off back to the cabin. Again on the way back they saw the shadow figure and again but when they look at it ran off again. “Weird he does want to talk to us but follows us instead” said Jeff continued on “John he must know you’re a account and you’re a boring person outside these woods” “very funny” said John “come let’s move we are nearly there” spoke Jeff. When they got there Kevin and James were back at the cabin relaxing and Kevin said “where have you girls been all day Jeff response was getting our dinner”.

On that night the five where sitting around the crackling of the fire while the venison cooking above the flame. Thomas reward was the first to take bite in his venison and James looking at Thomas in angry and jealous way. In James eyes was envy in his thoughts was that could be mine kill it was pure luck that he got that kill. To ruin his moment James said “well you did miss your first shot brother and compare to my one my first shot was a first kill”. “Will get over it son” said Jeff to James stop trying to take all the glory from him. James stated “that come the next day I will show you a true kill with a bigger deer so enjoy the glory while it last” and Jeff said “let’s change the topic to something else”. At the crackling fire Jeff brought up a conversation about the weird thing that happened that day while in the woods how they saw a stranger in the distance and shouted to him but there was no reply and then we started to walk up to him and as soon as we started to walk the stranger ran off. He continued on saying we encountered him again as we got close to the cabin we saw the stranger again and he stood still just look at us at a distance. “Maybe it the urban legend we heard at the garage” said James and Jeff asking “what were you told about this urban legend”. “Well at the garage some grease monkey told us that we should pack up our stuff and leave the woods for we are in danger the beast will kill us and John interrupted James how did he know it was the beast from the wood” asked John. Kevin said “that marks on the tires were not done by any kids but by the beast and I mocked him about this stupid legend”. “Well let’s call it a night we have another hunt ahead of us in the morning” said John. The fire put out and any other equipment was put away and they slept quickly. During this night beast night approached the cabin breathing heavily put it strength into damaging Kevin truck this reaction caused everyone to wake up in the cabin. John been the first to see what the noise was he opened the cabin door to the outside and he saw the beast and was in shock and frozen state of what he was looking at. The beast stood still looking at him and in the cold air the two cold breaths was visible. Jeff and Kevin looked through the window and they got their rifles and pushed John back and they fired their guns at the beast and the sound of it echoed all through the woods. The bullets hit the beast along his left arm and it roared with pain and with its right hand occupied with the deer and the beast ran off into the woods. With the deer been dragged off in his right that was killed that day and ran back to the deep woods. The five hunters were confused of what they saw but Kevin was the angriest of all of them. His truck with the new tires burst again and the windows smashed glass all over the place and of claw marks along the metal of the truck. Kevin in a furious mood looking at his truck and what the beast had done to it and saying “that he wants that thing killed no matter what it takes and he not leaving until its dead”.

The next morning the tension in the cabin was cold and silent with the only conversion was pass the coffee, bread and bacon. The cold look in Kevin eyes building up and wanting for revenge to hunt down the beast. He the silence was broken when James said “today we hunt the urban legend of Wendigo woods” and Kevin saying “it was some sort of bear not an urban legend”. “Come on everybody eat up we got to go as soon we can there no rush Kevin” said Jeff Kevin response was “you can slow down if you want to but I plan to leave as soon as I can”. After everyone had eating up they packed up for an extra-long hunt with packed food, maps, compass, guns and hunting knifes. The five were ready to leave they started to follow the blood trail of the beast that that their bullets had injured the beast and followed trail lead to north of the woods but not knowing how far the beast went. There was no one speaking as they journeyed and all that was heard was the rustling sound of the leaves on the ground when they were stepped on. With Kevin leading them Jeff the first to break the silence saying “that we should take a short break” “why said Kevin if we take a break we are giving that thing a chance of escaping”. “Well you will wear yourself down and the rest of us if you keeping going the way you are going” said Jeff. “You can go ahead if you wish Kevin but I am taking a break so go ahead the heat is killing me I need a drink of water fine”. Kevin said in angry tone “Jeff we will take a break how long do you an hour, day or maybe a year because this thing will not wait”. “Do you even know what we are hunting Kevin” said Jeff “well I will find out when I kill it not you me this is my personal kill” said Kevin. As Kevin looked at his watch it showed that it was 3:00 PM he realised they have been out in the wood for the past six hours and still no sight of this beast. But following Kevin following the small trail of blood left Kevin stopped and looked up in horror.

There Kevin look at the tall tree and saw claw marks on the tree and blood but the thick blood had been there for a long time dried up and how the dried blood trailed up the tree and as his eye kept going up and up he saw a figure. There on the thick tree was a body that most of it skin been pull of and flies around it the body and it leg missing and looked like it was pulled of the body with great strength. He called the shouted to the other and they came to where Kevin was and stopped and looked. The five looked at this horrific scene of violence even though Jeff, John and James had seen a deer without its skin before and not been scared by that image. But a person been hung on a tree and it body breaking down with exposed flesh but the head was missing and there was flies at the neck of the body. This image made Thomas, John and Jeff produce breakfast out of their mouth onto the ground and the content of that was bacon, bread and the colour of it was yellow with slight mixture of coffee coming out as well. James asking “what would do this and how did it manage to get this person onto the tree”. While the three washing out the taste of their vomit Kevin saying “poor soul no man deserves to have his dead body display like that and his body torn apart”. The stomach was torn open and to have his in sides taking out “what sort of person would do this what reason do display it” said Thomas. “Well let’s not stay any longer let get moving the longer we stay here the more daylight we lose” said Kevin. Jeff recovered from the sight of the dead body saying to Kevin “you want to keep hunting this beast after seen that are you crazy this sign that. We should turn back and pack up our stuff and leave these woods and never return to them again”. Kevin said “no we go on and hunt this thing before it takes more life’s we are either cowards or hero choose now” Jeff responded “I will probably regret this but let’s find this beast and end it days of horrific murder”. By the time it reached 5:00pm the sun was setting and daylight was fading at a rapid pace now the fear of hunting in the dark was growing and the trail that Kevin followed went dead.

As they travelled further the time passed and Kevin eyes saw something that was in the distance been curious he and the rest of them went to see what it was. As they got closer the thing they saw in the distance was a cabin. By the time they got to this cabin the sun had set and the moon was getting to set into its position this cabin was identical to the one they were renting out. But this cabin was different it look like it been there longer than the other one the windows were smashed with shards around the area. Some of the roof had been taking off and the door as well the plants had over grown around the cabin as well and a bird nest on the roof of the old cabin. As they walked up to the abandoned cabin there was claw marks along the front entrance blood stain that where both old and very recant. Around the place there was the foul stench of death and the noise of flies around the cabin. John and Thomas went into the cabin while the other went searching around the area. While John and Thomas were searching what they saw discoloured wood with the mixture of blood and the foul stench they got from the outside the cabin was unpleasant but the smell in the cabin was far worse it and could knock them both out but with their noses covered they walked the cabin of what was left of it. The back wall had been torn down in the middle was remain of the once existed fireplace but now just red bricks in pieces and the dust of it on the floor. One thing that was clear was that it was the home of the beast for the remains of the deer that he took from the truck. The sky was now pitch dark so the flash lights were put on and it put the fear into Thomas and John knowing that the beast could be anywhere or on it way here. Meanwhile Jeff, Kevin and James were walking around the area surrounding the cabin and there only light was the flash lights and there protection was the rile they hold the only defence they have against the beast. Searching for minutes they stop and Jeff said “that they should head back to the cabin where Thomas and John where as they had found nothing and it was best to be in large group then been separated”. When the five regrouped at the old cabin John stated “that this was either the base of beast or a temporary home and might have moved on but it was recently the two deer that were taking from the camp site”. They decide what to do next where to go from here John suggestion that they head back to their cabin and get a day rest and leave as soon the sun rises and as much. Kevin disagreed with this he had no better idea plus they were run low on supplies so they all agreed and would head back.

As they started to head back the five flash lights were shining onto the beast face and they froze and they look into the eyes of the beast and the beast did the same back to them. The beast breath shown through the flash lights was thick. At that point the beast let out roar that made the hairs at the back of their necks stand up and the smell of its breath was of death. With both sides no one moving one had to make a move so slowly James pulled his rifle and shot at the beast left leg a great roar of pain came of the beast and the five took that chance to make a run for it. As they were running through the darkness while seeing if everyone was together but Jeff stopped to see if anyone else was left behind but the beast was making way towards them. At that second the beast was behind Jeff and he dug his claw right into his heart and with the other claw he pulled off Jeff head off and with that push of strength. Jeff head came off with a foundation like effect of blood coming out of his neck. This caused a rage reaction from the James who started to get ready to fire at the beast, John and Kevin fired at the beast as well and the beast ran with his wounded leg. The beast got to John with it one claw it drove it through John eyes a quick death but brutal. At this moment of confusion Thomas ran to his what remained and ran to his father body to take his rifle and whatever bullets remained. There was bullets being fired at all angles and at hunting position Thomas stood still with his gun aimed and fired at the beast left back leg. But through this whole time not one person had seriously injured the beast and not one shot hit the beast head. While the beast was moving at a speed and to make matter worse with James firing he fired his last shot and now was defenceless. At that moment the only solution for James was to make a run for John gun but as he ran for it the beast knocked out James. Thomas was next to run out of bullets all that left was Kevin who by now was running low as well and he only had three bullets left. But the beast came up to Thomas and knock him out the only person left to fight was Kevin with his three bullets left he was ready to fire them but by surprise the beast knock him out. Still somewhat awake just blurred sight he could see the beast drag James off by the head screaming in pain shouting out “let me go” repeating and all went black from the view of Thomas sight. As the rose Thomas woke up to see Kevin shaking him and saying “wake up over” and over as open his eye he had no idea what was going on put was quickly came to his senses. Only remembering what happened some short time ago he got up on his two feet in an alert mode only seeing that Kevin was the only person alive and asking him what going on. Kevin who was in shock of the night that had occurred of the people they had lost, how they were killed, and confused why they were not killed. “We should head to camp and leave this place before we are next John, James body are gone but your father body is still here and it best that we leave now. I got his keys of the truck so get whatever you can carry gun, bullets that are not fired yet”. As they sorted going through the stuff dropped around the area and a shaking up Thomas see if his father body had anything they could use. All that was found twenty rifle bullets and flash light so they packed up and left back for camp. As they walked the great distance to their camp there was silence no one spoke of what massacre they witnessed that day both of them covered in some blood that day was long silent and they got back to the cabin and the sun was there so there had some time to pack up some of their belongs that they could fit onto Jeff truck and left the cabin with the sun still hanging in the sky. The truck engine turned on and they left the hellish place called Wendigo woods.

Kevin driving as far as he could with both of them covered in some blood hoping to reach the main road as soon as he could. The images of the night with Thomas who was still in shock and when he and Kevin who were in still in horror while they were packing as quick as they could. Their hearts pounding and wanting to be as far as they could from Wendigo forest and the truck turned the next corner they saw the main road. As Kevin was between two roads on the left was to the way home or right the way to the Gallows town and wandering in Kevin mind which road does he take. Thomas look at Kevin who was in the midst of think about both each choice does he take and Kevin turned to the truck to the road to home. Thomas reaction was why did not drive to Gallows town and he asked Kevin “why did you not turn towards Gallows town” and Kevin response was “that what and who would we tell about what we just witnessed in the woods. Do we go to the police and tell them that a beast like creature attacked and kill everyone we knew and left us alive they might think I might kill them or us”. Thomas interrupted him “what about the person at the garage” Kevin said to Thomas “that one person who believes that there is a monster in the woods”. As they were silence in the truck it was broken by Thomas saying “what do I tell my mother about what happened in the woods. Tell her the truth or tell a lie it up to you but tell her what really what happened there will be more questions than answers”. Kevin went on talking how “would explain what we saw why were we spared, explaining the blood on how clothing so think about before you tell her”. The remaining of the journey was a silent one the only thing playing in the background was the music from the radio Kevin turned the truck into the side of the road and stopped and looked to Thomas and told him “that we should go to the supplies and find an extra pair of clothing to change into”. After they changed into fresh clothing and with a bottle of water they used a cloth that was in the truck and put some water onto it and washed off as much blood as they could. The blooded red cloth and throw into the back of the truck. The engine of the truck roared again and drove home and when they got to Thomas home Kevin let him out and took out all his stuff out and Thomas looked up at his home and walked up to the door opened it and closed it behind him.

The sudden waking up in the night with sweat running down his head and drenched in it and Thomas could feel the fear on him every time he that nightmare. Even 20 years after the horrific event in Wendigo woods the nightmares never changed the beast killing his father, brother and his father friends. Beside him his wife Artemis sound asleep she was always a heavy sleeper and he turned his head to the other side of the bed to see the clock by the bed and the time displayed 3:30AM. The usually time when he wake up from his nightmare. The nightmare that sometimes may not appear for months and reappear’s again. As he stood in the darkness looking into the endless darkness thinking that the beast will jump out of the darkness and finish the job off but nothing but empty darkness. As he recalled back to the time after the attack when driving away from the cabin heading home and he wondered if he had gone to the police and told them the whole story but Kevin made a good point that they would think that they crazy and seeing things. The hardest of it all was telling his mother Sally that her husband and oldest son were killed and how there were no bodies to bring home to rest in the ground. Telling this breaking news that when asked how, why and who the questions neither Thomas nor Kevin could answer. This tragic news caused Sally to slowly turn to drinking it was the only way to temporary deal with the pain of the loss in the family. They could not explained to other the people who asked where they were and making up stories saying how Jeff and James left and never returned leaving Sally a single mother to raise a teenager. Even Thomas himself went through a time of isolation for couple of months where he kept to himself abandoned school and when the nightmare started to appear and he felt like he could talk to know one about the creature he saw in the woods. To tell people what happened in Wendigo wood they would either think he is telling a story or he was crazy. The isolation lead to him going to therapy that did not go so well giving anti-depression pill to deal with the problem no amount of medication could cure what had happened to him. What Thomas went through was not as worse as Kevin for he went down a dark path became lost his job, drinking all day and living alone did not make life better for him. He completely vanished off the map after the year of the attack for ten years no trace of him. He returned again to his home with any demons he had been fighting and returned to his normal life again and now he lives with his new wife Wendy. She was the one person got him back on his feet and on the path of rebuilding his life that he ruined when he was in his dark times of his life. Thomas now have gone back to a normal life he left his home as soon as he could and get away from the town that brought to many memories of his father and his brother. There he went to collage there he met his wife Artemis who at first time meeting they got along great they had one thing common and that was hunting. Twelve year after giving up hunting he went back to it but this time he would not use a rifle but his weapon of choice was a bow. Now he stands think about how his life went from bad life to life of happiness but that day still lingers in his head and as he got up from the bed. Walked to his computer and log on and looked up Google maps and searched Wendigo woods and looked at of the woods from the sky and traced the area that he followed to beast hideout. Thinking to him will I go back to that place? I made a promise to him that I would not go back there ever again. But still that beast must be still killing evening after that horrific attack by the beast. People were and are still going there sometimes go missing when they entered the woods they are not always attacked and the beast is picking who it kills. He had two choices let people keep going there and being killed or he goes back and kill the beast. As he looked at the calendar and it was the winter time this would be his winter hunt.

The ritual before leaving for a hunting trip was to find a place to stay to rent for the duration of the hunt. The list of the equipment that would be needed, the vehicle to meet the requirements the size of it, how it stand against the rough roads. The place that booked was the cabin that he stayed in where the massacre happened. Thomas still had his father truck Thomas kept it as a memory of him. The back of the truck was filled with food, clothing, axe, guns. They was also two bows with fine shinny reflection with the thin powerful string both bow black in colour with a large amount of arrows, extra strings just in case and maps of the area. Thomas German shepherd Luna barking with happiness her favourite time activity where she could run wild in woods. Thomas turned the key to start the engine of the old truck and he drove from home with him, Artemis, Luna to the place where he refused to go back to.

The roaring truck drove on the road the flashback of the way to the cabin as a child were coming back to Thomas. Remembering as a fourteen year old in high spirits of his first hunt preparing and waiting for years for this day to arrive sleepless night before this big day. Looking at his surroundings of great Mother Nature creation and how its purpose was made for people to hunt down its prey. The next flashback was him leaving Wendigo woods with all the horror that had occurred and making the self-promise of never to set foot near this place again for a person first hunt is meant to be great with joy but was with horrific time there. Back to the current time the area had not changed much a big billboard saying welcome to Wendigo town in his mind it should say never set foot in this town or woods. But as the truck turned corner the sign appeared on it saying this way to Wendigo town and the other writing saying to Wendigo woods. The next turn been to Wendigo woods down that dirt road that appearance has not changed all through these twenty years. The radio that was playing all through the whole journey had started to cut out and maybe it was the radio was trying to give a message that to leave now. There in the distance there was a blurred image of the cabin that was slowly coming into focus. There the truck stopped outside the cabin with someone else there in a vehicle outside with a red cap slightly torn jeans. Thomas got out of the truck he made his way to the person who at closer view was tall and thin and at the close space between him and this man there was a strong smell of garlic from his breath. The man said to Thomas “hello you must be Mr Dillon my name is Earl”. “Hello Earl” replied Thomas as they started to talk Thomas and introduced Earls to his wife Artemis and Their dog Luna wag her tall. Luna Looking around and seeing all the vast space around her and Earl said “follow me to the cabin”. As they walked up to the cabin Earl was talking about how the cabin was heated by burning wood in the fire place, how there was a kitchen that was gas stove, two rooms and a living room, there was no TV in the cabin. As he got to the door to unlock it and as it open the light entered and as they walked into the cabin and how unchanged the place was the only things that changed were the chairs, couches , the kitchen more updated but the wood all over the place was still the same so was the layout of the room. Earl said “I hope you are comfortable and if there is any problems call my number and I will be here as soon as can” and he walked down the steps he stopped and said one more thing “do not wander too far into the woods some people have disappeared”. Earl got back into his truck and drove away from cabin.

As the morning sun rose up and the alarm clock beside Thomas kept going off and Thomas half asleep knock off the alarm from the table and as the alarm fell to the ground the ringing went silent. Looking around everything blurry and coming into focus looking to his side was Artemis sound asleep and the only way to wake her up fully was to open the curtains that resulted in the sun blinding those who look directly into. Leaving the bedroom to the kitchen and main room and taking out the meat that was left in the fridge waiting to be cooked. Turning on the gas stove and placing the pan with the olive oil heating up in minutes later the olive oil was crackling. Bacon placed on the pan making an angry response by spitting of the olive oil and the heat turned down to give the bacon a finer taste. As the smell of bacon spread all over the cabin the smell and reached the room witch Artemis was awoken by it and she arose to the sweat smell of bacon. As the table was set for two and Luna sitting still, watching and smelling the bacon. As the table was filled with bacon, buttered toast with scrambled eggs with parsley mixed in it and Luna getting one piece of a rasher and eating it with rapid speed and sitting and with her tongue how begging for more. As they ate the soft bacon with a small cracking of a taste as their teeth crunched down on the bacon. As they finished up the breakfast and washed up they prepared for the hunt that awaited them. They got the bow and crossbow ready with plenty of arrows and bolts and a packed food for both them and Luna. As they had everything they needed they left the cabin and hunting for deer but Thomas secret reason was to see any trace of the beast in the area. As they were walking looking to see any trace of it and deer as well. In his sight was a deer with plenty of meat on it bone and he signalled Artemis with a stop sign with his hand and pointed to the deer. Thomas took out his bow and took a arrow out and placed it on to the bow and pulled the string back and released it and the arrow shot in the air and placed it pointed metal head in the deer head and it collapsed onto the ground and its head fell to hit the pointed rock. There was no cheering roar of happiness like Kevin but it was a practice kill for the real thing he was going to kill. As he walked to the deer he tied rope around it body and dragged it back to the cabin and went back to the woods with Artemis and Luna. As they walked through the wood looking for small prey to hunt down he noticed some claw marks on a tree and looked closer and noticed that they were not bear marks or any kind of marks he had seen before but saw them once when he was once in the woods this was the mark of the beast. He looked up at the sun and realised that they have been out for some time and Luna getting hungry from the look of her and he asked Artemis if “she was ready to head back to the cabin”. Back at the cabin Thomas was skinning the deer and taking pieces of it meet and placing it onto the outdoors fire that was created and he placed the venison on a turning rack and was turning the rack time to time to cook it evenly. Meanwhile Artemis came out with two wine glasses in one hand carrying them by the stem of the glasses while in the other hand was a bottle of red wine. As they sat by the fire watching it cook the venison and as Thomas looked at the fire it brought him back to a flashback of night when he was around the fire celebrating his first deer kill. He looked at the piece of venison he took it off and way a short time for it to cool off and started to cut up into slices and Luna staying in the same position waiting to get her sharp teeth into it waiting for her master to give his next command. As the three ate into the caught meal the night passed and the moon shinning at full force and they cleaned up the fire and the equipment around it and headed into the cabin for the night and turned the lights off. Later in the night. Luna started to bark with anger and alarmed by this Thomas got up in a rush and took out his bow he had a guess of what it could only be and by the time he open the door the beast was there. Artemis came to the door and saw the beast walking into the wood and she was unsure of what she has seen. The deer he killed the beast took with him. Thomas holding Luna by the collar stopping her running into her death he was a step closer to killing the thing that killed his family and friends.

The next morning Thomas thoughts were all fixed on the beast and how he was hundred percent confirmed that it still alive and killing it prey. The morning process was a repeat of the other day but the only difference was that Artemis had questions about what was that thing that appeared that night. Thomas had little information about the beast that appeared that night. He began to tell Artemis how twenty years he, father, Brother James and his two friends Kevin and John were attacked the wendigo. From there he went how the first night the beast appeared and took the deer that was killed that day. From there he went into the next how they saw a person in the woods that ran from them if they tried to get close to the stranger. Next was the night third night how the beast appeared and how it took the deer that was killed was killed that day and how he and the four other gazed at the sight of the beast that was tall, bony seeing through its skinny body and hairy and how a bullet was shot and wounded it. He finally went on to talk about the last day how they went down to hunt down the beast and as they got closer to it and they saw a body on a large tree stuck to it with it body ripped opened and some of it internal body parts were taking out and presumed to be eating by the beast. The last part of his story was the abandoned cabin that when he and John went into it how it was part roofless cabin and the deer’s body in the abandoned cabin. Here he told the worst part of the story of how he and the four others were attacked by the beast and how the bullets fired at it did not kill it and it killed John, Jeff and how his brother was been dragged by the head by the beast claw hands and how he and Kevin were left alive. To wrap the story up he told Artemis how he and Kevin woke up the next morning to see that there was no remains left but his father body left there lifeless and he and Kevin left the area to the cabin and gather of what remained at that spot and made their way to the cabin and they packed up as much as they could as fast they could. After this Artemis asked him the story he always told her about the bear was a cover story for the real attack that happened to him. Thomas response was that “if he told her the truth he would think he was some sort of crazy person and I found out from books that the beast was called a Wendigo”.

He started to tell Artemis about how years after the attack in the woods he started to look in to what the beast was he researched through countless books but there was no other accounts that were related to the wendigo. It was not until he started looking into a book that described what he had seen in the woods as a tall, hairy and is known in the Native North American lore. From there I went to looking into finding a specialist in that field of area.” I contacted many people but I found someone who knew what I was talking about I got in contact with him and we met up and he started to talk about the wendigo”. He started off by saying that there were three spellings for it name from Wendigo, Windigo and Widigo, the name Windigo came from Algonquian root meaning evil spirit and cannibal. “There was sighting of Wendigo recorded in the 1600s talking about the Wendigo been a great tall, giant spirit of the winter season. They are known to travel in pack and not alone. They are always hungry and its very scream can paralyze people and some people would die by the fright of the wendigo in their sight”. He went on to say that one can be possessed by one if so you to would become Wendigo and join their pack. There are also other ways to become a wendigo one way been that if you are in a group in a cold area and the hunger would get to you. You would have two choices either die in the cold or eat that person and from there you would take on the form a Wendigo. You would take on it characteristics of the wendigo. The other way been that a person can be infected by a Wendigo some ways are either having contact with a wendigo spirit, been attacked by one. The last way of becoming a wendigo is by dreaming of a wendigo and its is invading a person dreams. To stop a Wendigo possession he said that you throw feces at it and this meant to confuse it to give you time to get away from it. There are also people who wish to become a wendigo by doing the ritual. Which does not make sense to me why would anyone would want to become that sort of thing living away from people and killing people for food and fun? But he went to say the reason been may be that they want power, protection and to feel safe and too gain hidden knowledge. The ritual is that person enters a forest that a wendigo may live in and that person may starve him for days and offer his body to the Wendigo spirit. The Wendigo may take this person as their own child or they could reject the person and devour the person but if taking in by the Wendigo that person will lose its appearance. To know that there is Wendigo close to you would feel a chill, but might hear it or seen before it comes close and they can bring blizzards with them. After Thomas finished telling Artemis all he knew she asked “why would you come here to kill a very dangerous beast like that to be around and end up being killed by this foul beast”? Thomas said “sorry for dragging you into this you would never let me go by myself and if I told you what lived in the woods before we left you might think I was a bit crazy. I need to kill this wendigo to stop it from killing anymore people. This is my way of getting revenge for the death of my father, brother and John. I prepared to take it down I gun with bullet s filled with poison to slow it down and kill it. I remember looking into the eyes of the wendigo that took my family and friend”. Artemis asked “Thomas why were you and Kevin life’s spared” Thomas said back “he had no idea why maybe the wendigo had some human side to him who know or cares his day will be ended soon. I need to lift this burden in my life away and get the revenge that Kevin wanted to get to. I am not afraid of this wendigo and want the nightmares to end and this is the only to do it. So today I rest and tomorrow we leave early and go to the spot where the attack happened and call it out of it hiding spot you can say here if you wish but I plan to myself nothing will stop me”.

After explain the attack in the woods that happened and what lived in the woods for the rest of the day. Thomas did not set foot into the woods but watched from the swinging chair moving back and forth anticipation that the wendigo would show it face. With Luna lying down on the ground and looking at Thomas. That moment the truck pulled in from the corner of the road Artemis turned in with the truck and Luna standing up running to the truck and jumping against door of it and barking with delight. As Artemis got out of the truck with two full bags of food Thomas walked over to help her with it but she said “I thought you would be in the woods hunting this wendigo” said in a serious tone Thomas said back “I need more daylight” and Artemis walked passed him not responding to what he said. Through that day there was no commutation between Thomas and Artemis even at the table eating dinner the only sounds were Luna panting, the knife and folk grinding against the plate when the meat was sliced. Later that night the fire was roaring with the heat produced by the wood that was burning still there was silence then Artemis spoke out. “Why are you going to hunt down this wendigo in a stuttering tone why not leave it and save your own life” she said. Thomas response was “now know what it is and how to take it down and this is the only way to end the nightmares what other way is there”. “Well there has been some other reason you are doing this alone and not getting help” said Artemis Thomas interrupted her saying “who would want hunt this wendigo and who would believe that such a thing exist”. Artemis said “but your life is more important than this thing what about the people that care about you me, your family, Luna and your friends”. “Well firstly you two are the best thing to come into my life I have lost my father and brother by this wendigo and my mother who does not acknowledge my presence. She does not even know me at times when she sees me all she sees is my father and brother but no amount of conversion will change my mind I am dead set on doing this. I plan on leaving early in the morning with you or not and I am fully aware of the risk that are involved do not think have thought this over and over I need to do this is the only way to rid of this burden”. Artemis response was “well I have to decide that I will join you on this mad plan to prevent from risking your life the three of us are going so you can return home in one piece and forget that this wendigo ever exist. Do you have plan to lore this wendigo out and into a place that you have the advantage over him”? Thomas “said I have no plan put together put I have the place in which I will put him down for good”.

As the dial on the clock with the big hand pointing towards 4:30am the clock started to ring on and on until Thomas hand slammed against the clock. Thomas with sleepy eyes getting up and walking to the bathroom and turning on the tap and the water. Thomas put his hand under the tap and the water that gathered into his hand and threw the water into his face. He looked into the mirror and the thoughts running through his head this might be the last time might see his reflection. He got the breakfast ready in no time it was eaten and the supplies were gathered up and extra supplies for the journey. As they left the cabin he turned to look at and turned his head back towards the entrance of the forest. The skies moon still shinning of what remained of it out and walked towards the forest into the dark evil that lived into the woods with his bow, arrows and his rifle with the poison bullet s ready for use. travelling through the woods the sound of nature were heard from the birds morning call this is was the only peaceful sound he has heard all through the there was little conversation mad during the walk to the abandoned cabin. Artemis would look at Thomas and in her eye he could tell that she was telling him we can go back and leave this all behind and live a normal life and but no amount of non-verbal communication of sympathy could change his mind. It was all through them hours of walking and resting he reached a familiar place that Thomas knew that still had the blood stained onto the tree this tree. The scene which he saw the body that was left hanging it was here Thomas knew he was close to the abandoned cabin.

As they walked up the small hill they reached a familiar site but what stood once stood was the abandoned cabin now in building in totally collapse in the distance. As Thomas, Artemis and Luna walked into the middle of the area Thomas looked around and the flashbacks of what happened the sight of the wendigo killing his father, brother and John by the deadly hands of the wendigo. Now he looks at the site and there is no trace of that attack from twenty years ago. He approached the abandoned cabin that once stood the walls where flat on the floor and the old fireplace that had crumbled through time but the only difference is that there was no remains of the deer that he had caught that the wendigo now as he went back to the middle of the area thinking the best way to get the attention of the wendigo. Knowing that the chances of killing this wendigo were slim but still a small chance of returning home safe.

Thomas preparing his rifle ready with poison filled ammo and load into his rifle and the extra ammo ready in case. He continued to search through all the items he brought with him and he found an item that would get the wendigo attention. He took out the device and he turned it on the device started to release a loud pitch noise that loud and in close encounter it had a deafen sound. Thomas had a feeling this would be the very thing to get its attention and distance in the wood a loud roaring beast sound spread and echoed through the woods. The wendigo turned his attention to the sound spreading and pointed body towards the direction to the source of it and started to run to it not known it was being lured.

The wendigo ran at a great speed passing tree after tree and all of his surrounding to him was a blurry image from its eyes it looked like a constant straight line of green. On the other the side Thomas with his rifle load and ready to fire and in the distance there was a loud roar that echoed all the woods. Thomas looked Artemis and Luna he spoke to Artemis and said “you should leave now before it gets here this my burden not yours go back to the cabin before it gets here. If I do not return leave and never return to this place” Artemis said back “I am not leaving you here alone” Thomas responded back “you will leave and wait for me beg of you to go now there is no further debate about this I was wrong to drag you into this in the first place”. Artemis saying “no and Thomas saying back in a loud and anger tone”. “LEAVE NOW you have no choice in this matter” spoke Thomas. Artemis was about say to something but looked at Thomas “saying come back alive” Thomas said back “I’ll try”. Thomas looked at Artemis and kissed and bends down to Luna and “saying look and protect her” rubbed head and Artemis turned to the direction they came and left Thomas alone against the wendigo. Minutes after Artemis and Luna left Thomas heard sound coming towards his way and ready his rifle and looked through the scope in the distance of the directions opposite the way he came.

In the tree a shadow figure came out the wood the wendigo being tall, naked, thin and hairy. The wendigo stood still with god like strength appearance looking at him and Thomas with no fear at all looked into its dead eyes and pointed his rifle at the wendigo. Without any struggle he fired the first poisoned bullet at him and it struck the right leg. The wendigo reacted to this by running towards Thomas .Thomas fired another bullet the wendigo and it hit left shoulder the wendigo left out roar of anger. Thomas was wishing that the bullets would kick in soon. Thomas had no other option but to run and dodge the wendigo attacks so he started to run with his bag of extra supplies on the floor with enough bullets to slow down the wendigo. He kept running but wendigo was catching up so had no choice but stop quickly and shot another bullets into the wendigo and he stopped and paused for a second and fired another bullet into the wendigo. This time the bullet hit his left eye and the wendigo had released a great roaring of pain. The wendigo put his left hand against his eye but this only made it worse for he pressed the bullet more into his eye and it leapt out another roaring of pain. Thomas saw this chance to go grab his bag of supplies. Thomas made a run for the supply bag while the wendigo lost some of it sight but what remained of it saw Thomas running and made his way towards him. Thomas knows with some fear in him knowing that he had pissed off the wendigo and knew it had a reason to kill him. With one bullet left in the rifle he needed to slow down the wendigo a bit more. Running to the bag the wendigo sprinting towards him with blood coming out of his eye and swing his claw hands all over the place like a mad man. Thomas made some distance from the wendigo stop and aimed the rifle at the wendigo and fired the bullet towards it and the bullet missed. Thomas made his way to the bag and as he got to it he took the bag and ran a small distance to get away from it. When he found someplace to reload his rifle he had three bullets and reloaded as quickly as he could and left the bag and started to shout to get the wendigo attention. The wendigo turned to Thomas and made a run towards him and Thomas with no struggle he fired another bullet and this bullet hit the heart of the wendigo the poison been injected into his heart and this was for sure to the thing that would kill this beast. But the wendigo kept going but slowly he made movement to Thomas direction and in the distance an arrow came and hit its skull of the wendigo. There it stopped in its track and the wendigo fell to the ground falling on his face.

In the distance Artemis walked out of the corner and approached Thomas and Thomas looking happy and annoyed said to Artemis “I thought I told you to go back” her response was “I was never let you face this wendigo alone. I wanted to see it in person so where’s my thank you”. Thomas saying “I had it covered it was pretty much dead with all the poison it had in its system but I am glad to see you and Luna well”. “Is it dead” asked Artemis “probably is but in case” said Thomas Thomas took the bow and arrow off Artemis and fired another arrow into it head and there was no response from the wendigo. Thomas went for his bag and took out the small petrol can and poured it over the beast body and took out a match and lit it and threw it onto the beast body. Artemis and Luna watched the body burned with the foul smell death that came from it. Looking the wendigo body burning Thomas felt his soul lighter and happier and the nightmares vanquished. He looked at Artemis and Luna and “said let’s leave this place as they made their way back to the cabin”. Walking back to the cabin with the sun blazing out as much heat it could during the winter season. High in the sky Thomas could see the remaining smoke from the burning body of the wendigo and when to they got to the cabin the sun was just started to descend. He stopped and turned to Artemis and “said let’s leave this place for good and not return” so instead of staying longer they packed up all the stuff into the truck. He rang the owner of the cabin when he answered Thomas spoke to him and told him “that he and his wife were leaving the cabin. They turned off all the lights and left the money for the week rent of the cabin inside the cabin for the week and the keys were left under the outdoor mat” and hung up the phone. The three got into the truck and started to drive away from the cabin for good .But in the distance as the truck drove off in the woods in the darkness of the trees hidden was a another wendigo to continue on it fallen master role in Wendigo woods.

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